1. How to Convert Players to Online Casino

2. How Online Casino Design Affects Player Engagement

3. How the Registration Form Affects Player Retention

4. Retention of Players in Online Casinos

  4.1. CRM Systems

  4.2. Push Notifications

  4.3. Promotions

  4.4. Events

  4.5. Cooperation

  4.6. VIP programs

  4.7. Daily Quests

5. Tech Support for Online Casinos 

6. Conclusion

The iGaming sector is growing and involving the new audience rapidly. Healthy competition has emerged among operators. To succeed in this environment, it is essential to use a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

The Bett-Market team has prepared a list of the best techniques for attracting and holding players in a casino. We hope you will find a lot of useful information for yourself.

How to Convert Players to Online Casino

Online casino players conversion

The casino appeal is often considered in the context of key performance indicators (KPI).

Casino conversions refer to human KPI. It is customary to use such a metric during the formation of the marketing strategy of the gambling business, as well as in the creature of analytical reports.

Casino conversions rates show the percentage of users who have performed the necessary action relative to all users of the official gaming platform.

Casino conversion parameters are characterised by several critical indicators:

  • Percentage of registered website users compared to the total number of visitors. Analysts believe that a 2 to 10 ratio is a good indicator. However, to achieve the self-sufficiency of your project as quickly as possible, you need to raise this rate to a 5 to 10 ratio. Attractive online casino design and a clear casino registration form may help operators with achieving this goal.
  • The ratio of customers who replenished their deposit accounts to the number of all registered users. This parameter shows how successful the tactics of attracting new users are (free spins, bonuses, and other prizes).
  • Percentage of customers who have stopped playing compared to the total number of real money gambling enthusiasts. This indicator is often called the Churn Rate. The decreasing of this parameter points to a competent marketing strategy of the entrepreneur.

Human key performance indicators also include the gamer's Lifetime Value. The metric determines what profit a particular user brought to the portal throughout its gaming activity. Online casino registration serves as a reference point for this parameter. Counting ends when a player decides to delete his or her account.

This indicator (monetary equivalent) can be divided into the number of years, quarters, and months to find out the number of proceeds for the accounting period.

Constant monitoring of KPI is necessary for a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing strategy and promotion methods.

How Online Casino Design Affects Player Engagement

Online casino website design

Casino website design is the first thing a gamer pays attention to when visiting a resource. It is obvious that a stylish and well-thought-out website will attract more attention than a badly designed portal.

Consider some essential characteristics that should be taken into account when creating a casino design.


Optimal implementation


It should be simple, restrained, and relevant at all times

Colour palette

It is better to implement a casino website design in black, blue, or green shades. They are well-matched. Moreover, such colours can help users concentrate on things happening on the screen

Additional attributes

The symbolism associated with the imitation of land-based gambling establishments affects the casino appeal positively. Visualization of the dealer and other visitors, flickering lights, and pleasant musical accompaniment are suitable in this case


Too much advertising (messages, banners) may overload online casino design and scare off your customers, especially if such messages appear during a game session


The user panel should be clear and convenient. The main functions must be placed in a separate block


The site menu and sections must help the gamer find the necessary option or entertainment as quickly as possible

How the Registration Form Affects Player Retention

Online casino games registration is the most crucial factor affecting the number of gamers. It is better when the user needs to enter only the minimum of personal information. Therefore, the casino registration form should be simplified. Given the global trend towards anonymity, only a small number of people will want to provide their confidential data, especially on little-known gambling platforms.

The online casino registration process must take 2-3 minutes. Users are not ready to spend more time entering their data.

That is why the registration should be as simple and fast as possible, and the amount of entered information should be minimal.

Retention of Players in Online Casinos

Modern marketing operates with a mass of tools, on which the retention of players in casinos directly depends. Consider the most popular of them.

CRM Systems

As a rule, these programs are built in the software acquired by the operator. In addition, a company can buy and integrate such software or create such a product independently.

CRM systems are useful for the operational monitoring of KPI. They are used in the formation of management reports. This is also a great way to establish close relationships with customers and increase their loyalty.

These systems are applied to collect detailed statistics (the number of gamers, their preferences, minimum and maximum sizes of bets, as well as time spent on the platform, etc.).

Push Notifications

These are voluminous and informative messages aimed at a specific audience. This tool is one of the subspecies of the mailout, but it is targeted and definitely does not look like spam. Push notifications can be used to remind players of upcoming promotions and tournaments, and about the emergence of new slot machines.

As practice shows, such messages increase interaction with the audience by 40%. You can achieve even better results. However, you will have to show unprecedented creativity.


This is probably the most multifaceted category, which significantly facilitates the retention of players in casinos.

A wide selection of tools is available to operators:

  1. Free games. This tool is implemented on an ongoing basis or in the form of trial versions. It is advisable to apply this option to new users, and when releasing new slots.
  2. Cashback. The essence of this promotion lies in returning part of the money spent (in case of loss). Even if the client is out of luck, he or she may stay on your gambling resource thanks to the cashback option.
  3. Frequent player points (FPP) are awarded for high activity, participation in tournaments, and testing new products.
  4. Gifts are offered in the form of welcome bonuses, free spins or bets, daily bonuses, or accumulative points. This tool provides not only great loyalty of users but also creates an additional game cycle.


Firstly, events should take place during a specific period, and secondly, they must be designed for a group of clients (for example, tournaments, gambling marathons, etc.). They always cause tremendous interest from users, because such events allow them to compete with their friends and get decent prizes.

Most companies prefer to organize events before significant holidays. You can come up with your own concept of joint activities too.


Chats, groups, players' clubs, and personal messages are suitable for this goal. The task of the operator is to organize interaction at a high level.

The easiest way is to start a multi-channel chat allowing players to communicate with one another

VIP programs

Exclusive programs motivate customers to come back to a particular casino.

It is essential to take care of the best (profitable) users, providing them with special conditions. A bonus accumulation program, a high percentage of cashback, unique mini-games, invitations to closed VIP clubs, and other offers are suitable in this case.

Daily Quests

According to the Daily Missions concept, gamers are offered to complete a series of daily tasks (from 3 to 5) to get a prize.

The tasks should not be too monotonous. The purpose of this instrument is to develop the habit of returning to the casino website every day.

Tech Support for Online Casinos 

Online casino support service

Casino support service is responsible for the smooth operation of the website. As a rule, most players do not pay attention to this parameter when choosing a gambling resource. Nevertheless, the casino support service attracts their attention in case of malfunctions.

Technical support in online casinos should perform the following functions:

  • Responding to gamers’ requests. Ideally, the processing time for a question should not exceed several minutes. If delays occur, it means that the casino support team does not work well enough.
  • Monitoring the website activity. Functional failures may happen very often. Online casino support service should eliminate and prevent them. System malfunctions or incorrect user actions may become the causes of such problems. In the second case, the operator needs to instruct the player about this situation.
  • Checking documents. Online casino support service must not allow minor gamblers to play (if such a restriction is implied at the legislative level). It also must check the documents of players (in case of payouts).
  • Informing about promotions and new offers. This is a useful option that will increase the casino player conversion. The main thing is to communicate in a friendly and relaxed manner.


Attracting and holding players in a casino is an essential aspect of the activities of any successful gambling project. The online casino design, the bonus program, and the casino support service are also of great importance here.

The operator should focus not only on generally accepted methods of conversion increasing but also introduce his or her own unique ideas. This approach will help you make your brand really profitable.

Bett-Market is your reliable assistant in all issues related to the promotion of the gambling business. We are ready to implement a well-thought-out marketing strategy based on the features of your platform.

You can buy a turnkey online casino from us. This solution has built-in affiliate and bonus programs, high-quality software, a payment module, and many exciting slots. You can launch such a project literally the next day (additional investments will not be required).


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