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Betting Payment System Click2Pay: Wide Coverage and Fast Payouts

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The conduction of quick and secure transactions is an important factor in the success of a bookmaker site. A high-quality financial gateway should process multi-currency payments and support transfers from anywhere in the world.

Betting payment system Click2Pay: brief info

The Bett-Market studio recommends paying attention to the proprietary financial system from Click2Pay. Contact our manager and find out more information about the benefits and rules for connecting the program to bookmaker sites.

Brief Information about the Developer

Click2Pay GmbH was founded in 2003 in Berlin.

The provider firm is majority owned by the German bank Wirecard AG. The project was launched as an alternative to cash payments. Over time, it has become a self-sufficient financial service.

Click2Pay is one of the few products on the market designed specifically for the gaming industry. Entrepreneurs will be interested in the integration of the Click2Pay payment system into bookmaker sites, online casinos, lottery projects, Forex platforms, binary options trading start-ups, and other gambling projects.

The financial service provides:

  • easy replenishment and withdrawal of funds without limits;
  • minimum commission fees;
  • simplified registration and verification.

The shares of the parent company Wirecard AG are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In addition, the bank is one of the ten largest financial institutions in Germany.

The Features of Using the Service

Click2Pay financial service: features

The gambling payment system Click2Pay is characterised by simple rules of operation regardless of a bookmaker’s country of residence and customers’ location.

Quick Registration

The procedure for the creation of a personal account in the program is the same for legal (bookmakers) and individuals (players):

  1. Filling out the registration form. A user should enter personal data (name, address, age), email, and phone number, as well as details of a plastic or virtual card (MasterCard or Visa), which will be linked to the Click2Pay account. In addition, it is necessary to agree to the use of personal and cookie files by the system.
  2. Communication with the company’s manager. After completing and submitting the registration form, a Click2Pay representative will contact the applicant within 3 days. The manager will ask several questions to confirm the personal data entered in the registration window. The support service works in English and eight other languages.
  3. Obtaining a personal account number — PAN. The Click2Pay payment system for bookmakers uses the Payment Account Number (PAN) as a universal identifier for visitors. The code consists of 16 digits. Losing or transferring your account number to third parties is prohibited.
  4. The assignment of the Two Stars account status. The installation of the betting payment system Click2Pay automatically establishes the initial status of the account — Two Stars. It is quite enough for players. They can withdraw funds with a limit of up to $500 per week. To receive additional stars, an entrepreneur should send scans of documents (company charter, TIN, bank statement, and others).

Convenient Account Replenishment

The Click2Pay payment system for bookmakers acts as a mediator between a bookmaker site and a client's bank.

If a better has an active account, the user only should:

  • go to the Cashier tab on a betting portal;
  • select Click2Pay as the payment method;
  • specify the transfer amount;
  • confirm the transaction.

The money will be debited automatically from the bank card (account) that was linked to the player's page during the registration. It is not necessary to deposit an additional sum into the Click2Pay account.

A similar principle applies to bookmakers:

  • during the registration, they should send additional documents (a copy of the company charter, TIN, and other papers) and receive a higher status in the system;
  • an activated account can be used to deposit money with its subsequent expenditure on operational needs: payment of bonuses, settlements with counterparties, etc.

Prompt Withdrawal of Funds

Users can cash out their winnings at any ATM or self-service terminal by pre-ordering a Click2Pay branded card.

There are three types of cards connected to popular international systems: Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. The price of the first one is $10. The cost of each subsequent card is $20.

The integration of the bookmaker payment system Click2Pay allows players to withdraw winnings directly to linked bank accounts. It is also possible to transfer money to cards/bank accounts of B2B providers by filling in additional details in a special settlement form. Another option for withdrawing funds is ordering a personal check.

Loyal Tariff Plans

The connection of the gambling payment system Click2Pay is beneficial due to the minimum commissions:

  • the withdrawal of funds from a Click2Pay credit card — 3% of the transaction amount;
  • cash withdrawal from an ATM using a plastic card linked to the account (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) — $10 for the first operation, subsequent ones are carried out without commission;
  • cash withdrawal at a bank's cash desk — 2% (minimum transaction amount is $3);
  • ordering a personal check — $2.

Why Is It Worth Connecting the Payment Service?

Payment software Click2Pay: advantages

Consider the main advantages of installing the proprietary software:

High security

The anonymity and confidentiality of user data are ensured by an unnamed debit card, password, and PAN. The Company does not recommend disclosing the password and PAN to third parties, as well as storing this data on marketplaces, online shops, and other internet platforms.

The integration of the bookmaker payment system Click2Pay includes a multi-level protection system. It guarantees the safety and reliability of transactions. Data is transmitted via SSL protocols with a 128-bit encryption type

Multicurrency environment

Financial software supports instant operations in more than 20 monetary units. These are US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Swedish krona, and other common options

Fast money exchange

A loyal conversion rate is provided within the system. Currency exchange takes place based on quotes set by the European Central Bank (ECB)

Global coverage

It is possible to connect the bookmaker payment service Click2Pay in over 170 countries on five continents.

The financial system does not impose requirements on the location of the account holder. You can work from European countries or replenish your gambling account from Asia.

Click2Pay is currently partially restricted in the United States of America. The use of the service is available only to players from states with legalised sports betting

Convenient installation

The connection of the sportsbook payment system Click2Pay takes a minimum of time and does not require any specific knowledge and skills from an entrepreneur.

The software installation is based on secure SSL encryption and a flexible API environment. At the request of the operator, the settlement module can be integrated into the payment page on the bookmaker site or added as a branded widget with Click2Pay details

Multitasking Admin Interface

Entrepreneurs who decided to install the bookmaker payment system Click2Pay get access to a universal backend.

Here are the key features of the software:

  • the formation of detailed reporting on key financial and monetary indicators of the bookmaker's work;
  • better account management;
  • currency exchange at a loyal rate (in conjunction with the ECB quotes);
  • the addition of several personal cards for mutual settlements with B2B providers;
  • the storage of confidential data.

The company plans to launch the branded mobile application for Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS, and Android devices soon. The connection of the betting payment system Click2Pay will become even more accessible and convenient for daily use.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Click2Pay Software

Click2Pay is a German financial service that conducts fast and secure transactions around the world.
  • The system is characterised by fast registration. A client enters personal data in a special field, communicates with the company’s manager, and receives a 16-digit PAN code. This is the user ID needed to log in and confirm transactions.
  • The game account is replenished directly from the bank card linked to the Click2Pay account. Withdrawal of money is possible through stationary self-service terminals and cash desks, as well as bank accounts and personal checks.
  • The payment module is designed specifically for the gambling industry. The solution supports fast and secure transfers with simplified verification. The advantages of the gateway include a multicurrency environment, fast exchange of funds at a loyal rate, global coverage, and convenient installation.
You can order branded financial software at the Bett-Market studio. We guarantee fast connection of the programs at affordable prices and with maximum benefits for operators.

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