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Facebook for Casinos: an Excellent Way to Drive Traffic

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Facebook is a promising source of the solvent gambling audience. It is very interesting, profitable, and simple to work with the platform. The main thing is to master the basic skills of planning a marketing campaign. The second option is to turn to Bett-Market experts. They will be glad to help you.

Advantages of Promoting Gambling Projects on Facebook

Casino promotion on Facebook: advantages

Facebook casino advertisement is a promising niche that will become more popular in the future. We would like to highlight the following benefits of the promotion of iGaming via this social network:

Broad Audience

Most gamers have pages on Facebook. The majority of them are men aged 25–55 with a stable, above-average income. Such people prefer to enjoy the gameplay even more than to ​​hit jackpots and improve their financial situation.

It is rather simple to interact with such an audience, especially if the marketer will know how to “pull the strings” of consumer demand. Gamblers are happy to have fun and play virtual roulette or a game in the form of a slot machine. The main thing is to make them a tempting offer on time.

Working with Foreign Players

The best source for attracting solvent traffic is the international one. For example, via such social networks as Facebook. The task of operators is to create the right advertising campaign and avoid running a business in those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited at the legislative level.

Fast Payback

Facebook casino advertising is not the most budget option. But no matter how much money operators spend, it always pays off with interest.

To achieve success in the shortest possible time, it is important to correctly organise the promotion process. Facebook online casino advertising is allowed with the help of experienced specialists (both private webmasters and large agencies) or it can be done independently by platform owners.

Compliance with the Trends

Facebook casino advertisement is one of the main trends of the last 4 years. Today, the refusal to promote projects on this social network is not a wise decision.

Facebook for casino websites is a perfect provider of solvent clients, especially when the platform is so popular.

Facebook Traffic Arbitrage

Facebook casino promotion: traffic arbitrage

Facebook casino promotion is closely related to arbitrage. This is the purchase of traffic (gamers) on one internet page (FB) and its resale to another (a gaming site).

Traffic is redirected by affiliates. These can be individuals (freelancers who decide to earn extra money on the Web) or well-known companies that offer affiliate programs.

The advantage of arbitrage for entrepreneurs is that they pay only for a specific result. Adjustment of advertising and all related costs are the responsibility of their partners. Therefore, the main goal is to ensure that the final payment made by business owners exceeds the expenditures for launching a marketing project.

Facebook casino advertising provides the following payment methods for the services of affiliates:

  1. CPL (Cost Per Lead). Operators pay for each registered customer. At the time of registration, gamblers need to enter personal data and confirm their e-mail. Only after that, the profile is considered valid, which means that it will bring good commissions to the webmaster.
  2. CPA (Cost Per Action). In the gambling niche, this is a payment for the fact that a user makes the first deposit. More detailed cooperation conditions depend on the signed contract. It is possible to set a commission for both the first transaction and each subsequent deposit. The task of entrepreneurs is to reserve the minimum size of the replenishment based on the average market indicators.
  3. Revenue Share (RevShare). In this case, business owners pay the webmaster a certain percentage of the profit. The calculations are based on the income that was brought to the casino by the attracted users.

Arbitrators prefer to work with the first 2 schemes because of more loyal requirements for traffic quality. Operators, in turn, benefit from the third option. It is designed only for a wealthy audience and always brings a decent income to gambling projects.

There are also offers with mixed cooperation schemes. As a rule, this is a combination of CPL + CPA, that is, payment for the registration and the first deposit.

Indicators of Effective Promotion

Regardless of which payment model entrepreneurs chose, they need to understand the main Facebook casino promotion metrics.


Brief description

Conversion Rate (CR)

Conversion from the registration to the first deposit and from the first transaction to the second replenishment of funds.

The parameter is used for the initial assessment of the quality of traffic. Operators need to know who the attracted user is. The spread is huge: from an ordinary student to a real gamer who is ready to play and make a profit for the resource

Size and standardisation of deposits

Basically, the volume of transactions is commensurate with the smallest deposit. It is prescribed in the contract based on the average performance in the niche.

Among the flow of minimum payments, there should be large investments from gamblers. The optimal ratio: 80% for the smallest transfers, 20% — for large ones

Activity and behaviour on the platform

The number of one-time user accounts or players who prefer the minimum bets is tracked.

If 90% of attracted traffic is like this, then operators will need to think about the affiliate program’s payback

Customer interaction via e-mail newsletter

It is worth estimating the percentage of confirmed addresses and the percentage of open messages from the casino.

The loyal audience always responds to messages from an online platform. The optimal indicator is 70% of open e-mails followed by a relevant link

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on investment is calculated as the ratio of the profit received to the amount of funds paid to the webmaster.

The indicator is estimated 1–1.5 months after the first deposit from the customer. In this case, it is important to predict how much money traffic will bring in the long run

There are also many other individual indicators related to behavioural factors. Here, a lot depends on the personal tasks that business owners set for the affiliate.

Targeted Casino Advertising on Facebook

Targeted casino advertising on Facebook

Targeting (from the English word “target”) fits perfectly into the concept of promotion through social platforms. Unlike direct and contextual advertising, in this case, the activity is aimed only at the core market.

The promotion strategy is built in such a way that more than 90% of the audience will be interested in the offered service. All ads are personalised as much as possible. This allows operators to quickly attract the attention of users and increase the clickthrough rate of the banner.

The principle of working with targeting can be divided into 3 simple steps:

  1. Collection of information. At this stage, it is important to obtain the most complete and reliable data on users that was provided when they registered their accounts. Such an appendix as additional information can be gathered from the user's current interests: subscriptions, comments, status in communities, and other activities within the social network.
  2. Creation of a portrait of the target audience. For this, special programs are used. They allow entrepreneurs to quickly form the image of the target audience. In the process of promotion on FB, Facebook Ads Manager is often used. Good opportunities are provided by such services as SimilarWeb, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Yandex.Metrica.
  3. Generation of an advertisement. The marketing message is created based on the data obtained in the previous stages. The ad should be as clickable as possible: have a good picture, a catchy message, a minimum of text, and a link to visit the gambling resource.

Facebook is the only network where the targeting option automatically adjusts to the audience based on similar basic queries. All the work is done by FB itself, so the intervention of the webmaster is not needed here.

This kind of assistance from the platform helps to increase conversion by 20% or more. It is possible to pour traffic to both mobile applications and desktop websites.

Cooperation with Opinion Leaders

It means interaction with professional gamers and popular bloggers (who have 5 thousand followers and more). The advertiser pays for the publication of a post about an online casino on the influencer’s page.

Operators can prepare the material independently or order this service from a blogger. In any case, the post should be capacious, catchy, and contain a referral link and an attractive title.

An excellent solution would be an audience with recommendations from a famous gambler. Typical stories about a resident of a small town who miraculously won a big prize in a casino also work well.

The Legitimacy of Promotion on Facebook

This is a controversial issue. However, the official position of the platform has remained unchanged for several years: Facebook casino promotion is allowed.

Moreover, each businessman must obtain a written permit to promote iGaming projects. It is issued by the administration of the website that must previously study the information on operators. In the absence of permission, all publications, without exception, can be banned by the moderators.

Also, the posted content should be directed only to those countries where gambling is considered legal. This is almost all of Europe and Asia, except for the Middle East and China. Entrepreneurs do not need to focus on the citizens of the United States, despite the welfare of the local population.

As for Australia and Canada, much depends on the specific regions. There are provinces where gambling is legal, and there are those where it is strictly prohibited.

It is worth remembering that whichever country operators pay attention to, their services should be provided only to adults.

The Main Things about Using FB for Casino Marketing

The platform is a reliable source of solvent traffic. You may launch a campaign both independently and with the help of skilled specialists. The most important thing is to determine the target.

The Bett-Market aggregator company offers professional services aimed at promoting gambling resources. We can develop an individual concept for each project, taking into account its features and regional characteristics.

From our team, it is also possible to order a turnkey casino. The product, in addition to high-quality software and a well-thought-out payment module, has a built-in affiliate program. This option will greatly facilitate the promotion of a gaming site in the future.

For all questions about the gambling industry, please contact our managers!

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