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UPI Payment System: Install the Solution for Sportsbooks in 2 Clicks

Article writer: Elliot Clark

It is hard to imagine a successful sportsbook platform without an effective financial tool, such as the international UPI service. The solution had a significant impact on the development of the Asian digital economy: it accelerated the transition of the most important regions to a system of non-cash payments.

The software is also actively used in many European business niches, including the gambling industry. The functional module is connected by the owners of land-based casino locations and online bookmakers.

UPI payment system: general info

Contact the managers of the Bett-Market studio and find out how to install the financial gateway in the shortest possible time and with a minimum service fee.

What Is the UPI Payment System

The company presented a modern mobile application for fast transactions between bank accounts.

UPI is actively used in the gambling industry, insurance, tourism, e-commerce segment, and other business areas. This is one of the most popular settlement methods in the securities market. The service is often used in IPO and its subsequent sale to institutional investors.

The digital product is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in cooperation with the National Reserve Bank and several leading commercial financial organisations.

Since its presentation in 2016, UPI has demonstrated an impressive pace of development. The company's achievements are expressed in the following figures:

  • more than 100 million — the number of active users of the system per month;
  • 55% — the share of financial services in the total volume of digital transactions in India;
  • 323 — the number of banks connected to UPI;
  • more than 1 trillion dollars — the volume of transactions at the end of 2021.

The connection of the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) system will be suitable for:

  • bookmakers;
  • casino operators;
  • owners of poker rooms;
  • operators of sites that sell lottery tickets;
  • managers of Forex exchanges, etc.

How the Universal Financial Gateway Works

The solution operates based on the following reliable tools:

  • IMPS instant payments services;
  • AEPS software with Aadhaar support.

The cross-platform solution can be launched on all browsers and operating systems. These are Apple devices based on iOS, as well as Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and other gadgets that are popular on the market.

Stages of Creation of an Account

The process includes several steps:

  1. Installation of the UPI payment system for betting platforms. To quickly transfer funds, operators and their customers need to open a bank account and attach a mobile number to it. To conduct transactions, it is also necessary to have a stable internet connection and a smartphone on which to install the proprietary software.
  2. Downloading any mobile application that supports UPI. The brand’s service is compatible with PhonePe, PayTM, Google Pay, BHIM, MobiKwik, Uber, SBI Pay, and BOB UPI. Entrepreneurs can integrate the software into the bookmaker's CRM module to track all transactions from a single command centre.
  3. Generation of a UPI identifier. The numeric value is unique for each member of the system. It is automatically created by the program at the time of loading the client's profile and details of his bank card. Data is entered only once and is encrypted using modern algorithms.
  4. Setting up a virtual payment address (VPA). It looks like an e-mail and, similar to a UPI number, is assigned to each registered customer. While working with the system, users (bookmakers, players, and B2B partners) enter only the VPA, and the bank details remain hidden.

Features of the Financial Module

The main nuances of using the UPI product:

  1. Sending money. To replenish the account, the Push operation is provided. Gamblers choose the option, enter the recipient's UPI code, and select the account from which the funds will be debited. Next, players should enter the generated MPIN code and confirm the transaction. After the transfer, both parties (for example, the user and the bookmaker) receive notifications on personal devices.
  2. Receiving funds. This process is called Pull and follows the same principle as sending money. Operators need to log in using the VPA code, enter their UPI identifier, and send an application for a money transfer. The second party to the transaction (a player, an affiliate, or a franchisor) must confirm the transaction.

Settlements in Land-Based Gambling Halls

To receive money through cash desks, self-service terminals, kiosks, and POS terminals, the BHIM Aadhaar Pay function is used.

Entrepreneurs need to connect the UPI payment service (with the BHIM Aadhaar Pay option) and get the number of the Aadhaar Indian mobile operator. During the transfer, the program will also start identifying the client using biometrics.

Currently, there is a limit on the turnover of funds through the BHIM Aadhaar Pay application — up to 10,000 Indian rupees per day ($122). The NPCI promises to lift restrictions on cash payments very soon.

Why It Is Worth Buying the UPI Financial Service

UPI payment service: advantages

Let us consider the main advantages of this innovative digital product:

Universal settlement method

The provider’s solution supports:

  • direct bank transfers;
  • operations via barcodes and QR codes;
  • mass and recurring payments;
  • transfers upon request, etc.

The system will be useful for the acceptance of game deposits, payout of bonuses, settlements with affiliated companies, and collection of funds for a monthly subscription to premium services

Instant transfer of funds

Entrepreneurs and their customers do not need to enter bank details and other confidential information every time they initiate a transaction.

Personal information is converted into a unique VPA address, which is entered at the moment of the transfer. This reduces the time for sending funds. Money is credited to the account within a few seconds after the application is approved

Absence of commission deductions

The UPI payment system was created to provide the possibility of fast and inexpensive transfers.

Since the solution’s launch, the transaction fee has been 1 Indian rupee. Over time, NPCI eliminated commission deductions in an attempt to attract even more entrepreneurs and sole proprietors to the brand’s service

Good compatibility

The integration of the product provides access to the digital solutions of 216 banks. These are financial institutions from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and other geographical areas.

The UPI program is interconnected with third-party applications: Google Pay, Amazon, WhatsApp, and others

Multicurrency environment

The integration of the service supports transactions in more than 40 monetary units, such as:

  • US dollars;
  • euros;
  • pounds sterling;
  • Indian rupees;
  • Malaysian ringgits;
  • Nepalese rupees, and other currencies

High Security of Operations

The software complies with the PCI DSS protocol (bank card security standard).

The functionality of the digital product is checked annually by international audit companies, so there is no doubt about the safety of the financial service.

The reliability of instant transfers is provided at 3 levels:

  1. Security during the registration process. The connection of the payment system initiates the verification of the mobile phone number during the initial registration in the branded application. The account is tied to a phone number, which makes it an additional link in the identification chain. If your smartphone is lost, NPCI recommends blocking the number to prevent unauthorised transfers.
  2. Security at the time of transactions. Clients have the right to request a unique MPIN code. Using this 4- or 6-digit code, they can confirm both all operations within the program and transfers that exceed a set value (for example, a limit of $10,000).
  3. Security during the authentication of other parties. This option is implemented using verification via a QR code. Moreover, the “Quick response” feature is available to operators. With its help, it is possible to find out whether a B2B partner (hosting provider, software vendor) has passed the UPI check or not.

Coverage of Promising International Markets

UPI financial software: market coverage

One of the main reasons to install the UPI system is its presence in the following key regions:


At the beginning of 2022, more than 40 of the country's largest banks are integrated into the UPI operating environment.

Among the most popular brands, we can name Canara Bank, HDFC Bank, Indian Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, and other financial institutions


Under the signed agreement between NPCI and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the UPI service accepts transfers at local land-based betting shops and gaming sites


NPCI cooperates with the Lyra Network French company. Through its payment channels, instant money transfers are made to the accounts of users

Great Britain

Land-based machines and POS terminals of the PayXpert British company support UPI transactions. To deposit money into their accounts, gamblers must not appear in the electronic list of persons with signs of ludomania or be under 21 years of age


Acceptance of UPI bets in Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands is possible thanks to the partnership of NPCI with the local Worldline SA financial company.

A memorandum of cooperation was signed in September 2022. In just 1 month, the system processed more than 100 thousand transactions


At the moment, the US and the European Union are negotiating the launch of cross-border transfers for the US dollar-euro pair.

The solution will be called Immediate Cross-Border (IXB). UPI infrastructure is planned to be used as a universal financial corridor

The Main Things about the Installation of the Provider’s Financial Service

The integration of the UPI payment system will increase the conversion and profitability of the gambling business, attract new internet traffic to the platform, and increase the security of money transfers.
  • The brand provides fast and safe one-touch transactions. Users do not need to enter details (account number, full name) to perform operations. The program receives the necessary data from unique UPI identifiers and VPA addresses generated by computers at the time of registration.
  • Among the advantages of the decision to install the software, we can name the universality of the settlement method, as well as its compatibility with banks, financial institutions, and third-party applications. The connection of the software is beneficial due to the multicurrency environment and the absence of commission deductions.
  • The security of the service is provided at 3 levels: at the stage of registration, during the process of making transactions, and during the authentication of other parties. The digital product complies with the international PCI DSS standard.
You can order the brand’s payment solution from the Bett-Market studio. We will provide quick installation of the software at competitive prices and advise entrepreneurs in matters of the security of transfers.

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For more details, please contact our managers.

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