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Payment Tools by WebMoney: Multitasking Solutions for Sportsbooks

Article writer: Elliot Clark

A successful betting business cannot operate without a reliable financial gateway. It conducts thousands of monetary transactions per day. Such instruments are responsible for the security and promptness of transfers. They open up excellent opportunities for lending and investing funds.

WebMoney betting payment system: basic info

The Bett-Market studio offers you to pay attention to the WebMoney payment system. Contact our manager and get more information about the software installation.

Key Information about the Producer of Financial Software

Let us consider the basic facts:

  • WebMoney Transfer was founded in 1998.
  • WM Transfer Ltd is the owner and technical administrator of the payment service.
  • Software creation and testing are carried out by the general contractor Ltd. Computing Forces.
  • Legal support is outsourced to the Lithuanian company UAB Deed Baltic.

WebMoney’s financial instruments are used in more than 100 countries. Over 45 million customers are registered in the system, including individuals and business structures. More than 40% of internet traffic comes from CIS countries.

The company works on the model of partnership with guarantors in all countries. WebMoney is a payment service, and the guarantor is a bank or non-bank credit institution. The provider cooperates with over 300 international banks, including VTB Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole Group, and many others.

Entrepreneurs should integrate the WebMoney payment system into bookmaker sites, poker rooms, online casinos, and lottery projects. The solution is used as a settlement method on binary options trading and Forex platforms.

The financial software provides services for money transfers, payment of utilities, cellular communications, and crowdfunding. The programs can be integrated into online stores, marketplaces, ticket-booking sites, and other commercial resources.

Main Components of WebMoney Keeper

The solution is a modern and multitasking payment system for bookmakers. It functions as a universal storage for client data, virtual wallets, and business management tools. The service is available for individuals and legal entities.

Let us take a look at the key elements of Keeper:

Personal Account

This is a page of a bookmaker in the system. Entrepreneurs can set a profile picture, go through verification (identity check with the provision of scanned documents), and submit additional information.

To create an account, an operator needs to register in the system and get a WMID. This is a unique 12-digit number that is placed in the personal account of the bookmaker.

All settlements with B2B partners (hosting providers, affiliates) and payouts of winnings are carried out with WMID-identifier.

How to create an account:

  • Go to the Registration tab.
  • Indicate a mobile phone number in an international format.
  • Enter a one-time code in a special box on the site (it will be sent to the mobile number).
  • Indicate a personal password.
  • Provide personal data (full name, address of residence, date of birth, passport data) and send scanned copies of documents.

As soon as the papers are verified, the account is automatically assigned a formal certificate. This status is quite enough for betters. They can easily deposit money to gambling accounts, as well as withdraw earned funds and bonus rewards.

For effective management of the betting business, the certificate of an entrepreneur must be at least the personal level. To do this, it is necessary to send additional documents certified by a notary for confirmation: a bank statement, a company’s status, TIN, etc.

The list of documents to be provided depends on the country in which the businessman decided to connect the payment service for bookmakers WebMoney.

Electronic Cards

The company is issuing virtual cards that can be used to pay on the Web. The solution supports fast and secure transfers with minimal fees. The cost of replenishing the card is 1% of the transaction amount. Debiting is free.

The installation of the WebMoney betting payment system is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other universal financial services. Users can easily transfer their money, for example, royalties under a franchise agreement or bonuses to customers.


An entrepreneur has the right to open one or more wallets in the WebMoney Keeper program. All of them are tied to a personal certificate of a businessman. When transferring funds, the system requests a unique password and WMID.

The gambling payment system WebMoney offers 13 different wallets:

Multicurrency solutions

The software supports operations in eight monetary units:

  • Euro (WME);
  • US dollar (WMZ);
  • Ukrainian hryvnia (WMU);
  • Kazakh tenge (WMK);
  • Vietnamese dong (WMV);
  • Uzbekistani sum (WMY), etc.

Depending on the selected currency, the letter currency symbol is added to the abbreviation WM (for example, U for the Ukrainian hryvnia).

The operator and the clients can conduct exchange transactions using different wallets. The conversion rate is close to the value set by the National Bank of the user's country of registration. In addition, the figure contains an additional transfer fee (from 1% of the transaction sum)

Cryptocurrency options

The connection of the bookmaker payment system WebMoney provides fast and legal transactions in digital money.

An operator can register a wallet in four blockchain units:

  • Bitcoin (WMX);
  • Bitcoin Cash (WMH);
  • Litecoin (WML);
  • Ethereum (WMF).

The system offers a convenient conversion rate with instant transfers of money to a recipient's electronic account

Wallets for gold trading

Entrepreneurs can get a receipt for exchanging gold by opening a special E-Wallet WMG.

The connection of the gambling payment system WebMoney will be an excellent solution for diversifying the free funds of an operator’s site and investing part of the assets in gold.

You do not need to hire a stock broker or use the services of a banking consultant to carry out the operation. All tools for buying and selling gold are collected in the E-Wallet system

Comfortable Replenishments and Withdrawals

WebMoney payment software: operations

The connection of the bookmaker payment system WebMoney is associated with over 300 international banks and non-banking financial institutions. The list of counterparties depends on the country of conducting business using WebMoney products.

The Options for Replenishing an Electronic Account

You can deposit funds to E-Wallet in the following ways:

  1. Internet banking. The WebMoney betting payment system uses Visa and MasterCard bank cards. To conduct a transaction, the sender should have a personal certificate. Money is credited instantly. The tariff policy depends on the issuing bank (the institution that produced the plastic or electronic card).
  2. Bank monetary transfer. Funds are transferred to the bank account of the recipient — a B2B partner of the bookmaker or a client. To make a payment, it is necessary to specify the account details, including the IBAN. It is possible to use global payment solutions, such as Western Union.
  3. Land-based points. These are ATMs, kiosks, self-service terminals, cash desks, and betting machines. The program is interconnected with many branded payment terminals. These are EasySoft, Pegas, Splaty, I-Box, City-Pay, and other licensed networks. The time for transferring money is 3–5 minutes.
  4. Electronic payment services. The software is integrated with the international systems Paypal, Qiwi, etc.
  5. Mobile and voucher transfers. Funds are credited instantly from the sender's mobile account or using one-time vouchers. They can be purchased at post offices and bank branches.

Comfortable Withdrawal of Funds

The following services are available to entrepreneurs:

  1. Transfer to a currency card. A Visa or MasterCard card must be linked to an E-Wallet electronic account. Transfer fee — 1.2% of the transaction amount.
  2. The remittance to a bank account. It is enough to enter the details of the recipient: account number, full name, MFI, and IBAN codes. Money is transferred instantly. For this method, a low tariff plan is provided — 1% of the transfer cost.
  3. Cash withdrawal through a stationary exchanger. Funds can be received at a bank branch or legal exchange points in any city in the CIS. The operation fee is 8–10% of the transaction amount.
  4. The transfer to an electronic account. These are verified accounts in the WebMoney platform, as well as electronic wallets of other popular payment services. The integration of the bookmaker WebMoney payment system is compatible with Paypal, Qiwi, etc. The exchange of funds between two E-Wallets is subject to a minimum commission of 0.8% of the transfer amount.

Useful Services for the Betting Business

You can install the betting payment system WebMoney bookmaker with the following universal solutions:

Mass Payment

The program supports fast payouts to thousands of endpoints. The software is suitable for bonus accrual, cashback, and other mass operations.

The mass payment with recipient addresses can be configured in the Keeper system or by uploading a file with a list of transactions in XML or CSV format to the site


The universal currency conversion centre offers a loyal exchange rate and a minimum commission, considering exchange rate differences.

Funds can be converted using thirteen types of E-Wallets. These are dollars, cryptocurrency options, etc.


The innovative service will be useful for the effective promotion of a bookmaker portal on the Web.

The program is aimed at attracting traffic from popular social networks, instant messengers, and search engines


The solution will help an operator to sell advertising space on a site beneficially. Banners can be placed on the main page of the resource, added to the payment form, or integrated into special bonus offers


The service simplifies the investment activity of an entrepreneur. The site presents many options for putting dividends from the betting business. This is the purchase of movable and immovable property, stocks, bonds, Forex trading, etc.

How to Connect the Gambling Payment Service Quickly?

WebMoney financial service: connection

The installation of the software takes a minimum of time and does not require any technical knowledge from an entrepreneur. Everything is very fast, simple, and beneficial for the bookmaker.

The integration of the bookmaker payment system WebMoney is based on the use of API tools and SDK plugins. You can set up personal widgets for a site (with your corporate identity) or install a payment form on any page of the betting resource.

The provider has developed a convenient mobile application Webmoney Keeper Mobile. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry operating systems. You can download and integrate the proprietary program components on the official site of the company by scanning a QR code.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Financial Instruments

WebMoney’s system is the leading payment service in the CIS with over 45 million registered accounts.
  • The conduction of transactions, the management of the platform, and the opening of virtual electronic wallets are available in the WebMoney Keeper operating environment. It is characterised by a broad range of options and settings, comfortable administration, and installation in a few clicks.
  • The software supports transactions in 8 currencies. These are US dollars, euros, Vietnamese dongs, and others. It is also possible to transfer money in digital assets (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum) or invest in gold.
  • The provider offers many ways to replenish the electronic wallet and withdraw funds. These are internet acquiring, transfers to a bank card, mobile and voucher payments, depositing and withdrawing cash through land-based terminals, and transactions using partner electronic services.
  • The settlement system is available with useful business tools. These are Mass Payment, Exchanger (instant currency conversion), CashBox (bookmaker site marketing), Mestcom (the sale of advertising space on a betting site), and Shareholder (the investment of working capital).
You can order the payment gateway at the Bett-Market studio. We guarantee smooth and efficient connection of financial software at affordable prices.

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