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A Review of Fantasy Sports on Yahoo

Article writer: Elliot Clark

A few months ago, the fantasy sports operator Yahoo announced the launch of a fantasy sports platform, and all this time people were eager to see this product and how it works.

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Fantasy sports on Yahoo

A lot of questions were asked, for example, is the website going to back out of standard offers that other gambling websites make? Will it show different formats of games more than the increase of the financial limits level?

After all, the Yahoo platform is the first largest one (or the second, according to other opinions) so it was expected that it would surprise everyone with innovative products, the creation of which was supported by numerous investments.

Measuring outcomes, we can say that, at first glance, the company’s products, and Yahoo daily fantasy sport software, in particular, turned out to be quite ordinary. Anyway, compared to what was expected from it. Of course, it is necessary to remember that there will still be a beta test, after which it will probably be possible to see some improvements of the gameplay and the game’s offers in upcoming weeks.

Playing Offers

The Yahoo fantasy sports provider presents the offer connected with four main American sports:

  1. MLB (Major League Baseball).
  2. NFL (National Football League).
  3. NBA (National Basketball Association).
  4. NHL (National Hockey League).

On Yahoo, there are several guaranteed competitions, 50/50, panel games, and head-to-head battles between teams. Daily games are still a new departure for the website so you should not expect a wide range of competitions that will take place in the casino lobby. However, their number is gradually increasing.

Also, it is worth noting that Yahoo has probably the largest customer database among all fantasy sports websites, and this leadership is expected to continue to be preserved. The main goal of the site will be to create such a situation when users play daily, regardless of the sports seasons, as well as to further improve the software for fantasy sports.

Rules for Scoring and Creating a List of players on Yahoo

To make players’ lists and the procedure of scoring on Yahoo are very similar to some such existing offers as FanDuel or DraftKings, and many players will be able to see it. In MLB, settings for the selection of a player selection on Yahoo will be similar to DraftKings: with two pitchers, four infields, three players in the outfield, and a catcher. Scoring is similar to FanDuel but their number is doubled in almost every category.

As for the NFL, the fantasy sports provider decided not to include the server and the midfielder in the number of possible players but, at the same time, to add one defender. The scoring is similar to the PPR league and provides no bonuses.

Interface and User Experience

The best thing in fantasy sports on Yahoo is a very pleasant and comfortable look of its front page. It makes the provision of daily offers qualitative, and filters at the top of the page clearly show what kinds of competitions are provided for each sector.

There are four different submenus:

  1. Lobby (the main window) contains all the games. You can filter this page by sports, the size of a bet, and the type of the content.
  2. My competitions — a review of upcoming competitions, including those that take place at the moment, as well as completed games.
  3. My account — it is a short review of the total number of wins you have on the website of the described fantasy sports operator. There are also options for being able to view your profile and change it.
  4. Help — a new window with a list of the most frequently asked questions appears, as well as the description of the mean of communication with Yahoo's support system, including Facebook, E-mail, and even Twitter.

Formation of the Team's Line-up

The process of the formation of a team on Yahoo is pretty simple. On the left, there is the players' league, and the team you choose appears on the right. At the top of the page, there is information on your remaining budget, as well as the average cost of players. The search function that is situated at the top of the page allows you to find a specific player to include it in your team.

After you finish, a window will appear, which will show you the selected team and offer you to confirm your choice. Then a page with your upcoming competitions will open, where you will also be able to see the detailed information on the selected players.

Mobile Offers

The Yahoo fantasy sports provider appeared on the market with an already popular mobile application that can be used by all users simultaneously. If you have an iOS device, you can download the Yahoo mobile app and start playing fantasy sports right now. Unfortunately, if you use an Android device, you will not be able to download the application to get the access to your fantasy games that take place every day. To do this, you will first have to open the browser and only then to visit the Yahoo page.

The Yahoo fantasy sports (DFS) application for iOS

The Yahoo application for iOS devices can provide users with a user-friendly interface where all functions are as easily accessible as via a desktop computer, including an ability to create competitions and compete, look through the list of past and future events, and change the composition of teams.

Rake and Deposit Bonuses

The Yahoo daily fantasy sport software does not provide any deposit bonuses or promotional codes. So-called bonuses for «tip-off» are also not offered (it means a bonus that players can get if they recommend someone to sign-up on the website).

As for the rake, its standard size in games for cash is 10%, as well as if you play 50/50 and organise head-to-head battles. It conforms to standards that have been established in the gambling industry over the past few years.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The fantasy sports operator allows you to connect PayPal and Yahoo accounts to make it easier to deposit and withdraw funds. It is also possible to deposit via a credit card. The procedure for their withdrawal is easy, and it can be done via a tied PayPal account. 

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