1. Casino Traffic Arbitrage

 2. Types of Deductions in the iGaming Offer

 3. Avatar of the Target Audience

 4. Ways of Pouring Traffic to the Casino

   4.1. Search Engines

   4.2. Teaser Networks

   4.3. Push Notifications

   4.4. Social Networks

   4.5. Video Hosting

 5. Conclusion

Casino arbitration is a popular and highly profitable niche in the online segment, a so-called “plum”. The arbitration methods are often used in gambling for the stable attraction of a solvent audience. Further in this article, we will tell you more about the features of such an interaction pattern.

Casino Traffic Arbitrage

Online casino traffic arbitrage

The efficiency of conducting the IGaming business is often measured with the help of KPI metrics. The calculation of financial and human KPI indicators is based on online casino traffic. This is the number of gamblers who visit a gaming site for a certain period.

The purpose of the visit may be different: curiosity, registration on the website, and making the first deposit. Those users who had previously registered but for some reason stopped playing also fall into the described category. When they visit the resource again, it automatically increases casino traffic.

Casino arbitration is the profit received by reselling Internet traffic. In this case, virtual gamblers act as a kind of “product”. The number of their visits is bought on one site and resold on another one, which is related to iGaming.

The process is based on referral links. Users click on such links on a “cheaper” website and are automatically redirected to the online casino.

Types of Deductions in the iGaming Offer

Casino arbitration is based on the interaction between the customer and the operator. The role of the contractor may be played both by the online casino itself and the intermediary company that provides marketing services.

Arbitrators are private webmasters or intermediary firms. They promote the resource with the use of a variety of affiliate programs, advanced CPA networks, and other tools to attract traffic on the Internet.

A well-thought-out offer in gambling allows both operators and arbitrator to earn money. The benefit of the casino is the increase in conversion, which automatically affects the profitability of the gambling establishment.

As for the operators, their earnings depend on the cooperation scheme that is used:

  • The basis of CPA (Cost Per Action) is a fixed calculation for each new user registered on the website. This approach is beneficial for webmasters since it allows them not to worry about the quality of the attracted audience.
  • Calculation according to CPL (Cost Per Lead) involves payment for each deposit made by the gambler. As a rule, this refers to beginners and their first deposits. Some schemes provide for deductions for all subsequent money transfers to the account of the platform.
  • According to the revenue share methods, the arbitrator’s award is proportional to the amount of income that the casino received from the attracted audience. Each gambler is analysed: if he constantly wins, the operator will automatically go into the red, as well as the webmaster.

Arbitrators like to work according to the CPA scheme, and business owners prefer the second and third types of cooperation. To launch a profitable affiliate program and get high casino traffic, you need to offer conditions that are equally beneficial for both parties.

An important point is that arbitrators themselves invest in advertising. It is important for them that the income from the affiliate program covers all advertising expenses.

Avatar of the Target Audience

It is difficult to pour traffic to the casino without understanding the target audience.

The audience that can bring good money to the casino can be divided into two groups:

  1. Self-sufficient visitors who play only for their own pleasure. Their approach to the selection of the platform is rational, and you will not attract them with instant wins. Instead, you can focus on the licensed software and transactions with a minimum commission.
  2. Gamblers who are prone to ludomania. You need to work with them carefully, especially in those jurisdictions where there is an active struggle against ludomania. It is very easy to attract such users: just offer them good welcome bonuses.

Both groups have stable earnings above the average. They have enough money for everyday spending and different kinds of entertainment (bowling, slots at gaming sites, etc.).

Experts do not recommend anyone to use casino traffic arbitrage involving those people for whom iGaming is the main source of income. They carefully consider each bet, are afraid to make large deposits and are not ready to spend money on gambling. An operator, like a webmaster, simply will not be able to earn on such an audience.

Ways of Pouring Traffic to the Casino

Pouring traffic to the casino

Arbitration of casino traffic is a comprehensive work with all available sources. This is the only way to achieve the expected result. Many webmasters are focused on one or two channels, and other sources are used only as an addition to the main ones.

Below, we will consider the most popular sources that make the target audience interested:

Search Engines

This is a traditional conversion method, which brings the highest quality and solvent traffic to the casino. At the same time, you need to invest money in the creation of a good informative website, hire designers and copywriters, and take care of the rent of hosting. Without financial investments, in the beginning, it will be almost impossible to do all this. If everything is done correctly, the resource will quickly pay off.

To promote your ideas via search engines, you need to skillfully avoid blocking; especially if gambling is banned in a particular country. Cloaking will help you to overcome this problem (from the English word “cloak”). Special software (for example, a TDS tracker) demonstrates different options of one page to search engines and real users, which helps to bypass blocking.

Teaser Networks

Casino arbitration involves the use of an additional link in the chain — pre-landing. Potential customers visit this link before the move to an online casino page and make the first deposit. Accordingly, the page should be bright and catchy so that gamblers immediately want to play their favourite slot machines.

This way of attracting users often requires preliminary testing of the system. Several pre-landings are created, and then the most converted one is selected.

If you merge traffic for the casino in such a way, you will be able to get a return on the investment of up to 90%. These are rather modest numbers compared to search engines but there is no need to worry about a possible ban.

Push Notifications

This is a relatively new method that became extremely popular in 2018. In 2020, the trend for using succinct messages is still relevant since it is perfect for the attraction of good visitors.

For the verbiage, they use stories about an ordinary office employee who was lucky enough to hit the jackpot. Some stories describe new effective ways to make money online. To make players not defollow your website, you should not do the newsletter too often: 3 or 4 reminders per week will be enough.

The creation of push notifications can be entrusted to professional marketers. Another option is to work with platforms that specialise in a mass mailing.

Social Networks

Cases on the targeted advertising in social networks provide a stable amount of Internet traffic at minimum cost. However, each platform has its own content placement policy, the features of which must be taken into account. Therefore, here, as in the case of search engines, cloaking can be used.

Casino traffic is often driven by opinion leaders. In iGaming, these are popular bloggers, high rollers (professional players), and people who organise gambling streams. Advertising posts on their pages will be expensive but the costs will quickly pay off due to the increase in customers.

Traditional websites that can be used for the promotion of online casinos are Instagram, Telegram, VKontakte, and Facebook. A huge role in the performance is played by analytics. Without careful analysis, webmasters will pour on bots that will not generate income.

Video Hosting

You can create and promote your own communication channel but it is time-consuming, costly, and a positive result is not always guaranteed. It is much more effective to purchase advertising from bloggers.

You need to understand that bloggers are not marketers, so the prospects that they will make normal advertising are slim. It is safer to independently make the video for 30—40 seconds, and then ask a blogger to paste it into the video for the agreed fee, of course.

The most popular video hosting today is Youtube. It is also worth paying attention to the Twitch online streaming service. The advantage of this method is the easy attraction of traffic abroad. It is enough to know the language and find a popular foreign blogger.


Arbitration as a way to increase income

Casino traffic arbitrage is a common way of making money on the Internet. The benefit of the casino lies in the increased conversion of players, which provides a good income. Webmasters who deal with the audience referral also get decent rewards.

The attraction of traffic to a gaming site is the most important stage of the brand’s promotion.

Bett-Market specialists will help you to understand all the nuances of working with the target audience and create for you an attractive marketing strategy.

From us, you can order a turnkey online casino. The turnkey solution has an integrated affiliate program, which increases the conversion of the website in the first days after the launch of the project.

To learn more about effective advertising, you can contact our manager:

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