1. How to Understand That Your Promotion is Ineffective. Ten Common Operator’s Errors

2. A Business Plan for a Bookmaker’s Office. How to Increase the Revenue Through Advertising?

3. Advertising Bookmakers on the Internet

In a coordinate system where the income level and the business status intersect, bookmakers are at the highest point. Sports betting is regulated by the Interactive Rates Transfer Centre and a self-regulated bookmaker organization. On the one hand, one has to pay for the services of these companies, and on the other hand, the legal status of a betting shop provides protection to operators and customers. The success of the bookmaker's office is affected not only by the quality of the betting software or a prestigious franchise but also a promotion of the enterprise.

In this article, we will tell you about the common mistakes that operators make in the advertising and promotion of their bookmaker's offices on the Internet. If you see that our guide has «you» written all over it, do not waste time and contact the Bett-Market company. Our PR specialists will elaborate a working strategy for you and implement it in a short time.

How to Understand That Your Promotion is Ineffective. Ten Common Operator’s Errors

People tend to make mistakes; there is nothing shameful about this. However, businesses and customers do not forgive mistakes. If you have a betting shop, you have probably already been thinking about a promotion. Whether you have a betting network or a sportsbook website with lines, the mistakes tend to be the same everywhere. Such is the specificity of the business.

Here are the possible reasons for the operators’ mistakes at the stage of promotion:

  1. The lack of data on direct competitors and foreign companies.
  2. An audit of a bookmaker's website has never been carried out.
  3. The workspace or the site’s ergonomics is not optimized.
  4. Long queries or a slow process of making bets on the site.
  5. The operator does not take into account the needs and interests of customers. For example, it offers a line of events that is irrelevant for a specific region.
  6. Low-quality software for bookmaking business.
  7. The operator does not work on improving the skills of his employees.
  8. The upsale method (additional sales) is not applied.
  9. An insufficient number of advertising tools.
  10. Ineffective methods of promotion.

Even if you have made just one of the listed mistakes, this could significantly affect the profit of your online or offline betting shop. To avoid having to solve problems with advertising on the go, we recommend that you immediately consult the experts of Bett-Market.

A Business Plan for a Bookmaker’s Office. How to Increase the Revenue Through Advertising?

If you feel that you can do more and increase the profit of your sportsbook, looking for a room for a new betting shop might not be the best idea. You can increase the profit of existing offices by advertising. Firstly, advertising will be cheaper than opening a new shop, and secondly, you will get a new customer base.

First, evaluate the quality of your outer advertising: how easy it is to find your betting shop in the city, whether it is able to hold a customer and motivates him to make a bet.

If you are planning to place new advertising banners, make sure that the format and content of the publicity comply with the chapters of the Russian Federation’s law «Of Advertising».

What is absolutely forbidden:

  1. Placing advertising banners on residential buildings, offices and public places (with the sole exception of public transportation).
  2. Advocating the sports betting as opposed to working in the slogan, exaggerating the chances of winning, naming any sums of money prize to motivate people to make bets.
  3. Advertising in magazines and periodicals.

What can you do:

  1. Branding the exterior of the betting shop (the building and territory near it).
  2. Placing banners in the subway, railway stations, airports.
  3. Distributing promotional booklets.
  4. Publishing information about your enterprise in advertising.
  5. A TV promotion of your bookmaker’s office (only after 22:00).


  • «The highest odds on football matches!» — Yes.
  • «Why sit in the office from 9:00 to 18:00? Bet, win and live like kings!» — No.

Advertisements of a betting shop should be attractive, «tasty» and contain a call to action. However, there are strict rules that must be observed so that it is not dismantled.

Also, do not forget that the best promotion is a high-quality service. Advertising should justify the expectations of a new client. If your betting shop has low bandwidth, large queries and wasteful use of space, the visitor will leave your establishment in favour of your competitors. Think about how to hold the visitor, respect his comfort and interests. Then, new people will attend your bookie and bring their friends with them.

Advertising of bookmakers on the Internet is also effective in a competitive environment. It is cheaper and not controlled by state regulators. In addition, you can use advanced tools for differentiating the audience: geotargeting, targeting by interests, search queries and so on. A digital promotion (advertising on the Internet) is divided into several segments. In addition, over time, monetization of the bookmaker’s site is also possible.

Advertising Bookmakers on the Internet

You have probably noticed that the top 10 bookmakers in the CIS have long had their own web pages where operators offer online services. For a number of reasons, a website is considered a more liquid investment today rather than a betting shop:

Advantages of an online betting office: infographic

  1. No payment for the rent of a room, nor for the public utility.
  2. A wider audience from neighbouring countries or regions.
  3. The opportunity to come up with your own design and embody any whim.
  4. The ability to serve at least 100 customers per hour.
  5. A decrease in the size of the staff.
  6. The ability to accept bets in foreign currency.
  7. The monetization of the bookmaker’s business: the site starts bringing in revenue.

This is not a complete list of benefits, but even these seven points are enough to think about when starting a web resource. The development of an online bookmaker’s office takes much less time. All you need to do is buy betting software, create a website and start earning money. However, in order to earn on the Internet, you will need a good advertising.

High-quality advertising of a bookmaker’s office on the Internet will not fall to the operator from the sky and will not start itself. You will need a media plan, promotion strategies, communication channels and budget calculations for advertising.

There are several must-have tools that give excellent results when used in tandem and properly.

Tools for advertising a bookmaker's office

  • SEO

Search engine optimization is a top method of promotion for internet bookmakers. Find a good expert in the field of betting which will analyse competitors and create keyword clusters for you, using which you can adapt the site. An SEO will provide a 60% of net targeted traffic to your bookmaker’s site. Without optimizing the pages for the query, your customers will not be able to find you no matter how much he wants it. On the other hand, he will find the sites of your competitors who have executed an SEO strategy successfully. If you do not want to lose the customer, please contact the Bett-Market’s professionals. We will provide you with an SEO, and more.

  • Email marketing 

In other words, this is a not quite usual mailing. There is a huge difference between spam and email marketing. Did you know that the background colour of the message, the font and the shape of the «Go to the site» button affect a person's decision to go by the link and perform other actions? The purpose of such letter is not merely to inform the customer about the company but to motivate him to buy, order a service or make a bet.

A good specialist knows what to write in a letter, what to offer, what colour the background should be; he takes into account other nuances as well. High-quality letters to customers can increase your profit by 20%. Moreover, repeated transitions to the site are a huge advantage: your site will move further to higher positions in the ranking.

  • SMM

This is the next tool that will help you build a customer base and provide a targeted traffic. A business owner creates a community that welcomes people for whom this topic is relevant. Then, he publishes the links for the interested people. It sounds simple, but in reality, SMM is a science. It all starts with positioning in social networks, developing a content template and advertisements. A small piece of advice from the experts of Bett-Market: to promote a betting shop on the CIS market, use the resources of the Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks. The audience in Facebook, though more responsive, is much more demanding.

  • Contextual advertising

To gather the target audience, for example, residents of your city who are interested in sports and gambling, use the advertising services of Google Ads and Yandex Direct. These ad services will help you optimize the promotion by interests, demographics and search queries.

Advertising will be placed on thematic resources, sites and other places where there is a place for ads.

Contextual advertising provides several ways to pay for the services:
  • pay per click;
  • pay per 1000 transfers to the site;
  • Pay per action.

Pay per click is considered the most profitable option.

We also recommend downloading the application called «Yandex Webmaster» to track the customer’s behaviour on the site. You will see how the visitor behaves on the page in slow motion. If you have a lot of traffic and not enough bets, this service will help you understand what prevents a person from betting and when exactly does he leave the site.

  • Partner Networks

If you are looking for a way to monetize sports traffic, affiliate networks (also called affiliate programs) will help you. There are specialized partnership programs for gambling sites, online casinos and financial exchanges. In these networks, there are two types of participants: webmasters and advertisers. Advertisers place banners on webmaster’s sites for a commission fee. The partner takes a small percentage, while everything else goes to the webmaster. Monetizing betting traffic is a great way to earn extra money.

It is necessary to mention one more method of promotion: remarketing. It will not let your client leave your site so simply. With remarketing, you can run ads for those users who have already visited your site. The format of the advertisement and the message depends on the level of creativity of the PR specialist. As a result, you will increase the number of repeated visits, increase customer loyalty and profits.

Bett-Market will provide you with more than just promotion services. A turnkey bookie, software for bookmakers and a selection of the line of events: all this you will find on the Bett-Market’s website.