1. Fonbet: Online Gambling Franchise

  1.1. Why is Fonbet bookmaker franchise an ideal choice?

2. How to Start a Bookmaking Business due to Fonbet Franchise?

It is possible to organise launching of a betting shop easily and quickly due to purchasing a franchise. The franchisor will give you not only its brand but also provides with pieces of advice and share its experience with you. Who will refuse a reliable partner while running a business? For a franchise owner, franchise for sale is a simple opportunity to expand own business. As a result, everyone will benefit.

Fonbet: Online Gambling Franchise

Fonbet, sports betting provider

It will be a good decision to buy bookmaker franchise Fonbet that is one of the most popular betting shops in Russia. For more than 20 years Fonbet has been expanding its network on post-Soviet space. If you are interested how to open a betting shop Fonbet in your town, contact Bett-Market for a free consultation.


Visitors of betting shop Fonbet place bets mainly on sports events, but there are some exceptions, for example, bets on the outcomes of TV shows. This betting shop offers a variety of bets: there is a wide choice of kinds of sports from typical to exotic ones. For devotees of classical betting, it will be more than enough, as the highest interest is usually paid to football.

Fonbet has an excellent website: it is understandable, there is no congestion of data that you often come across on other resources. Even a beginner will sort everything out without any difficulty. On the website, you can find online broadcasting of events, radio and technical support. The license given to this company proves that its activity is legal; it is one more fact for the betting shop.

Why is Fonbet bookmaker franchise an ideal choice?

  • The company works both in the online and offline sector. Players can either open a website and place a bet or come to the nearest club and spend a wonderful time there. Such a variety has a positive influence on the number of betters.
  • Fonbet offers applications to satisfy any taste: iOS, macOS, Android, Windows. The website is a perfect instrument for the work of the betting shop, but applications expand its capacity a great deal. Clients want to place bets at any convenient place; due to applications, the process is easier than ever.
  • Payment systems that are integrated into betting shop Fonbet are reliable, well-known and secure. It should be noted that withdrawing money is possible through a bet-receiving system. You will not have to wait for 2 days like in case of electronic instruments.
  • Bargains and special offers are opportunities for attracting and keeping clients. Fonbet makes use of it entirely. This company foresees temporary and permanent bargains (for example, it provides insurance for one failure in case of multiple bets). A lot of similar bonuses take place throughout the year.
  • Help and consultations from a franchisor. The betting business is a complicated sphere of activity; a young businessman will not cope with all the obstacles without a helping hand of an experienced person or company. Fonbet gives consultations to its franchisees for the business to thrive.
  • Fonbet is a leader in the industry. As it was launched yet un 1994, it is the oldest and the most successful Russian betting shop. Awards prove this fact: in 2016 and 2017 the company was called the best bookmaker network in the Russian Federation. Besides, it has a title of the best online bookmaker.

How to Start a Bookmaking Business due to Fonbet Franchise?

Fonbet online betting franchise

Do you want to work fast and smoothly and your betting shop to bring income? Online gambling franchise Fonbet offers you conditions to receive a product that will allow you to earn right now. Taking the price of the franchise into consideration, it will not be hard for it to pay off shortly.

You can open a betting shop due to franchise Fonbet by applying to Bett-Market, one of the most popular providers of sports betting software on the market. What is more, you can connect other system or order unique software development.

Contact Bett-Market to open a successful sportsbook business.