1. Advantages of Unionbet

2. How to Start Sports Betting Business Using a Unionbet Franchise?

3. How Much Does the Opening of a Unionbet Office Cost?

A proprietary bookmaking business is an area that interests many entrepreneurs. Sports, various events, plots of films and books — people will use many opportunities to make a bet. A booking office can be opened independently, by ordering development from another company, or by a script.

Buying a franchise is another option. In this case, you immediately get several advantages: a widely known brand, a license, and well-established processes. The franchisor will provide help in your work, but the essential point is that franchises are ready-to-use products, which will bring profit without delay.

One such franchise is Unionbet. The company operates on the territory of the CIS countries, including the Russian Federation, accepting rates offline and on the Internet. Unionbet not only runs its own activities but also allows other bookmakers to join the betting business.

Unionbet franchise for a bookmaker's office

You can buy a Unionbet franchise from the Bett-Market company, which specialises in providing services for bookie projects.


Advantages of Unionbet:

  • the company's work corresponds to the current legislation, which is very important for bookmaking area;
  • a partner receives a full range of services: from software to accounting services and personnel records;
  • the Unionbet’s land-based bookmaking offices always boast the best hardware installed. As for the online solutions, only high-quality software is used, and its choice is impressive;
  • high-level specialists work with customers, which means helpful consulting, advice and the proper conduct of business in general;
  • Unionbet is serious about serving partners, so an individual approach to each one is in high priority.

How to Start Sports Betting Business Using a Unionbet Franchise?

As you know, every franchise has its own terms of purchase and use.

Unionbet is no exception:

  1. To start your own bookmaking business, you will need to contact the office, which will perform a connection to the system. One such company is Bett-Market.
  2. Next, the parties discuss the terms of cooperation.
  3. The next step is to choose a room for the office, which will correspond to the norms prescribed in the law.
  4. It is necessary to collect documents for sublicensing, that is, the introduction of a new office in an already existing document.
  5. Then, the documents are sent to the Federal Tax Service, and the tax inspector checks all the necessary aspects.
  6. The last stage is getting a license and starting an office.

There is one more condition: making an insurance contribution at the conclusion of the contract, which guarantees the safety of the partner. If the funds are not used, the franchisee will get them back.

Unionbet franchise for opening a betting shop

How Much Does the Opening of a Unionbet Office Cost?

Everything depends on what kind of services the customer will choose: a sportsbook site, the software, the license and other options. There is one particular sum needed for the complete service package, another amount for additional services, and so on. Contact the managers to calculate the final cost of the franchise.

With Bett-Market, you can open a bookmaker's office using a Unionbet franchise. Another important proposal from Bett-Market is the sale and development of software. The company will help you connect to the system, provide high-quality legal advice and will accompany you at all stages of opening a betting shop.