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Slot Game’s Settings: Tips from Bett-Market Experts

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The main task of the operators is to guarantee that customers will enjoy the most comfortable gameplay. Each element of the platform should work well to retain the audience (from constant updating of the gambling software to useful tips for beginners). When business owners want to drive traffic, they should remember that an important role is played by slot game’s settings.

From Bett-Market, you will learn what options the software should contain, how to retain players using personalised settings, and what criteria to pay attention to when choosing content for a gaming site.

Online Casino Setup: a Perfect User Experience

Online casino setup: perfect user experience

Before launching slot machines, players need to get acquainted with the website’s interface and create a personal account. The key to the success of the entire project is simple navigation and a sufficient number of controls.

Useful “tips” for an account on the gaming site:

  1. Identification services. To confirm the identity, a unique login/password, verification using telephony or e-mail, and login via pages of social networks can be used.
  2. Financial instruments. When setting up slots in a casino, gamers should have quick access to payment methods that they use in their region. It is also worth using services for remembering passwords and amounts of previous deposits.
  3. Bonuses. These can be cashbacks, a unique status, discounts on game attributes, extra time, access to participation in closed competitions, etc.
  4. Personalised messages. It is not so much the opportunity to win a good prize that is important for clients but the attention that they receive. Name-calling, specialised newsletter (not to be confused with spam), personal manager services, and extended limits are the most accessible and functional tools that can help operators to attract and retain clients.
  5. A wide range of products. Based on analytical reports, the casino platform can offer users a list of games that will be interesting to them (thanks to such tools as analysis of previous requests, monitoring of financial flows on personal accounts, etc.).

Adjustment of Slots: Basic Controls

In the online casino setup process, there is no single standard for the creation of the design of the gaming site: each of the manufacturers introduces not only unique mathematics into their products but also unusual visual elements. The only rule is to provide the end consumer with maximum comfort and a positive experience.

Adjustment of slots: basic controls

When setting up slots in a casino, users have several options:

  • selection of the number of lines;
  • determination of the face value of game coins;
  • comfortable launch (it can be done manually or automatically);
  • withdrawal of winnings to the user's account;
  • muting the sound;
  • launch of the slot machine in the full-screen mode;
  • calling the help menu.

This is a basic set of components that can be supplemented and modified depending on the game format and unique solutions from the provider (for example, viewing the history of recent wins, activating the “round for doubling”, launching additional locations, participating in a tournament).

Slot Game’s Settings: What is Expected from a Casino

Let us consider a list of the most significant controls that make sure that users enjoy a comfortable game session:

Basic online casino setup


Brief description

Free game

The gaming system with demo versions generates more interest among the audience than services with only paid content.

Advantages of the free mode:

  • familiarisation with the rules of the game in a comfortable environment;
  • increasing the time spent on the website;
  • the ability to develop a unique game strategy;
  • an exciting pastime without the need to lose money;
  • the absence of the need to register on the portal

Payout percentage

The higher the RTP percentage, the higher chances of winning. Users will not select a slot with such a per cent as 92–93% if there is an alternative recoil of 98%

Account management

The ability to set a personal limit is one of the most valuable qualities of slot machines. By independently determining the size of each rate and its total amount for the game session, a player feels more confident and safe

Active paylines

Individual setting up of slots in a casino begins with the selection of the number of paylines. The game may include from 1 to hundreds of lines

Additional bonus options

These can be services that allow users to withdraw funds without wagering and various cashbacks

The Main Things about the Customisation of iGaming Entertainment

Slot game’s settings allow punters to create the most comfortable conditions for playing their favourite games. The wider the range of options, the more time users spend on the website.

The Bett-Market team will be glad to help you to develop the best action strategy and offer content that can make players forget about the surrounding reality. From us, you can buy the best solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers and many new products.

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