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Quick Bets in the Sportsbook Sector: Features and Benefits of New Content

Article writer: Elliot Clark

In the 21st century, gamblers prefer fast, accessible, and laconic entertainment. Instant bets fully meet the needs of players. The solution will attract the target audience to the bookmaker's platforms and increase their profitability.

Quick bets: features and benefits

From Bett-Market, you can order software that supports the fast placement of bids. For more details, please contact our managers.

What Are Quick Bets

This is a kind of live wagering, which is characterised by the achievement of instant results.

Most often, users select 1 or more bets from the proposed pool, wait for 10–15 seconds, and receive a notification about a win, a loss, and other results.

As a type of betting content, quick bids have appeared relatively recently. They are applicable for real sports competitions, as well as virtual simulators, eSports tournaments, and TV draws.

Quick wagers can be made in just 2 clicks:

  • Players need to set the desired amount of money and select the layout.
  • The rest of the actions (withdrawal of funds from a personal account, issuance of coupons, and calculation of bets) are performed automatically by the program, highlighting the final result on the screen.

Advantages of Instant Betting for Operators

The described type of gambling is beneficial for entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

Growth of money turnover

It is important for a business owner that the money won by the player goes back into use as soon as possible. The operator's profit directly depends on it. From each bet, he receives a margin, regardless of whether the bid is successful or not

Stable user interest

In the off-season, people visit the gaming site less often due to the lack of major tournaments and top matches.

The presence of quick bets attracts a solvent audience even in the “quiet” season, which ensures good income all year round

Improvement of the event line

One-click wagers diversify the betting landscape during the “hot” sports season when international tournaments are held.

Most often, users place bets between halves, sets, or races. Watching the live game of their favourite team on the site, gamblers are happy to risk their funds and receive generous prizes

Good promotional incentives

Operators will surely attract a solvent audience to their platforms using fast bets. The product can be improved thanks to mini-tournaments and leaderboards, as well as loyalty points with their subsequent exchange for real money

Compliance with global trends

The solution is extremely popular in many countries where gambling is considered legal. It will emphasize the modernity of the betting resource and the entrepreneur’s desire to follow the latest trends

Which Sport Disciplines Quick Bets Are Applicable to?

Sports betting: disciplines for quick bids

The key feature of the solution is that it is only suitable for single-time proposals. It will not work to set up parlays or guess the final location of teams (total). Such products require much more time to determine whether the bet chosen by the gambler is successful or not.

Quick bids are an excellent choice for dynamic sports with short rounds.

The described product has received the greatest recognition in the following sports:

  1. Darts. Players throw darts at a round target hung on the wall. Wagers are accepted on the winner and on a specific sector (or a group of sectors) where the dart hits. Depending on the distance from the centre, each cell is assigned a winning coefficient.
  2. Bridge. A classic 52-card board game played between a dealer and 3 participants. They should choose in which of the 4 sectors the highest card will be. Bets can be placed on a winner or a draw.
  3. Table tennis. This discipline is distinguished by fast games and sets, which are perfect for the concept of instant betting. To win, gamblers need to guess who will win in each draw, the difference between missed balls, the duration of the round, and other indicators to choose from.
  4. Volleyball. The match consists of 3 sets. Users can win by guessing 1 or more intermediate results: the team that will take the lead/miss the ball first, the athlete who will serve the ball first, the score in each round, etc.

Successful Use of the Solution in the Niche of Fantasy Sports

Software for virtual simulators allows players to independently adjust the duration and frequency of rounds, halves, or races. Entrepreneurs organise short game sessions of 2–4 minutes, which can be significantly improved with quick bets.

The product is applicable in the following fantasy disciplines:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • Formula 1;
  • rugby;
  • hockey;
  • boxing.

Team sports have an advantage because they contain better odds compared to individual competitions.

Cases of Well-Known Bookmakers

Betting providers: cases with quick bets

Let us consider how betting operators implement quick bids into their lineup.


In the spring of 2021, the European brand presented a new Quick Sport section. The solution was designed to take into account long-term quarantine measures that prevent sports fans from returning to crowded stadiums and operators from fully benefiting from accepting bets.

The Quick Sports program includes competitions in fantasy tennis, eSports disciplines, and specialised matches which are a mix of table tennis and football. Other games may be added to the BetInvest streaming platform under the individual branding agreement.

About 700 matches are played daily, which is 20 thousand matches per month.

The event line is supplemented with bids on:

  • intermediate results of the rounds;
  • even/odd;
  • the number of scored goals;
  • the athlete who will be the first to take the lead, and other bets.

Gamblers get access to up-to-date statistics and analytics. Information support is provided by the official partner of BetInvest — the Cyber ​​Live Arena (CLA) international cybersport league.


The Russian bookmaker offers instant bets in 4 main categories:

  • darts;
  • bridge;
  • NHL 21 shootouts;
  • NHL 21 toss-ups.

The first 2 categories are considered official sports in the Russian Federation. Shootouts and toss-ups are sports simulations inspired by the National Ice Hockey Federation of North America.

The tab with quick bets is located in the main menu on the official site of the bookmaker. The minimum bid is 25 rubles, and the maximum one is 32 thousand rubles. The solution is available around the clock.

The Main Things about the Development Prospects of the Quick Bets Niche

The solution is a new phenomenon in the international betting market, which has a lot of fans among both punters and operators.
  • Quick wagers help to increase the businessmen's turnover and attract a solvent audience to their platforms. Players do not lose interest in the bookmaker's office even during the off-season when there are no interesting matches.
  • Instant draws are suitable for sports disciplines with short rounds and minimal breaks between sessions. These are darts, bridge, table tennis, volleyball, and other competitions.
  • The product is actively used in such fantasy disciplines as football, hockey, basketball, tennis, and Formula 1. Operators can set the duration of rounds and activate the bonus system for the additional stimulation of the audience.
At the Bett-Market firm, you can order high-quality software for the betting business.

Our products are equipped with excellent odds, detailed analytics, flexible management tools, and other useful options.

Create a profitable bookmaker’s office with Bett-Market.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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