1. The Advantages of the Olimp Betting Shop

2. Why is This Online Gambling Franchise Profitable?

3. Bookmaker Franchise Olimp From Bett-Market

If it seems to you that to open own gambling project is a daunting experience, you are mistaken. Of course, if you follow all the stages on your own (licensing, hiring staff, searching for office etc.), the whole process will not tiresome. But to buy bookmaker franchise is a much easier way how to open a betting shop. In this case, an entrepreneur purchases a business scheme, a brand of a popular betting shop and launches a project in a short time.

Bett-Market offers you to buy online gambling franchise Olimp. It is one of the biggest enterprises in Kazakhstan in this sphere. This betting shop was created in 2004 and was among the few companies in CIS that managed to enter the international market: the company expanded its influence in neighbouring countries, Montenegro and South Africa.


Olimp works mainly in the real world, but the shop gradually moves to the Internet. Gamblers can engage in sports betting and place bets on sports events. In most cases, they bet football, but there are more exotic kinds like darts and cricket. Besides, it is possible to place bets on other occasions, for example, Oscar awards ceremony.

Olimp: bookmaker's office franchise

The Advantages of the Olimp Betting Shop:

  1. Multi-language website: more than 10 language versions are available.
  2. A wide range of bets that can be placed not only on outcomes but also on intermediate results.
  3. Players can bet individual events.
  4. In this betting shop live bets — bets on occasions that take place in the real-time mode — are implemented.
  5. Olimp has quite a good website. It does not strike with the design but the interface is understandable, and the navigation is convenient.
  6. Multi-currency.
  7. The betting shop is connected to reliable payment systems, so you can be sure that all the transactions are secure.
  8. Security is one of the priorities of Olimp. The shop has developed a protected service to store clients’ confidential data safe. It is an important condition to attract betters.
  9. The company constantly offers its clients bargains and bonuses.

All that is mentioned above states that bookmaker franchise from Olimp allows you to start a betting shop where visitors will come again and again. It is essential, as bookmaker sphere is a highly competitive marketplace; in order to stand out from others, you will have to provide only quality services.

Why is This Online Gambling Franchise Profitable?

  • Minimum investments in the beginning. Opening a business (licensing, buying software etc.) is expensive. In case of a franchise everything is more straightforward: at the fixed price you will receive a ready-made product with a working business model.
  • A franchisee gets a well-known brand that does not need promoting. It allows optimising expenses on marketing and focusing on the development of the very establishment.
  • The price for a franchise is lower than opening a betting shop from scratch. Spending less you get more.
  • Bookmaker franchise is highly profitable. Firstly, the business will pay off in a couple of months of productive work; secondly, the amount of income will reach a high rate in short time.
  • A franchiser gives useful recommendations concerning how to do gambling business. Be sure that you will undoubtedly have a lot of questions. The franchiser is interested in your success so that it will help you respectively.

Sports betting office

Bookmaker Franchise Olimp From Bett-Market

If you find betting shop Olimp worth your attention, you can buy its franchise from Bett-Market that is a professional in the gambling sphere. Managers of this company will help you go through all the stages of buying the franchise, give you necessary pieces of advice on how to start a bookmaking business, legal and other issues. It should be added that Bett-Market offers online gambling franchises from other betting shops.

Betting shops for sale are not the single thing that Bett-Market engages in. Also, this company provides unique sportsbook software development and such additional services as promotion and management financial operations.

Bett-Market is your reliable partner in the world of betting business opportunities.