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eSports Betting: a Bright Future of the Niche

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Malte Hegeler, the head of development for EveryMatrix, called 2022 the year of eSports betting. Other industry experts share the same opinion, highlighting that the sector is one of the most profitable in the next half of the decade.

eSports betting: perspectives and trends

The Bett-Market studio offers you a review of the prospects and current trends in the eSports niche.

From us, you can order a turnkey bookmaker platform, a franchise of a prestigious betting operator, and other profitable solutions.

eSports as a Promising iGaming Trend

Betting on cybersport has always been part of the pool of bookmakers’ interest. This direction consistently brought businessmen 4–8% of the total income but was inferior in profit to bets on football, basketball, tennis, and boxing/MMA.

Everything has changed dramatically in 2020 due to the pandemic and subsequent restrictions on sporting events. Users faced a choice: to watch the Higher League of Tajikistan (or other local matches) or shift the vector of preferences towards eSports disciplines. Logically, many gamblers preferred the second option.

During quarantine restrictions, the profitability of operators who offered wagering on cyber matches has grown to 40%. Even now, when most of the bans have already been lifted, interest in these types of competitions has persisted.

eSports betting brings operators 20–25% of income in the total revenue structure. This is a promising niche with good growth prospects.

Advantages of Investing in the Business Area

Bookmakers choose to work in this gambling sector for the following reasons:

Minimal dependence on external factors

The experience of 2020 has shown how all in-person events can be cancelled or indefinitely postponed in an instant.

With the eSports market, everything is much simpler: the segment does not depend on current government restrictions. It is possible to organise all competitions remotely, without the need to rent huge conference halls or exhibition centres.

All you need is a stable internet connection and high-quality software

Good springboard for the implementation of IT solutions

The eSports niche is often associated with the use of information technologies — artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and PWA applications.

Betting providers offer modern data channels, interactive mobile platforms, and other advanced solutions for the development of the sector

High business margin

A rational approach to the formation of an event line allows entrepreneurs to make an excess profit.

The main thing is to correctly distribute the odds, taking into account the peculiarities of eSports betting (variability of lines, short breaks between the draws)

Simple project launch and management

The product range of the Bett-Market company includes turnkey sportsbook solutions. Operators can also order a franchise and quickly enter the market with a minimum starting investment

Why Users Choose eSports Betting

One of the key advantages of the niche is its high popularity among gamblers. According to the forecasts of EveryMatrix, the reputable bookmaker, in 5 years, cybersport will enter the top 5 most in-demand betting disciplines along with football, basketball, hockey, and Formula 1.

People prefer eSports wagers for the following reasons:

  1. Prestige. There are more than 500 million enthusiasts in the world who are involved in competitive cybergaming and consider it their full-time job. These people earn decent money and equate themselves with the elite. eSports is a trendy niche with a young audience. An average player is a 24-year-old person.
  2. Deep event line. Top bookmakers offer about 50 thousand pairs of odds per day on pre-match and more than 20 thousand live wagering options. There really is something to choose from, so even the most demanding players will be satisfied.
  3. Fast game. In many eSports disciplines, the average duration of a match does not exceed 15 minutes, while real competitions may last 2–3 hours. Logically, cybersport offers a faster and more dynamic game, which always attracts the audience.

Popular eSports Disciplines in 2022

eSports disciplines: popular cyber games

There are more than 50 types of this entertainment in the betting market.

The most popular solutions include products based on famous action games:

  • DOTA 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Overwatch, and many others.

According to EveryMatrix experts, options related to real sports will also become more popular. The choice of gamblers is quite natural. They already know the specifics of betting on live football matches, so why not apply the knowledge in the eSports version of this discipline in an interactive FIFA tournament?

An excellent event line in FIFA and other simulators attracts fans of traditional football, tennis, and hockey matches.

In 2022, the following directions will be the most popular and bring the greatest profit to the bookmakers:

  • FIFA (the prize fund of top tournaments is from $1 million, and annual changes in the game attract users even more);
  • NBA 2k (a series of simulations based on the NBA — the US National Basketball League);
  • eTennis (these are bets on virtual tennis where special attention is paid to the coverage of Grand Slam tournaments in Australia, France, the UK, and the US);
  • eHockey (computer simulation of NHL matches — the National Hockey League of North America).

The Main Things about the Prospects of the eSports Niche

From the Bett-Market studio, you can order reliable cybersport betting software. We also offer the individual development of a turnkey platform, a franchise, and the connection of secure payment systems.
  • The eSports market is experiencing a real boom. This is one of the most promising areas for investment, given the high business margin, ease of entry into the industry, and stable operation regardless of any quarantine restrictions.
  • Cyberbets are very popular among gamblers. Users prefer eSports due to the dynamic game, good technical equipment of wagering platforms, and a deep event line that includes pre-match and live systems.
  • In 2022, the most in-demand entertainment is solutions with the transition to real sports, such as FIFA, NBA 2k, and lots of other simulators.

If you want to connect the selected betting product in a demo mode, feel free to contact our managers.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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