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Alphapo Payment System for Betting: Connect the Tool on Favourable Terms

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The popularity of digital currency is growing every day. Owners of the betting business choose Blockchain payments due to the high speed and security of operations, good response from the audience, and convenient conversion to fiat money.

Alphapo payment system: general info

The Bett-Market studio recommends operators buy the Alphapo service. Our managers will gladly tell you more about this modern financial module for betting platforms.

Features of the Provider’s Gateway

The payment system of the brand is a universal Blockchain solution that supports fast and secure transfers of digital assets.

The company is considered a leader in the production and testing of software for Blockchain settlements.

The product was developed taking into account the following specifics and requirements of the cryptocurrency market:

  • different exchange rates;
  • security of all such operations;
  • the presence of cold wallets for storing assets, etc.

It will be beneficial for entrepreneurs to integrate the Alphapo service into betting platforms, gaming sites, and portals that sell binary options. The product has proven itself in the industry due to the instant deposition of funds and access from anywhere in the world.

The system successfully functions on sites that accept only Blockchain settlements or work with digital and traditional monetary units simultaneously.

To get started, operators only need to register a unique crypto wallet. Those with whom businessmen plan to interact (gamblers, hosting companies, software vendors) should also have such wallets.

The Alphapo product supports 2 types of transfers:

  1. Fiat-to-crypto. Acceptance of payments in traditional currencies (US dollars, euros, and others), conversion of income into digital assets, and withdrawal of winnings to an external wallet.
  2. Crypto-to-fiat. Acceptance of sports bets in virtual money with its subsequent conversion into fiat currency. After that, the earned funds can be transferred to a bank account, electronic wallet, debit/credit card, or personalised voucher.

Technical Nuances of the Financial Tool

The main reasons to install the manufacturer’s payment system for betting shops:

High performance

The proprietary gateway processes more than 5 thousand requests per second. This is the acceptance of sports bets, the payment of winnings, the accrual of bonuses, the conversion of digital assets, and other actions.

The software operates without delays and technical failures even in those locations where the internet connection is poor and the infrastructure is outdated

Instant deposition of funds

The installation of the system provides instant money transfers to the user account and quick withdrawal of winnings.

The maximum time for crediting funds is 3 seconds. According to this indicator, a branded Blockchain service occupies a leading position in the gambling industry

Support for multi-currency transactions

The company’s solution processes operations in 30 crypto units. These are BTC, BTC Cash, LTC, ETH, XRP, QRK, NXT, and other promising tokens.

Managers can buy digital currency directly on the site and transfer their savings from one Blockchain wallet to another

Convenient conversion

Exchange operations between crypto and traditional funds are carried out at a favourable rate, which is tied to the quotes of popular crypto exchanges with minimal commission deductions (up to 0.8% of the transaction amount).

The gateway supports conversion to 25 fiat monetary units. These are US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Japanese yen, Swedish krona, and other popular currencies

Practical interface

The admin panel has been translated into more than 10 languages, including English, German, and Portuguese.

The backend contains a tooltip system and convenient navigation. Entrepreneurs without any experience working with cryptocurrency can understand the rules for using the gateway

High Level of the Service Security

Alphapo financial software: high security

One of the main reasons to connect the system is the excellent safety provided by the proprietary module.

Cryptographic Encryption of Operations

The brand’s program is based on Blockchain technology. It is a peer-to-peer decentralised network that consists of billions of interconnected blocks. They store information about already completed and only planned transactions. The data inside the blocks is protected using cryptography.

Each digital unit has a special encryption algorithm:

  1. SHA-256. One of the oldest schemes developed by the US National Security Agency. It is used to protect sites with an SSI security certificate and as an important component in the creation (mining) of Bitcoin. A cryptographic hash function turns an arbitrary collection of data into a fixed-length value that cannot be forged or deleted.
  2. Scrypt. This algorithm is interesting because, along with the creation of the original hash function, a huge number of pseudo-random sequences are generated. It is impossible to sort them all at once, even using special programs. The transaction data is encrypted very carefully. Scrypt is used for transactions in LTC, DOGE, SYS, and other tokens.
  3. Ethash. Metadata is encrypted using a special code called Nonce (for the last piece of information). The converted data cannot be decrypted or illegally transferred to third parties. The most famous digital unit that uses Ethash is ETH.

The Alphapo payment system is protected against the actions of intruders. The program interacts with 30 crypto units, and for each of them, a unique hash function is applied.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Evaluation

The provider’s team is constantly working on the improvement of software and optimisation of the functionality of the financial service.

Specialists are introducing new practices and methods to combat fraud, money laundering, bonus abuse, multi-accounting, and other actions of intruders. Special attention is paid to the technical protection of the gateway and work under critical loads on the payment infrastructure.

The connection of the solution has been verified by 2 testing centres:

  • the 10Guards, an international cybersecurity consulting company;
  • the Hacken security audit firm.

Reliable Savings Operations

All deposits made by gamblers are accumulated in cold wallets, which only players have access to. The solutions are presented in the form of special vaults without direct access to the Web.

At the time of accepting bets on sports events, the payment system transfers money to a certain virtual account. Then funds go to the bookmaker's Blockchain wallet (in case of a loss) or are returned to the owner's cold wallet (if the bet was successful).

Integration Possibilities of the Payment Service

The vendor has provided several ways to use its software:

Communication channels

Gamblers can replenish their accounts at any time of the day using 30 types of digital assets. Funds are converted into 25 monetary units through a virtual exchanger.

The integration of the bookmaker’s office with the Alphapo system involves the most convenient use. Players have no restrictions on the cost of operations and the time when the transfer is made


Users make deposits in the cryptocurrency that is tied to a fiat amount. It must be repaid within a specific timeframe (sometimes within a day, 10 days, or more).

For the late deposition of money, penalties are provided (1–2% of the sum of the transfer)

Payment links

Entrepreneurs can create electronic invoices, share links, and receive money in Blockchain wallets after they are activated.

Links can be inserted into e-mails, marketing offers, banner ads, and other means of communication with the audience

“Connect and pay”

This is the launch of a proprietary depository network with the connection of a single client base. Operators can set minimum and maximum transaction amount, percentage of commission deductions, and other parameters

Why It Is Worth Connecting the Alphapo Service

Alphapo payment gateway: key advantages

Let us consider the key advantages of installing the company’s software.

Good Response from the Audience

Gamblers prefer to place bets using cryptocurrency due to:

  • instant transfer of funds to the account;
  • anonymous deposition and withdrawal of money;
  • access to bets in digital assets from anywhere in the world;
  • high security of the services;
  • absence of restrictions on maximum and minimum deposits.

Improved Image Indicators

The brand’s system is a prestigious and beneficial product in terms of fruitful partnership development.

The installation of the software will help operators expand the geography of their betting business and conclude long-term contracts with B2B partners — hosting providers, software vendors, and franchisors. Today, more enterprises are switching to settlements in digital assets since they realise the numerous advantages of this method.

Optimisation of Current Expenses

Thanks to cryptocurrency transfers, project owners receive the following tangible benefits:

  • 70% reduction in expenditures for commission deductions;
  • contraction in the number of chargebacks by 95%;
  • shortening of maintenance costs by 65%.

The released funds can be redirected to the strategic development of the company and the launch of profitable business verticals.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Provider’s Financial Gateway

The cryptocurrency system is a popular payment service in the gambling industry.
  • The solution supports transfers of 2 types (Fiat-to-crypto and Crypto-to-fiat) and takes into account all the specifics of the betting market. The program is extremely popular with the audience due to fast and anonymous operations, access from anywhere in the world, and the absence of restrictions on the maximum and minimum size of deposits.
  • The solution is characterised by high performance (more than 5 thousand requests per second), instant crediting of funds (the waiting time is 3 seconds), and a multi-currency environment. The software supports transfers in 30 digital and 25 fiat units.
  • The developer takes care of the financial module security. Transaction data is encrypted using cryptography, and all savings are stored in secure cold wallets.
You can order the manufacturer’s product from the Bett-Market studio. We will advise you on all issues related to the launch and management of a bookmaker’s office and help to choose the most profitable business solution based on your requests.

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For all questions, please contact our managers.

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