1. Betcity Bookmaker: Background

2. Five Reasons to Choose a Betcity Franchise

3. Betcity Franchise From Bett-Market

Do you want to know how to open a betting shop that would make a profit? Do you think this field of business is complex and requires large investments? This is not true: with a proper franchise, you can launch a successful betting shop in a short time. Your project will be distinguished by a well-known brand, the availability of all the necessary documents and software. Moreover, the partner will help you operate the business.

Betcity sportsbook franchise for sale is a service offered by the Bett-Market company, a popular provider of sport betting software. The price of the franchise will allow the franchisee to repay the initial costs in a short time and begin getting profit. The connection is very simple: you need to contact Bett-Market managers and discuss all the details.

Betcity sportsbook franchise for sale

Betcity Bookmaker: Background

The company appeared on the market in 2003 and received the license in 2009. In 2017, Betcity began accepting bets on the Internet. Prior to that, Betcity specialized in land-based institutions, having opened more than 150 betting shops. The company operates in Russia, Belarus and Macedonia. Today Betcity is a member of the SRO, that is, it can accept bets through the Bets Transfer Registration Centre.

The site has a design that is usual for bookmaking: no additional elements, only lines, results and sections necessary for the user. There are a Russian and an English version of the site, the support page and the instructions section. Betcity’s site cannot be called a perfect product of modern development, but it is simple, understandable and comfortable.

Five Reasons to Choose a Betcity Franchise:

  • Mobile applications

As well as the site may work, an application is a more comfortable option for players. You can make a bet and track results with one hand movement; from home, work or a restaurant. Betcity allows customers to do this using applications for Android, iOS and Windows (a desktop version).

Betcity mobile application

  • Bonus programs and additional opportunities

Like other popular betting shops, Betcity is launching additional features for users. Every day, the competition in the betting business is getting higher, so you need to stand out. In the arsenal of Betcity there are the functions of VIP betting, SuperExpress, a bonus from the total monthly loss and other pleasant feats that appear from time to time.

  • A large number of lines

Betcity offers players a wide range of booking activities. Along with the usual sports (football, tennis, hockey), the bets are accepted for events from public life and the world of the show business. The coefficients are quite high, so players are always interested. You can still make live bets on current events.

  • Legality

The license obtained by Betcity in 2009 and a number of documents guarantee that the company's activities comply with the current legislation. Bookmaker business refers to gambling, so legality is a very important condition for choosing an online gambling franchise. This is a guarantee that the rights and obligations of all parties will be respected.

  • A wide range of payment systems

What are the interests of a better, besides the lines and coefficients? The possibility of withdrawing money, of course. Betcity has it under control as well. The major payment instruments are connected to grant uninterrupted money flow in both directions. You can use bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile operators and other options.


Betcity Franchise From Bett-Market

If you had a question “how to start a bookmaking business?”, wonder no more. After ordering a franchise in Bett-Market, every stage is completed very fast: you will have a ready project in a few weeks after the purchase. To start the connection, contact the representative of the company and select the desired system (the franchise of betting offices is not the only one in the assortment of the provider). Opening a betting shop has never been so simple and comfortable.