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Investment in the Betting Business

Article writer: Elliot Clark

In the past and present, and well into the future investment is the most appropriate way to multiply profit. The only nuance is that there is variability in the direction of investments, as, over time, some areas of business grow, while others fall into a decline. It is against this background that investment in bookmaker’s offices looks promising and unhackneyed. Why is it so? We will tell about it in this article.

Investing in the betting business

High Profitability is the Main Reason for Investing in Betting Shops

First of all, we would like to show you a few dry figures:

  • 677 billion rubles — the sum of transactions in the segment of the Russian betting industry in 2018.
  • 47 billion rubles — the joint income of Russian bookmakers for 2018.
  • 1.2% — this percentage falls upon the income of domestic betting companies in the structure of the global betting business.
  • 1.4 trillion rubles — the presumed income of Russian bookmakers in 2024.
  • 1.2 trillion rubles — a possible volume of investments in the gambling sector in 2024.
  • 3 — the online betting market will increase by three times in ten years.

This information and forecasts perfectly illustrate the dynamics and prospects of the gambling market. Investors pour cash into the bookmaker’s offices, and the main reason for this is wide profit margins in the industry. Large companies provide 120% return on investment, with an average business margin of 30%.

The above-mentioned figures (the source of information — the website) show only official statistics. Only those companies that work in the Russian tax jurisdiction are taken into account. Considering the number of betting shops that are registered abroad or in offshore zones and continue operating in the Russian segment, calculations of profitability will look even more attractive.

What Other Benefits Can You Get From Investing in the Betting Business?

  • Legality. Betting is the only type of gambling on the Internet that is allowed on the legislative level in the Russian Federation. It is also possible to invest in international companies that are situated in the jurisdiction of those countries where they are registered.
  • High mobility. Investing in a ready-made BC is an intangible asset that can be easily transferred to another resource. Such investments are easy to manage from anywhere in the world since there is no attachment to a location, only to a specific country.
  • There are no restrictions on the size of the investment. However, it does not have to be large. A huge number of small projects are presented on the market, which is ready to invest minimal amounts of money. Another thing is that the income from such investments will also be very small.

Disadvantages of Investing Money in Bookmaker’s Offices

When speaking about the strongest arguments in favour of investing in the betting business, it is impossible not to name the most important disadvantages of such a choice:

  • Seasonality of income. It is especially noticeable in the segment of sports gambling (betting on team sports — football, basketball, etc.) when the profit in two separate quarters strongly correlates with each other. Over long distances, profitability is levelled but beginning entrepreneurs should get used to the fact that the profit will not always meet their expectations. Sometimes, however, the seasonality factor can be an advantage for the investor. During the “busy season” (for example, last year's World Cup), bookmakers and their investors can snatch a large sum.
  • Investors should be ready for short-term unforeseen circumstances that have a detrimental effect on profitability. For example, the situation with massive one-time payments or outflow of customers will reduce profitability for a particular period. On the other hand, experienced operators of betting shops always have a safety fund to reduce damage in such cases.
  • Almost no need for specific knowledge. This item is relevant for any sector of the economy, not just for the gambling sphere. Investors must understand the features of the betting business at least at the baseline. If there is no such knowledge, then you will need to turn to professionals, for example, the Bett-Market company.

Ways to Invest in the Betting Industry

Ways to invest in the betting business

A simple and common scheme is the purchase of shares of a ready-made BC or a syndicate from interconnected bookmakers. An individual or a legal entity invests cash in the turnover of bookmakers, which allows the company to attract new players and, as a result, increase financial turnover. From these sums, the investor receives dividends (they can be paid in rubles or other currency).

Taking into account the fact that bookmakers never lose (even if the bet of a gambler is a winning one, the bookmaker’s office will deduct commissions), investors can always count on stable income and high profitability from purchasing a share in an existing company.

In addition to the subscription of stock, potential investors should consider the following options for investment:

  • Development and launch of their own startups (for example, the implementation of the business plan for the BC or the creation of a successful business model for the promotion of the brand).
  • Sponsoring of companies that develop, sell or distribute advanced betting software. These are various programs for sports betting, applications for the creation of virtual slots, advanced software for storing a database of players, etc.
  • Creation or financial support of affiliate networks. Such organisations act as intermediaries between the betting shop and webmasters in the matter of attracting traffic and new customers and get a good profit for their work.

Pitfalls When Choosing a Bookmaker’s Office

The question of how to choose the right bookmaker is quite logical for those who decide to develop the gambling business and make money from it because the investor’s income directly depends on the actions or inactivity of a particular betting shop.

First of all, the choice turns next to the company that has the best parameters for investment. These are such indicators as the minimum size of investments, the expected payback period, the predicted size of dividends or a fixed percentage of revenues, etc. Most bookmakers negotiate such nuances with each investor individually.

Those who have decided to buy shares should analyse their dynamics over the past few years, calculate the peak torques of slowdown and increase in the value of shares. All information is available on the websites of Russian and international stock exchanges but this approach is suitable for analysing the activities of only large bookmakers.

The reputation of a betting company also deserves attention: it is necessary to choose reliable companies that have been working in the industry for several years. You can study the ratings of the bookmaker’s offices and focus on those, which are included in the top ten.

It is important that the bookmaker has a license and also, it is worth paying attention to the place of issue of the permit. It is believed that licenses obtained in offshore zones deserve less trust. On the other hand, dividends from such companies are subject to small taxes, and in Russia, at least 13% of the investor’s profit must be paid to the government, so an offshore license can even be an advantage.

An Alternative Way to Invest in the Betting Sector

Bookmaker's website creation

There will always be those who are not ready to invest long-lived assets in someone else's business, especially if it is an investment in gambling. A good alternative for them would be to open their own bookmaker's office or an allied company of a large franchisor.

This option, although it promises huge profits in the long run, requires large investments at the initial stages. It will be necessary to obtain a license, create a safety fund, buy modern software, and pay for the advertising and promotion. All these costs can easily be reduced if you purchase a ready-made turnkey betting business. These services are provided by Bett-Market — your reliable partner in the gambling world.

In addition to the development of ready-made casinos, Bett-Market provides assistance in investing in gambling projects, for example, in gaming sites or online casinos. These are other investment options in the gambling industry, which will become more accessible and understandable with Bett-Market. The firm also offers a package of modern solutions for those owners of bookmaker’s offices who are looking for new investment spheres in the gambling business.

Order a free consultation, and a representative of the Bett-Market company will call you back immediately.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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