1. How Does Betting Business Function?

2. How to Start a Sports Betting Website?

3. How to Make a Betting Website with Bett-Market

Creating a sports betting website is a very tempting way to start a profitable business. The additional benefit of the bookmaker business is its legal status as opposed to the gambling prohibited in many countries.

Start a profitable business with betting website

In view of this business opportunity, many businessmen are learning the issue of how to create a great sports betting website.

To open this platform, the entrepreneur has to prepare certain documents, open a new LLC, to assemble a team of competent specialists having deep knowledge of sports and betting specifics.

The Bett-Market specialists create a script of the sports betting platform and develop an advanced software. To obtain the additional profits from the website, the sports traffic monetization is provided.

If you have a limited budget, you can buy a bookmaker franchise. With a minimum investment, you can run your own business under a well-known brand within two weeks.


How Does Betting Business Function?

The world of sports has always evoked great interest in society. Football matches, hockey, tennis, biathlon, basketball, and many other sports attract tens of millions of sports fans to the TV screens.

The sports betting website works on a simple principle: a user sets a bet on a certain outcome of an event. A bookmaker proposes his own version of the alignment of forces in relation to the sports events. It is stated in a coefficient, being easily transferred to percentages.

The betting business treats this arrangement as a line. However, it is not enough to buy the software for the betting website. The results shall be predicted as accurately as possible in order to provide the successful functioning.

For this, you should take care of recruiting a team of the experienced analysts. They also put a margin in the line, that is an additional percentage, which facilitates the bookmaker to reduce potential losses.

In most cases, the users prefer to bet on the football matches, hockey, tennis, and basketball. A client of Bett-Market can order the bookmaker software with the option of foreseeing the results of musical competitions, awarding prizes and so on.

Any industry can be used within the betting activities if it has at least a minimum potential for excitement and minimum chances for an accurate forecast.

A lot of businessmen began to take interest in betting and master the sports betting software after the enactment of laws prohibiting gambling. The betting business employs similar methods of work but this business is absolutely legal.

So it is not surprising that the question of ‘How to create a great sports betting website?’ became the one of huge interest to many of them.

How to Start a Sports Betting Website?

Many young entrepreneurs gave up their business ideas of opening their own sports betting website simply because they do not understand how to implement them. Compared with an ordinary commercial website, it is much more difficult to complete the documents for the bookmaker company.

How to create a great sports betting website

But now you can buy a bookmaker office franchise. Thanks to this, the prospects of launching your own betting business have become quite real.

Today it is profitable to open a sports betting website since this is a promising solution for the small businesses. The opportunities provided by the Internet have made the betting business agile and available to everyone.

However, to open a bookmaker’s website, you need to obtain the appropriate license. The second step is to draw up an effective and clear business plan for your project.

Line arrangement

Before you create a bookmaker online resource, you have to take care of the line. The line is the basis for which the sports betting business depends on the most. This is a list of sports events with probabilities of results, where all outcomes have a unique coefficient.

The big businesses usually have their own analytical departments, where the experts continuously analyze and calculate all possible options for the outcomes of the events.

This is a difficult and a time-consuming task. For a self-service line, you must have at least 30 specialists on your staff.

The line can be also purchased from the other bookmakers. There are many suppliers of coefficients now. Both domestic and foreign analysts’ services are available. The costs of their services widely vary.

Sports betting software

The software is the most important thing in any online project, it is its heart and soul. Since you can not open a sports betting website without the relevant software, be sure to give this item enough time.

Like any other Internet resource, the software for the online bookmaker office provides for the frontend and the backend development:

  • The frontend is the outer part of the web resource, its appearance, and interface provided by the betting software. The betting software frontend should not cause any questions from the users. Make sure that the sports betting software is user-friendly and easy to master;
  • The backend is the set of tools designed for the administrators and moderators for the website management. This component of the sports betting software determines the speed and reliability of the service.

For the steady and high-quality operation of the website, the sports betting software shall be provided by the experienced supplier. If your licensee has not provided the sports betting software or you have got your own license, Bett-Market is ready to offer an advanced sports betting script.

The unique and advanced bookmaker software allows providing the best protection from any cyber attacks. Remember that you are responsible for the confidentiality of user data, therefore security is a paramount feature.

Sports forecasts script

The sports forecasts script allows users posting their forecasts and receiving money for this, deducting a percentage to the site administrator.

That also implies the following options:

  • unlimited number of sports to be forecasted;
  • adding any fields for the forecast (coefficient, bet type, bank rate, comment, etc.);
  • unlimited number of forecasts;
  • countdown counter for the forecast shows the time left for the match started;
  • privateers' ratings;
  • return of lost bets after deduction of the site commission;
  • privateer’s profile with the history and statistics of forecasts;
  • account replenishment in the personal account;
  • withdrawal of money;
  • instant purchase of the forecast, instant charge for sale to the privateer’s account.

All these options can be provided with the affiliate programs and the user-friendly interface including any other customization features needed in each particular case.

Payment systems

There are no online bookmaker services in the world not connected to the payment system. When creating a website and ordering a sports betting script, take on the task of such services connection in order to facilitate the users in terms of easy replenishment of their accounts and making bets on the web.

Choose the payment systems that are popular among your potential audience by providing for the minimum commission for depositing and withdrawal of funds. The rate of transactions is also important.

In short, to implement all of the above items and launch your own website, you need money, time and a team of good specialists. Approximately two years later, if you invest about 150 thousand dollars in the project, your sports betting website will start making profits.

How to Make a Betting Website with Bett-Market

But what if you do not have the big capital needed to pay the required price for the development from scratch? Or maybe you do not wish to spend two years on creating your own Internet resource, and still want to do betting business. There is another way: you can use the solutions provided by Bett-Market.

How to make a betting website with Bett-Market

Bett-Market offers the service of the turnkey development of the sports betting software. Having taken advantage of this offer, a businessman receives a completed service, which has a line, linked payment systems, a unique software for the bookmaker office and everything else.

Two weeks after the application the client will be provided with a ready-made and fully configured product. The Bett-Market specialists will also help speed up the process of license obtaining.

You can implement your web platform promotion on your own, or use additional services of the company. In the future, you can buy the software with more extended opportunities.

Turnkey solutions

When studying the issue on how to create a betting website, different configurations on its development may be applied. It is up to you whether to use a ready-made solution, saving time and money, or try to do everything by yourself.

To open a bookmaker's office, you need some professional knowledge. As for the software part, you still need to contact competent specialists.

Bett-Market not only provides the development of the sports betting software but also offers a number of the related functions including monetization of traffic. Thus, you can get profit not only from the bets but also from visits to the web resource.