1. History of BaltBet

2. Are You Interested in Connecting BaltBet?

If you put a search query “how to open a betting shop?” into Google, you will see dozens and hundreds of pages describing various ways and scenarios. Probably, every article tells about a bookmaker franchise, which means the right to use a ready-made brand and business plan of a well-known company.

How to set up a betting business

There is another question: how to choose an online gambling franchise if there are so many of them on the market? The real professional, the Bett-Market company, will come to help. You can buy something popular and very expensive, or you can choose a reliable option from a tested bookmaker. One of these companies is BaltBet.

History of BaltBet

The company was founded in 2003 and worked initially in land-based institutions. In 2004, BaltBet launched the site, thus appearing on the Internet. For the first few years, BaltBet opened 60 betting shops. Now their number has increased to 640 in Russia and the neighbouring countries.

You can make bets not only on games and sports events but also on other occasions. For example, bets on the results of the Oscar, the presidential election or the child's gender of Great Britain’s royal family.

BaltBet: features

  • The company’s activity is completely legal. BaltBet received the license and all the necessary documents for conducting betting activities.
  • A wide selection of bets on various events, the opportunity to win the lottery or bet on e-sports.
  • Live betting, with which you can bet on events taking place in real time: for example, guessing the score of a tennis match.
  • BaltBet provides high-quality consulting: the company considers it necessary to provide help with training employees and many other aspects of running a betting business.
  • A bookmaker uses various ways to attract customers to his institution (promotions, bonuses and gifts).
  • A considerable number of well-known payment systems with which you can safely carry out transactions. Some of them do not even charge a commission for their services. This is the condition of cooperation with BaltBet.
  • BaltBet has signed contracts with the key sports organizations in Russia, including the Russian Football Union, the Russian Tennis Federation and the Russian Biathlon Union.

Here are the advantages of buying a franchise as such:

  1. The cost and total investment in the opening of a betting shop with the help of a franchise is noticeably lower than the independent launch of a business.
  2. There is no need to think about the logo, positioning and other marketing activities of the new enterprise. Instead, you already have a famous product.
  3. Fast pay-off and profit due to small initial investments. Let us not forget that betting is a very popular area.
  4. You receive a project that is ready for launch immediately. You can be sure that it will work well and bring profit.
  5. A franchisee is never left face to face with all the issues and problems that may arise in the process of creating a bookmaker office. The franchisor is interested in the success of each new entry of his network, so he provides active help and advice.

BaltBet bookmaker's franchise

Are You Interested in Connecting BaltBet?

A BaltBet franchise is an answer to the question “how to start a bookmaking business?”. BaltBet will help you open your company easily and without complications while spending a minimum of money and time. You will join the BaltBet family and manage your own reliable, legal and popular enterprise.

You can purchase a BaltBet franchise through Bett-Market. The company offers comprehensive services in this business and can confidently be called an expert due to its many years of experience.

There are other systems in the range, so just contact a Bett-Market manager and select the software you need.