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Interkassa Payment System for Bookmakers: Reliable One-Touch Transfers

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Modern financial software for the gambling industry combines a wide range of settlement methods. With reduced fees, various features, and convenient exchange operations, these solutions are very profitable, safe, and easy to use.

Interkassa payment system: general info

The Bett-Market studio recommends operators pay attention to the Interkassa financial gateway. Contact our managers to learn more about the benefits of installing the product.

Brief Information about the Developer

The brand was founded in Ukraine in 2009.

Initially, a small start-up was engaged in accepting money transfers through stationary cash desks and betting shops. Over time, the list of services offered by the provider has expanded. It added bank settlements, instant payments via QR codes, and much more.

Owners of the gambling business can integrate the Interkassa financial service into bookmaker’s offices, online casinos, and sites with lottery drawings. Among the official partners of the company, there are such well-known brands as:

The software is also actively used in other sectors of the economy. These are e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, Forex trading, online education, travel services, and charity. The solution will be beneficial to any industry with cashless payments.

Igor Zotko, executive director of the company, noted:

Interkassa is a sort of Amazon in the field of digital transactions. The connection of the system opens access to a large number of settlement methods. While banks only deal with payment cards, we offer e-money and wallets, mobile commerce, QR codes, modules for social networks (Instagram and Facebook stores), and much more.

The financial aggregator in numbers:

  • 10+ years in the European market;
  • 4,000+ partners all over the world;
  • 70+ thousand active accounts;
  • 70+ payment options, including global and local transaction methods;
  • 20+ million money transfers every month;
  • 200+ experienced specialists in the team;
  • 4 international offices — in Ukraine, India, Italy, and Lithuania.

Features of the Service Functioning

The Interkassa payment system for betting shops is a universal aggregator that can be used on various gaming sites.

The brand has created an automated complex that processes information about transactions from various points. Technical capabilities of the service allow it to act as an intermediary between the bookmaker, his customers (players), and B2B partners (affiliates, hosting providers, as well as software vendors).

Wide Range of Supported Operations

One of the main reasons to connect the Interkassa financial gateway is the availability of all popular methods of making transactions:

Internet acquiring

The program accepts transfers from debit and credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, American Express, and Diners.

The time for crediting funds is from a few seconds to 3 minutes. The size of a commission fee largely depends on the tariff policy established by the issuing bank

Apple Pay

The solution was created for the owners of Apple equipment with the iOS operating system.

Gamblers do not need to enter bank details every time to make a deposit. Just select a card that will be saved and confirm the transfer using Face ID or Touch ID

Google Pay

The program is compatible with personal devices based on Android OS.

To make a transaction, players need to have a registered Google account. The details of plastic and virtual cards are fixed in it in the encrypted form. After that, clients select a card that will be used to withdraw funds and confirm the operation in a couple of clicks

Bank transfers

These are global transactions where the addressee can be either an individual bank account or a specific person. In the second case, money is issued after customers show their passports.

The Interkassa financial system for betting shops implies compatibility with such international services as PayU, Sepa, TrustPay, SWIFT, and Trustly

Electronic wallets

Secure solutions from PayPal, Alipay, WeChat, and Skrill are integrated into the proprietary software.

Operators can set up local electronic services that are popular in a particular region. The company provides software from PicPay, Paysera, KongaPay, and JioMoneyAllied Walley

Alternative Transfer Methods

Entrepreneurs have access to the following modern solutions:

  1. Mobile settlements. The money is withdrawn from the user's phone account. The option is available for the subscribers of Vodafone, Nar, Ucell, Uztelecom, Nar, Tigo, and other operators.
  2. Acceptance and issuance of funds. The decision to connect the Interkassa financial system provides interaction with cash desks, self-service terminals, ATMs, slot machines, and other equipment for land-based gambling halls.
  3. Cryptocurrency payments. The service supports instant transfers in digital units — BTC, LTC, ETH, TRX, and BTC Cash. It is possible to withdraw funds from the system in fiat money, such as US dollars, euros, and Ukrainian hryvnias.

Useful Services for Owners of Gambling Businesses

Interkassa offers the following options:

  1. Tokenisation. Automatic conversion of card details (number, expiration date, CVV code) into a unique token. The encrypted code can be used for recurrent (repeating) transfers in one click.
  2. Holding. The solution reduces the cost of processing chargebacks. Funds are pre-reserved on the account of a player (a B2B partner) at the time of the transaction but are debited later (within 2–8 hours).
  3. Cascading. The connection of the Interkassa system increases the conversion of the gaming site. Transfers are automatically redirected from one bank to another until it is accepted and processed.
  4. Routing. The program redistributes payments between different endpoints (banks, electronic services) depending on the amount, type of currency, and the country where the transfer was made. This approach increases the conversion of a platform that accepts sports bets in different countries.
  5. Transfers using a QR code. The brand’s service contains a module for generating unique QR codes. They can be shared via e-mails, social messengers, and third-party resources to increase the number of financial channels.
  6. Online invoicing. The application creates and sends invoices for payment: one-time (for example, to the tenant of advertising space on the site) or in the form of periodical e-mail newsletters (for example, to an affiliated company).
  7. Creation of links. Links that are used for settlements can be inserted into e-mails, chatbots, and instant messengers in order to increase payment channels. Players will be able to deposit funds in a convenient way, for example, through social networks or partner platforms.

Why It Is Worth Buying the Interkassa Financial Service

Interkassa payment service: advantages

Let us consider the main advantages of installing the company’s software:

Multi-currency environment

The program supports fast transactions in US dollars, Ukrainian hryvnias, euros, pounds sterling, Chinese yuan, Swedish krona, and other monetary units.

The service carries out blockchain transfers and interacts with the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The service offers transactions in Bitcoins, Ethereums, Thrones, and Litecoins

Flexible tariff plans

The percentage of commission fees depends on the policy of the issuing bank and the monthly turnover of the betting company.

Clients with multi-million dollar turnover pay from 1% to 2.1%. The rate for beginning entrepreneurs is slightly higher — up to 3.5%

High security

The integration of the bookmaker’s office with the Interkassa service is available together with the Antifraud module. The program monitors transactions, detects fraudsters, identifies any suspicious activity, and compares recipient’s details with information from blacklists.

All services provided by the brand comply with security standards set by Visa and MasterCard. The manufacturer is certified in accordance with the PCI DSS and SSL requirements

Convenient exchange of funds

Entrepreneurs independently choose the main currency of the gaming site, and the program will be guided by its rates at the time of the exchange of funds.

Betting projects from Ukraine, for example, work only with hryvnias, platforms from Latvia — with euros and US dollars, and sites in Georgia — with lari and dollars

Features of Software Installation

Igor Zotko commented on this issue:

It is very easy to integrate the Interkassa payment system into the betting platform or the sportsbook mobile app. This can be done in just half an hour, even without the involvement of a professional programmer or QA engineer.

The company has provided 3 options for software installation:

  1. API Interkassa. The REST API documentation defines a set of functions for interacting with the system via HTTP channels. Using these options, operators can initiate the withdrawal of funds, view information about transfers, monitor exchange rates, generate reports, etc. API tools allow entrepreneurs to quickly customise settlement operations (in normal and hidden modes) without making changes to the source code of the gaming site.
  2. CMS plugins. These are ready-made arrays of codes that can be easily implemented into already operating betting projects. Interkassa offers plans based on Joomla, Abills, Magento, ModX, WordPress, and Drupal.
  3. PHP SDK. Integration of the Interkassa financial gateway will require a minimum of time and effort if a project was created using the PHP programming language. The provider's site contains detailed instructions describing all stages of software installation.

Entrepreneurs can also get tax advice. All specialists who work for the company are familiar with all the nuances of doing business in Europe, Asia, and the CIS countries. They will connect and set up exchange operations, reduce the cost of handling transfers, and optimise the tax burden on the business.

Profitable Affiliate Program

Interkassa financial software: affiliate program

The Interkassa system for betting shops contains a universal affiliate network. Operators can receive additional dividends from each transfer made within the service.

The scheme of work is simple and transparent:

  1. Gamblers can replenish their accounts on the referral site of the bookmaker.
  2. The financial gateway receives a commission for each transfer.
  3. A remuneration of 20% of the brand’s earnings is transferred to the bookmaker's account.

Funds can be received in any currency, be it US dollars, euros, hryvnias, etc. in the first 5 days of each month.

The official site of the provider has a handy calculator that can be used to measure the profit from the partner service. Operators indicate the turnover of funds raised with the help of referral links, and the program instantly calculates the expected amount of earnings.

In a personal account, there are settings for the creation of detailed analytics related to:

  • total remuneration for the current month;
  • earnings received from each of the referrals;
  • profits with gradation according to currencies;
  • the amount of remuneration by months.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Brand’s Financial Gateway

Interkassa is a universal aggregator that combines more than 70 settlement methods.
  • The system supports mobile operations, payments via plastic and virtual cards, bank transfers, as well as electronic financial services and wallets. Entrepreneurs have access to recurrent transactions, online invoicing, integration of payment links, and settlements using a QR code.
  • The advantages of software installation include a multi-currency environment, convenient exchange of funds, high security, and flexible tariff plans.
  • Business owners are offered several options for software integration: using the Interkassa API application, flexible CMS plugins, and PHP SDK development environment. Employees of the company provide technical support, assistance with the installation process, as well as advice on taxes and fees.
  • It is possible to buy the gateway along with a lucrative referral program. Operators receive additional dividends by placing affiliate links on third-party thematic resources.
You can order the vendor’s financial software from the Bett-Market studio. We guarantee quick installation and configuration of the solution. Our specialists can also add convenient payment widgets in the style of your betting shop.

From us, entrepreneurs can buy the following useful services:

For all questions, feel free to contact our managers. We will choose the finest programs for your project.

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