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Useful Hints on How Players Choose Online Casino Projects

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The virtual industry is showing tremendous growth rates. Every sign indicates that land-based establishments will gradually turn into a rarity, giving way to the online segment. Today, the income from internet resources has outperformed the expectations of analysts. By the end of 2021, the industry's turnover exceeded $60 billion. Besides, a 7.9% annual increase in profits is forecast until 2024.

Online casino business: features

So, why do players choose online casinos? What actions should the owner of a gaming site take to maximise the audience? Bett-Market specialists are ready to reveal the features of an ideal internet project.

Why do Players Choose Online Casinos over Stationary Clubs?

How is a gaming site better than a traditional offline location? To answer this question, it is enough to compare stationary and online platforms.

Casino Site VS Traditional Gambling House

Evaluation criterion

Online service

Land-based casino


Online casino availability is the key assessment parameter.

To have fun, a player does not need to go somewhere, consider the opening hours of a venue, and select an outfit carefully.

Today, entertainments are literally in everyone's pocket. In addition, sites accept users 24/7

When visiting an establishment, you should remember about the opening hours, mandatory identification, a strict dress code, and the remoteness of a location


Online casino privacy is an essential element of a comprehensive user security system.

Any site client can remain incognito. Lots of games are available even without registering on a site

Personal identification (up to fingerprinting) is required

Free play

Payments at online casinos are not the most important indicator. Regular customers of gambling establishments are looking not for a way to get rich but for an opportunity to have an interesting and fun time.

The presence of demo versions of gaming products is an important criterion for choosing an online casino

No land-based club in the world can offer its customers a free game service

Multicurrency support

Payments at online casinos can be performed in almost any monetary unit in the world. Everything depends solely on the number of connected financial services

As a rule, a gambling house can provide settlements in one or two currencies with support for bank transfers

Human factor

Online casino privacy plays a great role.

If a client wishes to remain unrecognised and exclude communication with other users of a resource, he or she is always given such an opportunity

Communication with a venue’s staff and other visitors is obligatory. VIP zones can be considered an exception. However, not every establishment provides such solutions

Online Casino Selection Criteria: Things That Attract Players

Online casino selection criteria for players

Operators focused on profit maximising are most interested in how players choose online casinos.

The Bett-Market team has identified what should be in an online casino to retain the audience.

Online Project Accessibility

This parameter includes not only the 24-hour operation of a site but also a response to client requests in 24/7 mode. Malfunctions and failures in the service should be eliminated in record time.

We recommend focusing on the mobile sector. Experts from Iovation Gambling Industry Report stated that more than 70% of all visitors to gambling resources were playing games using smartphones by the end of 2021. Moreover, this figure continues to grow.

The Ease of Play

It is quite simple to find out how players choose online casinos. It is enough to try on the role of a user and check the quality and ease of navigation independently.

Players are guided by such online casino selection criteria:

  1. Concise design.
  2. Unobtrusive advertising and the opportunity to skip video intros in games.
  3. A well-thought-out user account with financial services and the function of automatic saving of optimal game parameters.
  4. Quick registration (including user identification through social media).
  5. Open information about licences and certificates.
  6. Prompt client support with various communication methods (phone, e-mail, social networks, and chat on a casino website).

Pay-Outs in Online Casinos

The more ways to deposit and withdraw money offered, the better. The diversity of financial systems allows operators to work with clients from all over the world. These are bank transfers, electronic wallets, and virtual international services.

Bitcoin deserves special attention. According to analytical reports, every second platform in the world will accept cryptocurrency payments by the end of 2022.

The Diversity of Wagers and the Lack of Limits

Gamers constantly search for information on how to win in an online casino. Gambling enthusiasts are attracted to services without financial limits.

The variety of bets can be represented by both a traditional set of wagers and additional opportunities. These are bets on other participants or deals on the outcome of artificial competitions (tournaments for VIP clients, short-term promotions, etc).

Online Casino Reliability

A successful site must offer licensed software to its customers. Moreover, information about the technical parameters, testing, and certification of products should be in the public domain.

Online casino reliability lies in ensuring maximum protection of customer data using advanced encryption instruments and remote servers for storing information.

Gaming Content

Various interpretations of one-armed bandits go out of date gradually, giving way to new and more exciting solutions.

The audience will be interested in such products:

  • live content;
  • tournaments;
  • logic games and puzzles;
  • skill-based solutions (the victory does not depend on luck but on a gambler’s skills);
  • plot video slots (according to statistics, slot machines became the most profitable segment of the European gambling market — 84% of the total annual turnover in 2021);
  • VR products (virtual reality technologies are rapidly being popularised in the gambling market, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for users).

The Main Things about the Selection of an Entertainment Site

Selection of a casino site: key notions

The success and profitability of a gaming project depend solely on the human factor. When visiting a gambling resource, a user should not wonder how to win in an online casino. The task of an operator is to offer its clients the optimal combination of online casino availability, reliability, ease of operation, and a variety of bets.

The main online casino selection criteria are as follows:

  • round-the-clock access to internet resources;
  • simple and convenient game interface;
  • fast and reliable payments at online casinos.

The Bett-Market team is ready to take responsibility for full technical support of your gambling project and bring the start-up to the international gambling arena. We will select the best solutions for businesses of any format (traditional slot machine sites, Telegram casinos, Bitcoin gaming platforms, social casinos, and online bookmaker projects).

Cooperation with Bett-Market implies online casino reliability, regular assortment updates, prompt customer support, and a pleasant pricing policy.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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