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Betinvest’s Betting Software: Decent Multitasking Instruments

Article writer: Elliot Clark

We bring to your attention simple and flexible products for launching a bookmaker platform from scratch, scaling a business in a short time frame, and entering the world market without problems.

Betinvest betting software: multitasking instruments

The vendor of software for betting shops Betinvest is known for its comprehensive approach to software development. Its range includes exclusive content, a versatile bookmaker system with customisable widgets, and trading solutions.

In this article, Bett-Market describes the features of the branded software and the benefits of buying the program components.

Brief Information about the Producer

Betinvest Ltd is a UK-based gambling supplier with a rich history.

The main office of the company is located in London. The staff includes upward of 350 experts. These are programmers, architects, traders, analysts, risk managers, and web designers.

Here are the key facts about the developer:

  • The manufacturer interacts with customers on almost all continents. The company is focused on the B2B segment — bookmaker kiosks, casino operators, and organisers of lotteries.
  • The software is approved by the prestigious UK regulator. In addition, the program components are certified by the international accreditation centre NMI.
  • The firm is the exclusive broadcaster of more than 20 sports leagues. The supplier provides RTMP feeds for all league competitions and HD video streams via Twitch and other international platforms.
  • In 2021, the net income of the producer exceeded $17 million.

Exclusive Bookmaker Content

The betting software by the Betinvest vendor provides an e-sports line and simulators.

Daria Petrus, the studio’s account manager, notices:

The products we supply will help you launch a bookmaker project from scratch, expand your iGaming platform’s current assortment, or scale your working gambling business.

The eGames Offers

The company proposes one of the richest lists in e-sports disciplines. It contains traditional competitions (League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota), and video simulation tournaments.

The software includes eFootball, eBasketball, Worldbasketball, eFighting, and eHockey. In addition, the manufacturer is the only company in the world offering bets on eCricket.

The provider is an exclusive partner of the leading e-sports leagues:

  • Cyber ​​Live! Arena (this virtual platform unites upward of 120 professional gamers);
  • Esport Pro Club (the league includes more than 70 accredited gamblers who play Dota, Warcraft, and other games).

Many competitions are broadcast with the support of the Ukrainian e-Sports Federation.

Why should operators the software:

  • a broad event line (over 15,000 broadcasts every month and above 500 matches per day at international and regional levels);
  • a good betting list (upward of 70 types of live and pre-match offers), which increases the average bill value;
  • broadcasts in 24/7 format with advanced analytics.

The branded solution has gained an excellent response from the audience. The integration of the Betinvest betting software will let enterprisers attract new users to their sites and increase the profitability of the businesses.

Exclusive Service Quick Sports

During the coronavirus pandemic, the provider diversified its activities. It presented a new quick bookmaker platform. The product is marked by short gaming sessions (2–5 minutes) and a wide selection of main and auxiliary wagers.

The rich event line and unusual format are positively evaluated by the audience. Gamblers are happy to bet money, especially during the low season, when there are no major team competitions (football, rugby, hockey, etc.).

The online betting software by Betinvest reaches such dynamic areas:

  • beach volleyball;
  • table tennis;
  • beach football;
  • three-point shootout basketball competitions.

The features of the Quick Sports service are as follows:

  • support for the leading professional leagues in Europe — Winners and WinCup;
  • the diversity of sports events (upward of 5,000 events every month and 250 matches per day);
  • an extensive selection of main and additional bets (upward of 40 wager options — bets on the winner, the difference between points and time, the first three-five, etc.);
  • various virtual locations.

The Sports Widget Tool

Betinvest bookmaker software: Sports Widget

The widget is an effective solution for launching a betting platform in the shortest possible time.

The software is presented as an autonomous full-featured system with a wide range of support services. The widget tool covers thousands of athletic disciplines and e-sports events. It guarantees fast audience engagement.

The solution can be seamlessly integrated into a third-party platform. It contains options for managing odds and real-time events.

Daria Petrus noted:

We adapt the product to the needs of operators to achieve maximum results in terms of conversion and profitability. Licensed entrepreneurs can enter the market quickly with these interesting and highly lucrative tools.

The Functionality of the Solution

Betinvest’s betting software consists of several modules:

Competition line

The program components include a wide range of athletic and e-sports disciplines, as well as the exclusive Quick Sports service. Users can bet on matches in football, volleyball, basketball, other sports, and simulators.

The event line implies more than 100 betting options on outcomes and intermediate results

Event management system

Betinvest’s betting software provides an extensive selection of settings:

  • the establishment of the minimum and maximum values of the coefficients;
  • the choice of bet type and odds format;
  • the regulation of the margin level for increasing the profitability of a business;
  • gamer account management;
  • the establishment of trading parameters to track the activity of gamblers in real-time

Customisation service

The company has developed over 50 betting platform design options with multilingual support (more than 20 languages).

Enterprisers can personalise content depending on user preferences, regional specifics, as well as legal and regulatory frameworks in selected jurisdictions

Security module

The software for betting companies from Betinvest provides full protection against fraudulent activities.

The main functions of the programs are as follows:

  • the identification of non-standard schemes for placing bets in real-time (pre-match and in-game options);
  • cross-analysis of data, the comparison of an operator’s analytics and information from clients;
  • prevention of corruption and match-fixing in the entertainment field

The Specifics of Connecting the Sportsbook

The provider offers two installation options:

  1. The iFrame solution. A gambling site is built into the manufacturer’s main platform. Technical specialists set up a continuous exchange of information between the servers of an operator and the firm.
  2. API integration. It implies the seamless connection of content and back-office tools based on the international data transfer protocol HTTP. Such a bookmaker works autonomously. It provides dedicated server storage and hosting.

Before buying Betinvest’s betting software, an entrepreneur can use a 30-day test version of the product. A businessman gets access to a universal bookmaker system, the Quick Sports instrument, and the eGames option.

Professional Trading Instruments for the Bookmaker Market

Betinvest trading instruments for bookmakers

The developer offers comprehensive solutions for real-time data transfer for entertainment projects. The company provides ultra-fast migration of information, its efficient processing, and correct display on a customer's platform.

The supplier works with data following the principle — one trader per event. This approach ensures the maximum accuracy of the results. Along with the margin settings, it increases the profitability of a business.

When creating an event line, the current position of the teams, the state of key players, and pre-match indicators are taken into account. Traders study analytical reports, opinions of market experts, as well as interviews with coaches and sports functionaries.

You can install the software with two types of data:

  1. Coefficients. The brand presents pre-match and live odds in several formats. An operator receives a balanced event line with the coverage of popular events from the world of real and e-sports, as well as a good response from the audience and stable profitability.
  2. Scouting data. This is detailed statistical information received directly from arenas. The software covers more than 25 thousand unique events every month. The data is available through the web interface without integration and along with the bookmaker platform.

The Main Things about how to Buy the Betting Software from Betinvest

The considered UK studio is a provider of premium bookmaker solutions.

  • The company interacts with the B2B segment and clients from different countries. Its software is licensed in the UK and tested by the NMi Certification Centre.
  • The developer supplies exclusive betting content. Its portfolio includes the Quick Sports service (a universal sports simulator) and the eGames module (an offer for e-sports disciplines).
  • You can order the betting content together with multifunctional tools. The Sports Widget instrument contains a betting line, an event management system, a customisation service, and a security module. Software installation occurs through open API gateways and iFrame components.
  • The brand provides professional trading tools for the betting industry. The firm supplies scouting data (thorough analytics for key queries), as well as detailed odds for pre-game and real-time wagers.
Turn to Bett-Market to buy the software for betting Betinvest on favourable terms.

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You can order a business plan, trusted payment systems, slot machines, promotion instruments, and other solutions from us.

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