1. Liga Stavok is One of the Leaders of the Bookmaker Business

  1.1. What are the benefits of Liga Stavok?

  1.2. Some more benefits of the franchise

2. How to Start a Bookmaking Business due to Franchise Liga Stavok?

Bets are one of the most ancient kinds of entertainment for humanity. It is a perfect opportunity to release your passion from time to time especially for risky people. And of course, it is an excellent chance to earn money. For entrepreneurs, betting is an excellent perspective to open own business that will continually bring substantial income.

How to open a betting shop? For example, you can purchase a franchise. In this case, a partner has a right to use a world-renowned brand and its processes in his/her establishment. Bett-Market, a provider of services and products for betting business, offers you to buy online gambling franchise Liga Stavok that is the most popular company on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Liga Stavok is One of the Leaders of the Bookmaker Business

Liga Stavok is one of the leaders of the bookmaker business

The company has been working since 2007. It has offices in Russia and Kazakhstan. In relatively short time, this brand has managed to turn into one of the leading representatives in the industry. The company’s activity is certified: it obtained the license under the legislation of the Russian Federation. The network of this shop consists of 500 bet-accepting centres in more than 100 towns in Russia. So franchises for sale is an essential part of Liga Stavok business.

What are the benefits of Liga Stavok?

  • A wide range of occasions like sports and other important social events. So gamblers can place bets on Eurovision or the results of presidential elections in the USA.
  • A quality website and understandable interface. All the necessary information and the catalogue of lines are situated to the left. Everything is simple and convenient for users.
  • Live bets to give players opportunities to place bets not only before any occasion but during it, too. It is possible to bet a score in a set or a number of angle hits during a football match. It is an option for the riskiest people.
  • The betting shop offers the highest coefficients on matches of Russian Premier League, as it is the general sponsor of Russian Football Championship. But Liga Stavok offers substantial coefficients on other kinds of sports, too.
  • Leading payment systems that have proved their reliability are integrated into the system.
  • To attract and keep the attention of players, Liga Stavok provides bonuses and bargains.
  • The betting shop supplies not only substantial bets but also some catchy options. Among them, there is a function that allows a user to abort the bet that he/she placed. The primary condition is to do it before the beginning of the event.
  • The bookmaker shop has a mobile application for iOS and Android for players to place bets in any place they find convenient.

Bookmaker franchise Liga Stavok possesses a lot of advantages, but it is not all.

Liga Stavok bookmaker's franchise

Some more benefits from the franchise are the following:

  1. Betting is a competitive industry. To create a successful betting shop on your own is almost impossible, as it requires experience. Liga Stavok prefers to help its franchisee during the whole period of running the business, as in this case, both sides will benefit.
  2. To purchase a franchise is cheaper (thus, more profitable) than to open a business from scratch. And do not forget that bets are constantly in-demand.
  3. Connection to the system will save you both money and time.
  4. The betting shop provides a license of a company owner, so the franchisee will be free from doing the paperwork.
  5. It is a ready-made product that requires no more refinements.

How to Start a Bookmaking Business due to Franchise Liga Stavok?

Just apply to Bett-Market provider. This company will tell you how to connect to the sportsbook system and consult you on all the nuances concerning running the business. Besides, Bett-Market offers to create unique sports betting software or rent it if needed.


Choose Bett-Market — and your project will be ready shortly.