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Why SMS Betting is Still Relevant: Features and Benefits

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Mobile messages are an effective way to communicate with a bookmaker’s clients. With their help, users can bet on popular sports. At the same time, operators inform the audience about current promotions, send personal discount codes, and perform other tasks.

SMS bets: features and advantages

The Bett-Market studio describes the features and benefits of SMS wagering in the gambling business.

What are SMS Bets?

The service provides instant messaging between a bookmaker and players.

For a wager, a gamer needs only a mobile phone. Betting software must be adapted to receive and process stakes via SMS.

The service was introduced in 1992 when the first short message was sent. Since that time, it has undergone many changes and has lost some relevance with the advent of social media messengers (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.).

SMS programs remain a popular business tool in the betting field. They bring tremendous benefits to operators and are positively perceived by the target audience.

The SMS service works like this:

  1. Sending messages to betters. They may contain unique codes for creating wagers, favourable odds, and other useful information.
  2. Receiving SMS from players. Such a message, as a rule, indicates the quote chosen by the gambler and the amount of the bet.
  3. The reception and processing of information. The program automatically accepts the wager and calculates it at the end of the match or upon reaching a certain point (for example, the outsider team scored a goal first).
  4. The calculation and payment of prize money. A reward is credited to the game account, and the user receives a notification about this. If the better’s wager turns out to be losing, an SMS is also automatically sent to the player’s mobile number.

The Benefits of Receiving Bets via SMS

The benefits of accepting bets via SMS

Consider the main advantages of the solution:

Global coverage

It is an indispensable business tool in regions with a poor Internet connection.

SMS betting is a leader in the African region, where few countries have fast communication.

The solution will also be useful in European and Asian countries or in any other jurisdictions where broadband connection failures are possible

Personalised experience

The SMS program allows operators to interact with different game groups and improve their interaction with them.

With the help of SMS, entrepreneurs can send unique odds, offer quotes with reduced margins, promotional codes, etc.

The purpose of the activities is to improve the customer experience and motivate users to bet more often

Good outreach

Messages are instantly delivered (up to 5 seconds). This is one of the best ways to connect with customers and convince them to place bets

Conversion growth

SMS is an effective marketing mechanism. With its help, operators can increase the loyalty of a regular audience and attract new solvent traffic

High safety

Messaging is protected from theft of confidential data and other actions of intruders.

Information is transmitted over encrypted channels. It is processed instantly. The final result is presented as a victory or loss

Low competition

Only 7% of bookmakers accept bets via SMS services.

The niche is not yet heavily filled, which gives an excellent chance for a quick increase in profits without excessive advertising and operating costs

How to Set up Messaging?

The script for accepting bets via SMS can be built into an already operating bookmaker site.

The installation of the software takes a minimum of time and does not require the entrepreneur to have any specific knowledge and skills. The connection takes place via secure API channels without making changes to the source code of the gambling site.

The SMS script should be linked to the bookmaker’s CRM service. This will provide:

  • instant acceptance of bets and quick calculation of prize money;
  • the monitoring of user reactions to sending the best quotes, personal promotional codes, etc.;
  • audience segmentation by bet size, preferred sports, SMS sending frequency, and other parameters.

SMS Bets: Is There an Alternative?

Betting via messengers: an alternative to SMS wagers

The acceptance of bets via short messages should be considered optional: along with other methods of communication with customers. This will help operators achieve the best indicators in terms of profitability and payback of their businesses, as well as collect the most responsive and brand-loyal audience.

The alternative methods of accepting bets are as follows:

  1. Personal account on a bookmaker site. Most betting portals accept live and pre-match wagers. On the left side of the user interface, users can find available athletic and eSports disciplines. Sets of coefficients according to the selected type are placed in the centre. On the right, there are the results of previous bets and the current balance of the gambler.
  2. Mobile app. Accepting wagers through this service is characterised by good speed and high security. This is convenient for gamers, as they spend most of their time with smartphones. The game form is adapted to the parameters of the device used: some buttons are placed on the main page of the application, and others are hidden in the additional menu.
  3. Social messengers. These are Viber, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other popular platforms. Operators can accept bets as standard messages or set up a themed chatbot. The virtual assistant will take on some routine tasks of accepting wagers, advising clients, holding contests, issuing bonuses, and launching newsletters.

The Main Things about SMS Tools for Accepting Bets

The service was created to instantly receive wagers on bookmaker sites.
  • The advantages of the solution include global coverage, improved user experience, high security, good communication with the audience, increased conversion, and still low competition in the niche.
  • The exchange of messages takes place in several stages. The gamer sends an SMS to the bookmaker. The operator processes the message using special software and issues the result at the end of the match or the achievement of the specified event. Information about the victory or loss is sent to the better.
  • The alternatives to accepting stakes via SMS are social messengers (Viber, Telegram, Facebook, etc.) and mobile applications. Users can also wager on their favourite teams directly on bookmaker sites.
It is worth ordering branded betting software at the Bett-Market studio. We work with the leading vendors on the market and offer you only the best and most profitable business solutions.

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