1. The Arbitrage of Instagram Traffic

    2. Casino Advertising on Instagram: the Main Advantages

    3. Affiliate Programs

      3.1. Mass Liking/Mass Follow
      3.2. Influencers
      3.3. Targeted Advertising

    4. Search for the Offers for Affiliate Marketing

    5. Casino Instagram Ads on Your Own

    6. Conclusion

According to the Mediascope international portal, more than 30 million Russians visit Instagram every month. If we add to these statistics the residents of Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, we will see that there is a huge economically active audience that can provide high conversion of the gambling portal.

For this reason, it is worth promoting a casino on Instagram with the use of modern and effective tools.

The Arbitrage of Instagram Traffic

Casino advertising on Instagram

The aim of casino advertising on Instagram is to attract those users that directly affect the profitability of the gambling business. Traffic arbitration is one of the ways to find the target audience.

Internet traffic consists of the visitors who, thanks to a marketing campaign, have come to the advertiser's website (an online casino).

Both operators and marketing intermediaries — affiliates — can resell traffic (be engaged in the arbitration). These are private webmasters and entire companies that bring gaming websites a steady influx of visitors. They redirect the user to the gambling resource by using referral links.

Advertising of Instagram for a casino is one of the effective ways to pour solvent traffic. The popularity of the social network is growing rapidly every day, along with the target audience in iGaming.

Casino Advertising on Instagram: the Main Advantages

  • Fast start. Casino promotion does not need any time expenditures. The growth of followers is rapid. It is enough to “shoot” with 2 or 3 high-quality posts, and the audience itself will want to reach you. The main thing is not to miss the chance and take full advantage of the provided opportunities.
  • Powerful recommendatory community. The Instagram for casino works in such a way that even 1 or 2 likes from popular accounts allow the page to immediately go be included in the top queries. Publications and pages appear in the “Recommended” section even without adding hashtags to the search bar. It is simple, convenient, and efficient.
  • Huge target audience. We have already mentioned that the promotion of a casino on Instagram is profitable due to a large number of users. Moreover, the audience is not only vast but also very high-quality. This is where perfect clients for online casinos live. These are men who are 25—55 years old, with a stable income above the average, a part of which they can easily spend on gambling. They are interested in inexpensive cars, traveling abroad, branded accessories, and other attributes of a luxurious life.
  • Focus on creativity. Casino Instagram advertising is suitable for marketers who can pull the strings of consumer needs. The main thing is to create truly vivid and memorable messages that hit the target. You should also remember the importance of professional photo and video materials. The Instagram audience likes visual information more than reading long posts.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs on Instagram

The promotion of a casino on Instagram is perfect for working with a CPA (Cost Per Action). According to such a cooperation scheme, operators pay a commission in favor of the affiliate (the one who attracted traffic) depending on the number of registered visitors. Often, the amount of deposits made by new customers is taken into account.

There the following ways to attract traffic:

Mass Liking/Mass Follow

Mass-following when a huge number of users follow a specific account. Mass-liking is the same thing but, instead of following, the number of “likes” is taken into account.

There are automated services that promote pages by using such tools. The most popular of them are Pamagram, Instaplus, Jet Insta, Tooligram, and others.

These methods should be used carefully since the Instagram administration has recently started blocking pages for fake activity.


Cooperation with influencers (people who have from 5,000 thousand active followers). Although it will cost more in comparison with the churning services, in the end, operators will get many benefits.

Casino Instagram ads involve the interaction between popular bloggers and high rollers (people who are professional gamblers).

Influencers post on their profile the information on an online casino. Make sure that you have a link to the advertiser's website and several relevant hashtags. It is also advisable to use the link either to the main site or the page with a special offer (a bonus for the registration, a game for free, and the increased cashback).

It is also good when the post has many comments: it is important to communicate with the audience and maintain their interest in the solution.

Targeted Advertising

It is based on the redirection of traffic from one social network to another by using affiliate links. Appendix channels on Telegram or Facebook will be the best option.

It is rather easy to set a target. The main thing is to make sure that the cost of the paid advertising pays off with the conversion of the advertiser. At this stage, parsers are often being used: Pepper.ninja, TargetHunter, Segmento target, and others.

Search for the Offers for Affiliate Marketing

The effectiveness of casino promotion on the Internet depends largely on the proposed offer (contract). Cooperation should be mutually beneficial since it is the only way to achieve the expected result.

Below, you can find the basic aspects that should be indicated in the contract:

  1. Devices. The lion's share of Instagram users accesses this platform via gadgets. Therefore, it is pointless to redirect them to a gaming site that does not have a mobile version.
  2. Customer retention rate. It illustrates what percentage of users continue to play in the casino after their first visit. It is recommended to show the indicator if the payment method according to the revenue share percentage is used in the offer.
  3. The nature of the payments. In gambling, there are payments for the registration, for its confirmation (with the introduction of contact data), for the attraction of an active player, and for depositing funds. The last two options are the most valuable, and therefore, they are paid in accordance with the higher tariff.
  4. Minimal deposit — the minimum amount of money that a gambler can deposit. The size of payments to affiliates directly depends on it. It is better to indicate real amounts of money since it is difficult to achieve the overstated rates, and underestimated parameters, on the contrary, will seem “free stuff” in the eyes of the webmaster. The average deposit in Russia is from 5 to 40 dollars.
  5. Baseline — the minimum amount received from users, a percentage of which the operator is ready to pay the intermediary. The indicator can be accumulative (the total amount consists of several payments) and hard (one-time replenishment). The operation according to the first option provides for lower interest rates for deductions. In the second case, respectively, the rates are higher.

Casino Instagram Ads on Your Own

Casino advertising: promotion on your own

You can promote your profile on your own, especially if there will be experienced marketers in your team.

The first thing that you should do is create an account. It is important to start the promotion from a new page because old profiles often “catch the ban” from the administration.

Then, it is necessary to start promoting the account: add interesting posts with videos, arrange mutual advertising with other Instagram users, and order a post from the famous blogger.

Below, there are several useful services that will make the work easier for you at the start:

  • Ads Manager and Business Manager — tools from Facebook, which are in the public domain. In fact, this is a powerful back office for managing an advertising campaign on social networks, including Instagram.
  • SocialHammer — a free source for getting followers. The service is widely used in many countries because it helps companies to attract real users, not bots.
  • Websta.me — a resource for selecting hashtags suitable for iGaming.
  • ProxyCap — a universal Android emulator and software for it. The solution facilitates the work with a profile via desktops.
  • SMMPlanner — a tool with the option of the postponed publics. It is very convenient when you need to realize a content plan in advance.


Casino Instagram ads are an effective and modern way to increase the conversion in a casino. You can promote your personal page yourself or turn to the affiliates and make use of their services.

The Bett-Market company will create for you a well-thought-out and effective strategy for the promotion of your gambling brand. We work with all communication channels, including social networks.

From us, you can also order a turnkey online casino. One of the advantages of this product is the integrated affiliate program. It facilitates the search and attraction of traffic, making the resource as profitable as possible.


To learn more about new ways to promote a casino, contact the Bett-Market manager:

  • by e-mail: manager @bett-market.com;
  • on Skype: bett.market;
  • in Telegram: @bett.market;
  • via the feedback form.