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Bookmaker Payment System Moneygrator: Reliable Monetary Transfers

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The installation of several popular payment services is a long and sometimes unreasonably expensive process. It is much more profitable to buy a ready-made Moneygrator financial aggregator with above 250 account replenishment tools.

The solution is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. It is characterised by multicurrency support and comfortable work on regulated markets.

Moneygrator payment system for bookmakers

You can order the branded software at the Bett-Market studio. Contact our manager and learn more about the installation of licensed program components.

Features of the Financial Service

The gambling payment system for Moneygrator is a universal aggregator of various methods for conducting monetary transfers. The program supports more than 250 transaction options, including bank cards, electronic wallets, and voucher operations.

Vladimir Pisanko, the Chief Operations Officer of Moneygrator, noted:

We supply a multifunctional solution for instant and secure transactions. The installation of the program gives an operator a sustainable competitive advantage and provides stable rise and improvement of a business.

The solution is focused on the gambling market.

The software considers the needs of managers and the interests of gamers:

  • high speed of operations;
  • maximum protection of confidential data;
  • minimum fees for depositing and withdrawing money, and other aspects.

An excellent choice is the integration of the Moneygrator payment system into a bookmaker site, online casino, lottery project, or poker room. The product is compatible with Forex and binary options trading platforms.

Financial software was introduced in 2018 by the Czech provider Slotegrator. The company specialises in the production of diverse gambling solutions, including turnkey projects, security software, CRM services, etc.

Processing of Different Payment Methods

Moneygrator payment aggregator: methods

The connection of the betting financial system Moneygrator is beneficial due to the support of over 250 options for depositing and withdrawing money. A bookmaker can connect all payment methods or choose a few relevant variants from the general pool.

Internet Banking

The installation of the betting financial system Moneygrator is suitable for rapid deployment in key gaming markets. The service is compatible with:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • UnionPay;
  • American Express, and other banking products.

The program provides instant money transfers. For all operations, the minimum commission deductions are set — up to 2% of the transaction amount.

Electronic Wallets

Betters can create e-wallets in Skrill, Neteller, BitGo, RoyalPay, Cubits, PayPal, and other popular services to deposit money to bookmaker sites’ accounts quickly and safely.

The withdrawal of earned funds is also carried out in a matter of seconds. Gamers only need to indicate the numbers of their electronic wallets. Money will be debited to them.

The commission percentage depends on the tariffs provided by the electronic payment service. As a rule, this is 2–3.5% of the transaction amount.

Bank Transfers

The integration of the bookmaker Moneygrator payment system supports direct banking transactions using the SEPA and SWIFT protocols. Money is instantly credited to the recipient's account, bypassing any intermediary organisations.

To send funds, you must fill in the details of the recipient (account number, full name) and the bank in which the account is opened (MBO code, IBAN, full and abbreviated name).

Cryptocurrency Operations

The connection of the gambling payment system Moneygrator is suitable for both traditional betting platforms and sites that work with digital assets.

The software conducts instant payouts in:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Litecoin (LTC);
  • Ethereum (ETH);
  • Ripple (XRP);
  • Monero (XMR), and other promising tokens.

The integration of the cryptocurrency gateway increases internet traffic on a site. Users are attracted by fast and anonymous transfers, the acceptance of bets in incognito mode, access from anywhere in the world, and guarantees of prize payouts.

Voucher Transfers

The connection of the sportsbook financial system Moneygrator is compatible with Neosurf, Multibanco, and other services selling vouchers.

A gambler can buy a one-time voucher at land-based points (bookmaker offices, gas stations, kiosks, etc.) or order a payment instrument on the Internet. The voucher has a security code that is entered during a transfer. The money is instantly credited to the gaming account.

Payment with vouchers is suitable for work in those jurisdictions where transactions using credit cards are prohibited for accepting bets. Such requirements are established in Germany, France, and other countries.

Mobile Transfers

This is a universal financial method for quick settlements with players — bonuses, cashback transactions, etc.

Mobile payments are suitable for placing micro bets. A user does not need to enter bank details and go through multi-level verification. It is enough to confirm the transfer from the mobile account. After that, the gamer can immediately proceed to wager on sports.

Stable Presence in the Key Markets

Moneygrator payment software: markets

One of the main reasons to install the system Moneygrator for bookmakers is the processing of local payment methods.

The financial gateway can be easily customised to the needs of a particular country or region. The solution adapts to the requirements of the legislation, the monetary policy of a certain state, and the taxation features without problems.

Vladimir Pisanko noted:

Over the past 10 years, we have built an extensive network of trusted partners. Today, we provide safe access to various bank branches all over the world.

The integration of the bookmaker payment system Moneygrator allows businessmen to accept wagers on the key betting markets:


Working in the European region is associated with lots of restrictions. For example, it is forbidden to deposit on a site using credit cards since 2020 in the UK. Similar requirements exist in Germany, France, and other EU countries.

The Moneygrator solution allows you to bypass the tightened requirements of regulators easily and without losing your customer base.

The system supports:

  • PayPal debit cards;
  • interbank network Multibanco Select;
  • the Neosurf voucher program, and other local products

North America

Canada and the United States opened the betting market recently, in 2018. Over the past 5 years, a lot of services focused on the local audience have appeared here.

A striking example is the Canadian Interac system, which is integrated into the Moneygrator proprietary gateway. The Interac e-Transfer e-wallet is compatible with Canadian bank accounts. Local bettors deposit money to a gambling account. Operators accept wagers and pay out bonuses


The Moneygrator module for bookmakers supports several local solutions:

  • M-Pesa (electronic wallets in Kenya and Tanzania);
  • GTPay (fast transfer system in Nigeria);
  • RAVE (electronic wallets in South Africa), etc.


The financial aggregator Moneygrator is compatible with the Indian applications Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) UPI and PayTM. Collectively. They process over 400 million transactions per month from more than 55 million registered users

Southeast Asia

The region is showing impressive growth in the gambling industry, including traditional and eSports betting.

Moneygrator supports several local financial methods:

  • 2C2P (an electronic service in Singapore);
  • Thaiepay (a system in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand);
  • PaysBuy (Thai money transfer software), and others

High Security of Financial Programs

Moneygrator financial gateway: security

One of the main reasons to connect the service for bookmakers from Moneygrator is the good reliability of the proprietary gateway.

The Czech company Slotegrator uses advanced security mechanisms:

  1. SSL encryption. Confidential data is converted into a unique program code. Only then, it is transmitted via special communication channels. For encryption, modern algorithms are used, including the popular mathematical model SHA-256.
  2. Multi-factor verification. The program checks the transfer initiator twice: by entering a login and password, and sending a one-time password in an SMS or a voice call. The procedure of multi-level verification is determined by the rules of international payment systems. For example, Visa uses 3D-Secure. Mastercard applies SecureCode, etc.
  3. Face ID. Biometric face recognition is another stage of personal identification. The solution is suitable for mobile monetary operations. Users can quickly turn on a camera for recording a video or upload a recent photo.
  4. Stop list. The Moneygrator payment system for betting shops checks the details of the recipient and the sender with black lists. These are the registers of potential scammers, as well as persons associated with money laundering and terrorist financing.

Why Is It Worth Connecting the Payment Service Moneygrator for Gambling?

Consider the key benefits of installing the premium programs:

Multicurrency environment

The software supports fast transactions in over 50 monetary units. These are international (US dollars, pounds sterling, euros) and local currencies (Indian rupees, Vietnamese dongs, and others)

Convenient backend

The multilingual admin panel allows operators to:

  • control and track transactions;
  • create detailed analytics by key parameters;
  • activate bonuses depending on the turnover of bets, etc.

Easy installation

An entrepreneur does not need to integrate each financial service separately. All products are already included in the Moneygrator universal gateway.

A bookmaker reduces operating costs for signing contracts with suppliers, connecting software, and paying commission fees

Secure integration

The proprietary API Gateway is certified for many European markets:

  • Georgia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Latvia;
  • Germany;
  • the United Kingdom, and other countries

The Main Things about the Installation of the Branded Payment Aggregator

Moneygrator is a universal financial gateway from the Czech provider Slotegrator.
  • The solution supports various settlement methods. These are internet banking, electronic wallets, bank operations, cryptocurrency transactions, and voucher transfers. The program is compatible with Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, UnionPay, and American Express.
  • The installation of the gateway will ensure a stable presence in the key betting markets. The system includes local payment methods that are in demand in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and North America.
  • The advantages of software installation include high security, easy installation, multicurrency environment, and convenient backend. The security of transactions is implemented at the code level and in the process of transferring and processing confidential data.
You can order branded software at the Bett-Market studio.

We offer you the best cooperation formats on the market. These are betting site franchises, the development of a turnkey bookmaker project, the installation of payment gateways, and lots of other beneficial solutions.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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