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Bookmaker Bonuses: Effective Way to Attract Solvent Traffic

Article writer: Elliot Clark

It is difficult to imagine a modern bookmaker site without branded rewards. The presence of a diverse bonus program will bring new customers to the platform and enhance the loyalty of regular players, as well as increase cash flow and the company’s profits.

Bookmaker bonuses: general info

The Bett-Market studio describes the features of accruing and paying out rewards on popular betting sites. From us, you can also order the elaboration of a marketing strategy.

Why Is It Beneficial for Operators to Offer Bonuses?

Bookmaker rewards are money or free bets received by a user during registration or when certain conditions are met.

A bonus can be one-time or periodic, partially or completely compensate for a gamer's loss, etc. Much depends on an operator's imagination and the current business objectives.

Consider the main advantages of adding promotional offers:

The attraction of new players

Solid additional payouts are one of the main features of a betting platform that players are interested in.

A good and balanced bonus program will surely attract solvent traffic. The minimum number of prizes, on the contrary, will scare away potential customers

Improved communication with the audience

Accrual of nominal bonuses and rewards is a great sign of attention for regular players. The bookmaker can quickly attract previously registered gamers who for some reason have stopped betting on the site

Business image enhancement

An interesting and original bonus program is a great way to stand out from your competitors.

In conditions when most bookmakers offer identical or similar odds, bonuses make a betting platform recognisable in the market

The growth of money turnover

Most promotional offers need to be wagered. A user should make one or more bets with the money received to withdraw the prize. This approach enlarges operational turnover.

Gamblers make more wagers on a gambling site. This increases the profit of a manager

The creation of recognisable advertising

Bonuses can be part of a successful marketing campaign. Specialists focus on additional payments by launching commercials on TV or social networks

Core Types of Rewards

Betting bonuses: types

The classification of prizes is very diverse. The rules for accruing and paying out money depend on:

  • the size of bets;
  • the duration of the game on a site;
  • the coefficients used, and other factors.

Welcome Bonuses

The solution encourages a gamer to choose a specific bookmaker from the entire pool of sites.

Welcome bonuses can be part of an advertising campaign. Their goal is to increase internet traffic and conversion on a portal. The indicator shows the percentage of users who visited the page and completed the target action.

The types of bonuses:

  1. Rewards for registration. Gamers need to fill out a special form, confirm their identity by SMS or e-mail and agree to the use of personal data. Then, €5–10 will be automatically credited to the gaming account.
  2. First deposit bonus. The sum of payments, as a rule, is 50–100% of the starting amount. Moreover, the money must be wagered (one or more bets should be made). Only then, the earnings can be withdrawn to a bank card. Some managers set additional wagering requirements. These are the size of the coefficient, the number of bets, and other parameters.
  3. A payout with a promo code. To increase the initial deposit, you need to enter the promo code in the highlighted field. As a rule, it consists of 5–7 digits and has an expiration date (from several hours to 3 days).
  4. Free insurance. A gamer can secure the first bid. If the wager is unsuccessful, the bookmaker returns the lost amount to the bettor.

Payouts for Loyal Participants

The encouragement of previously registered punters increases the cash turnover. Periodic promotions improve communication with customers and contribute to higher audience retention.

The varieties of rewards:

  1. Reload bonus. This is a reward for repeated deposits. An operator selects the day or week when an additional prize (10–50% of the bet amount) will be credited to all wagers. A reload bonus is issued for re-depositing for the minimum specified sum (for example, €50) when replenishing money through a specific payment system.
  2. Free bet. Bookmakers give free wagers on a user’s birthday, for installing a mobile app, winning a quiz, etc. The requirements for wagering a free bet are usually minimal. To withdraw money, one additional bid is enough.
  3. Cashback. The return of a part of the bet amount is expressed in monetary terms as additional wagers. The operator can compensate the user for part of the funds spent during the month or week, as well as return one specific bet.
  4. Express bonus. This is a percentage multiplier that increases the return of money. The coefficient rises by 10–40% depending on the number of bets in the total pool. To get it, a gamer needs to wager on 3–4 independent events at the same time and win each bid.
  5. Bonus with increased odds. These are enhanced bet multipliers. For example, a bookmaker wager 3.6 on the victory of the strongest team (instead of the traditional 1.2), giving a gambler an additional x2.4 if the favourite wins.

Operators can offer nominal bonuses for specific betters or selected groups of players. The essence of payments does not change. These are prizes for the number and size of bids, cashback, express bonuses, etc.

It is advisable to send letters on special offers to the e-mail addresses of customers specified during registration. In such messages, a link for a direct transition to a bookmaker site can be inserted. It can be a reference to the main page, the payment form, as well as a description of the conditions for receiving promotional offers.

Bonuses by Sports

Thematic reward campaigns are launched in anticipation of major competitions. These are the World Cup, Grand Slams, Stanley Cup, Europa League matches, and other top events.

  1. Football bonuses. Bookmakers offer refunds for guessing matches with a goalless draw, the best scorer, the difference between conceded and scored goals, etc.
  2. Tennis bonuses. Operators charge prizes for guessing the finalists of major tournaments, the number of bets made, and the participation in promotions and quizzes.
  3. Hockey bonuses. Entrepreneurs offer increased cashback, one-time payments for promotional codes, and other rewards.

The Specifics of Accrual and Payment of Rewards

There are no universal rules and conditions for receiving bonuses from bookmakers. Operators usually put forward several basic requirements for players:

  • registration on a site with an e-mail and phone number;
  • passed verification with identity confirmation;
  • the citizenship of the country where a bookmaker has received a licence;
  • the age of majority (in many countries, the player must be over 21);
  • the replenishment (except for no-deposit bonuses);
  • receiving one prize within one gambling account.

Most perks go to a special virtual account on a bookmaker site.

To withdraw money to a bank card or an electronic wallet, a user needs to wager it. To do this, a bookmaker sets particular requirements for different bet types and odds.

  • The easiest conditions are usually provided for cashback. Money needs to be played only once using the minimum coefficients (x1.2–1.6).
  • Large bonuses require multiple wagering with more complex bets, such as parlays.
  • An entrepreneur can set a time frame for promotional offers. For welcome bonuses, a month is given, and for other rewards, from several days to a week are provided.

How to Organise Payouts of Prizes?

Sportsbook bonuses: organisation

To manage bonuses effectively, an operator should utilise a modern CRM system. The program groups users into different categories (age, interests, limits, favourite sports, etc.) and generates the most profitable bonuses for each category.

User reactions to rewards can also be tracked using the CRM service. The system will show which offers arouse interest among the audience and contribute to the growth of internet traffic, and which solutions, on the contrary, do not bring the desired result.

The installation of security software will increase the efficiency of the loyalty program and protect an operator from bonus fraud. The solution instantly detects multiple related accounts created to receive welcome and other prizes.

A competent support service will resolve any disputes related to the crediting and distribution of bonuses. Most often, bettors turn to specialists to consult on the accrual and wagering of promotional offers, as well as learn about relevant marketing tools.

The Main Things about Bonuses on Bookmaker Sites

The distribution of prizes is a proven method of attracting users to a gambling portal.
  • The advantages of the solution include an increase in a company's conversion and cash turnover, the growth of internet traffic, improved communication with registered customers, and better business image indicators in the highly competitive market.
  • Managers offer welcome and loyalty bonuses for different sports. The most popular rewards are cashback, no-deposit perks, free bids, express prizes, and payouts with promotional codes.
  • Most betting sites set wagering terms — requirements for using bonus money before withdrawing it. The terms apply to the types and number of bets, as well as the minimum and maximum odds.
  • The installation of security software and a CRM system will increase the effect of distributing bonuses and protect an entrepreneur from inappropriate spending of funds.
The Bett-Market studio provides services for the promotion of betting projects on the Web. We use modern marketing methods, including SEO, SMM, work with affiliates, and others.

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