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B4U Global Financial Gateway for Bookmakers: Fast Crypto Transfers

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The popularity of Blockchain transactions is growing rapidly. Some owners of betting shops are already actively using such an option as settlements in digital money while others are still exploring the benefits of this solution.

B4U Global payment service: general info

Specialists of the Bett-Market studio will tell you about the universal cryptocurrency module from B4U Global. Contact our managers to get more information about the advantages and features of the installation of the brand’s software.

Brief Information about the Enterprise

B4U Global is an international brand operating in the crypto market.

The legal entity is registered in Malta (No. C-74252 in the open list of companies).

Its representative offices are located in the following cities:

  • Valletta (Malta);
  • Kolkata (India);
  • Port Harcourt (Nigeria).

The manufacturer’s proprietary solutions provide fast and secure transactions in digital assets, as well as their profitable exchange for fiat tokens. The brand also invests in ICO projects and helps entrepreneurs increase the liquidity of their business projects.

It would be a good choice to integrate the company’s payment system into betting shops, sites that sell lottery tickets, online casinos, and other gambling resources. The product will also be relevant for traders on Forex exchanges and owners of binary options management platforms.

The financial module is versatile and instantly adaptable to the requirements of any project. The solution will be beneficial for e-commerce, insurance, tourism, investment, and other business areas.

T. Jack Williams is the co-founder and CEO, and David Wilkie is the chief operating officer. Among the partners of the company, it is worth highlighting:

  • Triton;
  • Emmetec;
  • Payment Alliance International;
  • Chainalysis, and other famous brands.

How to Create an Account in BitLoad4U

To install the system, operators need to register a unique account in the program.

The same must also be done by all counterparties with whom entrepreneurs plan to interact. These are betters, hosting providers, software vendors, affiliates, etc.

Stages of the creation of an account:

  1. Acquisition of the user’s ID. After filling out the registration form on the site, clients are randomly assigned a unique identifier. After that, they must choose a complex password for it, which will be used to enter the program. The provider recommends keeping the ID and password in a safe place and not disclosing the information to third parties.
  2. Initial verification. An e-mail with a login confirmation form will be sent to the specified electronic address. To complete the first stage of registration in BitLoad4U, it is necessary to follow the active link.
  3. KYC verification. International financial security rules require all financial companies to identify visitors according to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) methods. Therefore, the connection of the B4U Global system involves authentication based on scanned documents. These are a passport, ID card, driver's licence, and receipts for payment of housing and communal services.
  4. Activation of an account. A notification about it will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the registration record. To pass this stage, users need to make a test transfer, for example, buy 0.00001 BTC at the market rate.

Technical Characteristics of the Financial Gateway

B4U Global payment system: tech features

Let us consider how the brand’s solution for betting shops differs from the offers of competitors:

High performance

The program processes more than 10,000 requests per second. These are acceptance of deposits, payout of winnings, acquisition of Bitcoins, and investment in ICO projects.

The brand’s solution functions smoothly even in the case of a poor internet connection or outdated technical infrastructure

Multicurrency environment

Even though the service interacts only with Bitcoins, the program includes a convenient currency converter.

Gamblers can exchange BTC for more than 30 fiat tokens. These are US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Japanese yen, Indian rupees, Swedish krona, etc.

The company plans to add transactions in Litecoins and Ethereums to increase the competitiveness of the service

Modern settlement methods

Installation of the B4U Global payment system involves support for IBAN bank transfers, as well as transactions via virtual and plastic cards.

The software is interconnected with credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, and China Union Pay. In total, about 8.1 billion accounts are integrated into the system

Global coverage

The provider’s financial service is extremely popular in the Asian, European, and African markets.

The software can be integrated on the territory of many countries where betting on sports events is considered legal. These are the United Kingdom, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other jurisdictions

High speed of operations

The time for crediting funds is 20–30 seconds from the moment of the creation of a request. The withdrawal of money to virtual cards or bank accounts also takes a minimum of time.

Possible delays in receiving digital assets may be related to changes in the payment policy of specific banks, as well as in additional identification of the parties to the transfer

Minimal commission fees

Among other reasons, it is beneficial to connect the system because of the loyal tariff policy.

The level of commission deductions depends on the amount of money sent: the more Bitcoins players transfer, the lower the percentage.

The maximum commission is set at 3%

Cross-platform environment

The software is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. The solution has proven itself well in land-based terminals and mobile betting applications. It also works smoothly on desktop equipment

High Security of the Financial Gateway

One of the good reasons to buy the provider’s service is that the solution is well-protected:

  1. Compliance with international standards. The provider was certified according to the generally accepted PCI DSS classification. The brand processes more than 6 million transactions annually and is regularly tested by the world’s leading independent audit centres.
  2. Code-level protection. Bitcoin transfers are highly reliable thanks to cryptographic algorithms. For BTC payments, the SHA-256 mathematical model is used. It converts the source code (information on the transaction) into a numerical value that cannot be deciphered even theoretically.
  3. Two-factor verification. Integrating the B4U Global payment system into a betting shop implies a 2-step identification of the party that initiates the transfer. First, users enter a unique ID and password and then confirm the transaction via a one-time code. It can be sent as an SMS notification and a voice call.

For bookmakers that accept only cryptocurrency, two-factor verification is not required. Gambling platforms based on the Blockchain provide complete anonymity of money transfers without being tied to bank accounts in fiat currency. Most often, digital assets are moved between cold storage wallets, access to which involves automatic identification of a person.

Useful Solutions for a Land-Based Business

Connection of the manufacturer’s product is available together with such services as:


The software is designed to accept payments at ATMs, slot machines, self-service and lottery terminals, as well as other equipment in gambling halls.

Operators can track the history of bets, set commission fees, integrate additional levels of security, and much more.

The software supports transfers in both Bitcoins and traditional currencies. Users are offered cash and non-cash transfers in fiat units


The system can be integrated into mobile gadgets, desktop PCs, and classic payment terminals.

The installation of B4U POS turns traditional devices into universal POS terminals. The equipment supports payments using a QR code and contactless settlements with Visa, MasterCard, and China Union Pay bank cards

B4U Gift Coin

The original gift token may include a different amount of Bitcoins or contain fiat money on its balance.

Operators have the right to independently develop the coin's design using the logo of their company

How to Profitably Connect the Brand’s Service

B4U Global financial gateway: connection

The installation process is based on the use of flexible API tools.

The company provides a complete set of ready-made Rest API templates. With their help, entrepreneurs can integrate the solution without changing the source code on the site.

The module maintains the integrity of the betting platform. At the same time, the resource can only work with cryptocurrency or accept bids in both fiat and digital units.

The product seamlessly synchronises with the bookmaker's CRM system. Operators receive detailed financial analytics, easily correlated with game statistics and user activity on the platform. Business owners can also integrate the financial gateway into affiliate services for faster and safer settlements with their partners.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Money-Transfer Option

The solution is an excellent choice for bookmakers who accept bets in cryptocurrency.
  • The features of the service include high performance, multi-currency and cross-platform environment, global coverage, high speed of transactions, and minimum commission deductions (up to 3% of the size of the money transfer).
  • The program is characterised by high protection of confidential data. Security is maintained at the code level thanks to two-factor user identification. The software complies with international PCI DSS standards.
  • Operators have access to the solutions for the land-based niche. These are B4U ATM (for terminals and ATMs), B4U POS (a program that turns smartphones into universal POS terminals), and B4U Gift Coin (gift tokens with Bitcoins).
  • The opening of an account in BitLoad4U takes place in several stages. This is the acquisition of a user ID, initial visitor verification, identification utilising the KYC scheme, and activation of the payment account.
The brand’s financial software can be bought from the Bett-Market studio. We will advise you on all issues related to the integration of a crypto gateway and tell you about the benefits of accepting wagers on sports events in digital assets.

From us, it is also possible to order the following useful services:

For all questions, please contact our managers.

Elliot Clark


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