1. What is the Bet365 Affiliate Program?

2. Benefits of the Bet365 Affiliate Program

3. Bet365 Affiliate Program Review: More Information

4. How to Become a Bet365 Affiliate?

Gambling is much more interesting and deep area than it seems at first glance. And there are more ways to make money besides organising a gambling project. So modern and successful casinos and poker rooms cannot be imagined without affiliate programs that help them to attract customers and increase earnings.

Bet365 affiliate programs earnings

In this article, we will try to understand how the most popular affiliate programs in the world are organised, and the Bet365 affiliate program is one of them. Read it to the end, and you will find out whether it is worth connecting to this network, what are the terms and conditions of cooperation, what bonus partners can receive from it, and how profitable this bonus is.

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What is the Bet365 Affiliate Program?

This brand exists already for more than forty years. Its story began in 1974 in Britain but today the company accepts bets from players all over the world. Bet365 is considered a leader in online betting and has over one billion customers from one hundred thirty countries.

The bookmaker has gained wide popularity due to the widest selection of bets. It allowed the company to gain momentum quickly and beat all competitors who were accepting bets only on major sports events in the seventies and eighties. Now the website of Bet365, you can not only place a rate on your favourite team but also play online poker, slots with reels, etc.

Bet365 bookmaker website

The Bet365 affiliate program is aimed at expanding the audience and allows webmasters (as well as gamblers) to receive a commission for attracting new players to the game.

The operation principle of the Bet365 affiliate program:

  1. An owner or a webmaster of a popular website completes an application for the connection of an affiliate program.
  2. After its approval, the applicant receives a beacon code and access to a private office with various marketing tools for the promotion of a gaming club: banners, slogans, gifs, pictures, etc.
  3. The webmaster places an advertisement with a code-beacon on the pages of his website and strongly motivates visitors to join the game of chance. The code helps to track all actions of clients of a gambling establishment.
  4. If the work of the affiliate is successful and users begin to place bets on the advertised website actively, the webmaster will be expecting a reward. It is usually a percentage of money that players have left in the casino.

Thus, the Bet365 affiliate program can make really good money for bloggers, webmasters, and owners of media resources.

Benefits of the Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 offers its partners a truly profitable form of cooperation and tries to do everything that is possible to make all participants of the process interested – a webmaster, gamblers, and the bookmaker’s office itself.

Among the biggest advantages of the described program, we can name the following:

  1. Its commission is one of the highest in the gambling world. Depending on the type of the game and the attendance of a webmaster’s resource, you can count on high returns for your work. The size of the Bet365 affiliate commission reaches an incredible 30%.
  2. The unblemished reputation of the company attracts many affiliates but thanks to absolutely transparent business management, almost all of them are satisfied with the cooperation. It is not surprising that the Bet365 affiliate program has often been called the program of the year.
  3. A wide selection of marketing materials. Compared to other affiliate programs that provide only a few options for banners, Bet365 has a different approach. Forget about the need to change the page just because the banner of the bookmaker’s office is of a non-standard size. Bet365 provides its customers with the broad choice, so it is always possible to find something suitable.
  4. Detailed statistics on how many times did users move to the website, which can be analysed by various parameters, aspects, etc. It is a flexible tool that allows the webmaster to understand the specifics of the work better and earn more money.
  5. Bookmakers reach success in retaining customers. That is, a webmaster needs just to attract gamblers to the website only one time, and then it will be possible to get Bet365 affiliate earnings from each of the placed bets, rather than deal with the constant attraction of those players who will visit a casino website only once.

Bet365 Affiliate Program Review: More Information

If we are honest, we have to tell you that there are no affiliates without disadvantages, and Bet365 also has some nuances of this kind:

  • If gamblers who were brought to the website by the affiliate win against the casino, it will be considered as if the gaming club has lost money on these users. Consequently, a certain amount of money can be withdrawn from the webmaster’s account as compensation. It is usually the same coefficient but with a negative value.
  • You cannot withdraw earnings until the affiliate brings at least five players.
  • Recently, it has become more difficult to get a positive response to the application for joining a Bet365 affiliate program. The company chooses with whom it will work very carefully.

However, all these restrictions do not have a significant negative effect on affiliates. According to our opinion, the terms and conditions of Bet365 are among the best on the market, so you should definitely try to work with this bookmaker.

How to Become a Bet365 Affiliate?

The application itself does not take much time and effort. But the difficulty is that Bet365 provides access to an affiliate program to a very limited number of companies and individuals.

However, you can increase the chances if you file an application via Bett-Market. We are an official partner of Bet365 and are always ready to help you to find a new source of income.

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