1. Online casino With a License: the Advantages of Legal Work

2. How to Get a Casino License: the Nuances of the Preparatory Work

3. How Much is a Casino License and Where to Buy it: Top 5 of the Best Foreign Jurisdictions

4. How to Check a Casino For a License

  4.1. Curacao

  4.2. Costa Rica

  4.3. Great Britain

  4.4. Gibraltar

  4.5. Malta

5. Conclusion

When planning to launch their own gambling business, many investors lean toward those online projects that require low expenditures for promotion and realisation. But no matter which sector was chosen — virtual or land-based, a gambling enterprise must be subject to casino licensing.

The Bett-Market team is always ready to tell you how to get a casino license, how much this procedure will cost, and what jurisdictions it is worth paying attention to. Moreover, we will show you how to check the gaming site with slot machines for the presence of appropriate permits.


Online casino With a License: the Advantages of Legal Work

Online casino with a license: advantages

Legal activities open up the following prospects for entrepreneurs:

  1. The loyalty of the audience. Players will entrust their money only to the resource where there is the information on the number of an online casino license and certificates for the software. Legal products guarantee users the most comfortable pastime and honest payments.
  2. International partners. The gambling license allows you to count on a significant expansion of the affiliate network and the ability to interact with the best international banking services.
  3. Access to the latest releases. The world’s leading providers of the game content work only with legal websites. Moreover, some developers agree to supply software only for services that have a license of a certain jurisdiction.
  4. Operation in the international market. A licensed online casino can provide services without the unwanted attention from the authorities in almost all parts of the world (online gambling is officially allowed in more than 75 countries).
  5. VIP customers. Gamblers who like to place big bets will not want to risk their money and deposit funds to the platform the activity of which does not have security guarantees and is unchecked. Casino licensing allows you to count on a steady increase in VIP customers.

How to Get a Casino License: the Nuances of the Preparatory Work

The legalisation of a gambling site is a laborious and time-consuming process that requires qualified legal support. The first thing that is worth mentioning is that casino licensing is not a procedure of the standard international format: each of the existing jurisdictions has its own requirements for the applicants.

Please find below a shortlist of the main items of the preparation for obtaining a gambling permit:

  • registration of a legal entity;
  • collection of documents that confirm the presence of a company office (utility and telephone bills);
  • conclusion of an agreement with a banking institution and the introduction of the authorised capital (the amount of the reserve fund is established by the representative office of the jurisdiction; also, some countries have the following requirement: the accounts should be opened only in local banks);
  • preparation of documents that confirm a clean record (including financial transactions);
  • provision of evidence of the fact that the company has been doing business for at least 3 or 5 years (confirmation of the team-leading experience).

To buy a casino license, operators may need to open a local representative office in the country where the request will be considered. Also, some states compel entrepreneurs to place company servers only in an established area.

The application of operators can be considered from 3 weeks to 6 months. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the completion of the procedure will be successful.

A perfect way to avoid any pitfalls and save a lot of time when launching a business is to obtain a turnkey online casino with a license. Leave an application to the Bett-Market managers, and we will prepare for you an exclusive offer on the most favourable terms.

How Much is a Casino License and Where to Buy it: Top 5 of the Best Foreign Jurisdictions

Online casino license: top jurisdictions

The registration of gambling business in an offshore zone is the best opportunity to enter the international market. Naturally, operators want to know how much money they will need to buy a casino license.

Please find below a list of the most popular jurisdictions and quick info on the financial side of the legalisation procedure:

Top 5 offshore jurisdiction for the acquisition of a gambling license


Pricing policy

The Isle of Man

The local authorised body issues three types of permits:

  1. An online casino license for a network game.
  2. A full license (for entrepreneurs that carry out both online and offline activities).
  3. A sublicense.

The price paid:

  • 5 thousand pounds — a registration fee for the consideration of an application;
  • 35 thousand pounds — the annual maintenance;
  • 0,1—1,5% of the gross income — annual gambling tax.

The time for application processing — from 10 to 12 weeks

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda

The process of filing an application takes 60 days. The mandatory initial non-refundable fee is from 100 thousand dollars.

The maintenance of a permit costs 25 thousand dollars a year


On the offshore territory, 4 types of permits are issued in the virtual sector:

  • online casinos;
  • lottery draws;
  • acceptance of bets;
  • poker rooms.

A separate type of documentation is developed for software vendors.

The cost of a Maltese permit:

  • 2230 dollars — the registration of an application;
  • 8500 dollars — the annual maintenance;
  • 4600—7000 dollars monthly — tax liabilities.

The document is issued for 5 years. To obtain a permit, operators must have a reserve fund of at least 100 thousand euros


Online casinos with the license of this country have begun to conquer the international arena since 2012. A nice bonus for operators is a full package of services that covers the operating costs, the company registration procedure, and the acquisition of a license itself.

The cost of the solution is 25 thousand euros in the first year and 15 thousand for each next year.

Another advantage is the high speed of application processing (it is possible to launch a gambling location on the Internet in just two days).

The tax rate is 9% annually


The registration of the company takes up to 6 weeks.


  • 2 thousand euros — the registration fee;
  • 1500 euros — monthly maintenance;
  • 2% — tax rate on the Ezone system (for the operators registered in other countries)

How to Check a Casino For a License

Online casino license: verification

The ability to check the gambling portal for the presence of a permit is a useful option for both entrepreneurs and the end-users.


It is almost impossible to check the genuineness of documents. The only option is to file a request directly to the offshore controlling body. There are no services for remote browsing of information.

Costa Rica

It is rather difficult to answer the question of how to check a casino with the license of Costa Rica since the offshore does not control gambling activities directly. Documents for the provision of gambling services are issued in the format of “a permit for data processing”.

Great Britain

You can request the relevant information on a special website. The resource displays not only the number of a license but also the status of the permit and the presence of any problems with the gaming site that you are interested in. Moreover, any player can publish a review or complaint to which the authorised bodies respond almost instantly.


There is a website with a list of the existing gambling services. Anyone can request the necessary information.


There is a special opened portal for the authenticity verification and status of gambling permits.


Self-registration of an operating permit is a time-consuming and laborious process. The perfect alternative is a turnkey online casino with a license. You can order this service on the official website of Bett-Market.

We also offer the best selection of services and content for gambling projects of any format. There are offers from the world’s leading suppliers and exclusive developments. Moreover, we are ready to take upon ourselves a full technical and legal project support.

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