1. What is So Interesting About the Asian Sports Betting Market?

2. A Reputation of the Asian Bookmakers

3. Where do Asian Operators Get Licenses?

4. How to Enter the Asian Sports Betting Market?

Betting via the Internet is fundamentally different from games in land-based gambling establishments. This difference lies in the fact that the number of players from around the world that visit the casino may increase over time. Almost any gambling portal has the potential to enter the foreign market.

The beginning entrepreneurs prefer to work within the territory of their own country because they understand the interests of players, changes of the industry, and strategies of competitors. But sooner or later their eyes turn to other markets: in Europe, USA, Australia, and Asia. In this article, we will try to understand what is so interesting about the Asian betting market through a business prism and how to enter it.

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What is So Interesting About the Asian Sports Betting Market?

Asian sports betting market

In Asia, the betting market is quite large but uncoordinated. However, in early 2017, the Asian sector has become a leader in the field of global betting, and it continues to hold the leading positions. According to statistics, 40% of bets in the world are placed in Asia!

And it is despite the fact that a number of countries prohibit gambling and betting: China (except for Macau and Hong Kong), North Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. According to the facts, there are seventeen gambling zones in South Korea but locals can only visit one, which is located far away from the capital. The remaining sixteen are open only for foreigners.

Interestingly, the Asians themselves like to gamble very much and they spend money on it quite easily, so almost the entire region is surrounded by an “underground” chain of gambling establishments, and no matter how hard the official authorities try to ban their work, they cannot stop it. Of course, with the spread of the Internet, all these people became interested in betting. The bookmaker’s list in the Asian betting market is growing every year, and so far the players’ demand outpaces supply.

A Reputation of the Asian Bookmakers

The policy of the Eastern bookmaker’s offices is different from the Western, so they have gained a certain reputation that allows them to attract professional betters from all over the world. For example, in Asia, they do not have limits of bets for experienced players who carry out their analysis.

What else is different about the Asian sports betting market:

  1. Bookmaker’s offices do not block professional gamblers who place only bets without risks!
  2. They give very high limits and allow the duplication of the selected outcomes.
  3. They have the lowest margin in the world.
  4. They never bar from the withdrawal of winnings, no matter how large they may be.

The Asian betting market does not know what is it — to block an account of a profile. The only thing that they do not like is the presence of many accounts. Since the margin is already low, bookmaker’s offices want to play with one better who has a big bankroll.

Where do Asian Operators Get Licenses?

Asian bookmakers, like their colleagues from other regions of the world, mostly work under offshore licenses from the Philippines, the Isle of Man, Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Most of the traffic comes from Indonesia and Malaysia, then go countries with a partial ban on betting, and in the end — China and Japan. North Korea is not taken into account.

How to Enter the Asian Sports Betting Market?

Enter the Asian sports betting market

In the field of betting, Asians are considered to be trendsetters: here there are such conditions created for players that significantly increase the traffic, making it the biggest one in the world. Of course, other bookmaker’s offices are always trying to reach the highest level of the Asian market but it is still the place where the reality of tomorrow's betting is created.

You can enter the Asian sports betting market if you have a partner that is worth to be trusted, and who understands the specifics of the region. You also need to understand the features of the promotion, the needs of the audience, and deal with financial issues very carefully.

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