1. Cryptocurrency Aggregators Alphapo and BitGo: Benefits

2. Prospects of Using New Services

3. Where to Connect the Payment Systems?

The Bett-Market team is glad to announce the update of our partners’ assortment — Online Casino Market, Smart Money and Rosloto. Gambling software providers present Alphapo and BitGo — new, exclusive products for cryptocurrency payments.

Payment systems for online casinos: BitGo and Alphapo

The payment system for online casinos Alphapo and virtual wallets BitGo from Online Casino Market portfolio have become a real breakthrough. These unique financial services are suitable as both primary and backup tools for different transactions.

You can connect a BitGo wallet to your casino in record time. Just leave a request to the company’s managers and describe your wishes.


Cryptocurrency Aggregators Alphapo and BitGo: Benefits

  • Record speed of operations (application processing takes about 3 seconds);
  • no financial restrictions (it is possible to transfer any amount of money);
  • absolute safety (the payment system for online casinos BitGo applies only “cold” wallets to store clients’ deposits);
  • accessibility (the system operates around the clock and guarantees professional customer support);
  • legality.

Another advantage is in the fact that the effectiveness and quality of the products can be evaluated by the customers. To do this, just order free demo versions of the software.

Prospects of Using New Services

Integration of casinos with Alphapo and BitGo payment systems from Smart Money opens up the following prospects for gambling operators:

  1. Increasing user traffic. Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular. Its independence from traditional banking systems will allow you to work with electronic money transfers from anywhere in the world, regardless of legislative restrictions and prohibitions.
  2. The loyalty of the audience. The more payment services are presented on a casino website, the higher the level of users’ trust in you as a provider and your platform.
  3. The safety of transactions. Alphapo and BitGo provide maximum protection of users’ money and guarantee transparency of operations. Interruption, tracking or rejection of a cryptocurrency transfer are impossible.

The Rosloto team is proud to present the innovative payment tools Alphapo and BitGo. They can change the gambling industry radically. These are new opportunities for all market participants, from investors to software suppliers, as well as distributors and gamblers preferring to play games without restrictions.

Where to Connect the Payment Systems

Please, contact Bett-Market managers to get more information about the connection of services and their technical capabilities. Our team is ready to take responsibility for full technical support and guarantee absolute transparency of all operations.

Waiting for your requests:

  • e-mail: manager@bett-market.com
  • Skype: bett.market
  • Telegram: @bett.market
  • feedback form.