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CASEXE Statement to Potential iGaming Operators

Article writer: Elliot Clark

To help entrepreneurs avoid mistakes that slow down and complicate the process of creating a casino, the CASEXE team decided to turn to their future customers and share several tips.

CASEXE team: tips on casino launch

Bett-Market overviews the key notions of the statement and offers high-quality gaming software and other components for the gambling business.

CASEXE’s Project Management Department

The firm's specialists often face operators that lack a clear understanding of the outcome that they want to get from collaboration with the company.

As a result, the deadlines for creating the project and its final form are exceeded. Therefore, the company’s experts share advice with potential entrepreneurs for more effective collaboration.

Target Audience and Region of Operation

These are the key factors that will further influence the concept and content of the project. Entrepreneurs must know and understand the audience and the region where their casinos will operate.

Targeting the whole world with one project is ineffective and resource-intensive since people:

  • speak different languages;
  • play various games;
  • prefer diverse bonuses, promotions, and payment methods;
  • have individual visual and mental needs, etc.

It is difficult to please everyone at once, so entrepreneurs must divide and direct business resources precisely.

Site Structure

An operator should understand and correctly describe the system of the future online casino. Such developers as CASEXE specify what pages, subsections and bigger parts the administrator will include on the gambling portal. It is also essential to learn what content will be displayed on specific site pages.

The firm offers operators a template structure to simplify work. But for CASEXE, the success of the client's project is the most significant so the team prefers individual prototyping. Such a structure must be agreed upon at the start of cooperation.

Project Functionality

If you know your audience, region of work, and site structure, the next stage of determining the necessary functions will be formed automatically. To do this, casino administrators have to understand what to insert on each page of the web gaming resource and its operating principles.

This will help make the functionality of the digital project visible. It may be unique but must correspond to the capabilities of the platform on which the operator plans to work.

The CASEXE team is the side that thoroughly evaluates the functionality.

Casino Site Content: Games, Payment Systems and More

Before starting the project creation, an operator must clearly define the list of entertainment product manufacturers and financial modules that will be used in the casino.

If additional third-party software is connected, it is important to know its contents — affiliate programs, online chats, etc. Without this data, it will be impossible to create a correct project composition.

Design Features

The previous points are worked out in detail and the information is supported by strong brand management and the development of the project concept. So, the creation of visuals turns into a formality.

Having all the incoming data, designers will perform their tasks much better and faster. It is important to cover all the nuances in the visual part that operators sometimes forget or neglect.

Platform administrators must consider the following aspects:

  • multicurrency;
  • multilingualism;
  • working with social networks;
  • types of registrations, etc.

For example, if an entrepreneur decides to input even 1 extra currency into the project after the design is already approved, the whole process begins from the start. It automatically adds several weeks to the deadlines as such a process requires redrawing dozens of forms.

The Main Things about the CASEXE Company Statement

Сreating a gambling project for the first time may be difficult and take lots of resources. Operators must be well-prepared. That is why the CASEXE team reveals the secrets of developing a good gaming site, as well as conditions for successful collaboration.

Considering 5 important sides of entertainment portal creation, and describing your wishes, you will prevent an unsatisfactory result, save time, and speed up the process of elaborating your project.

Bett-Market is a prominent gambling aggregator that is actively cooperating with the CASEXE team.

We offer the installation of the developer’s products and also propose our options such as:

Rely on our dependable gambling experts and contact them to create a lucrative casino project.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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