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Fixed Matches Can Be Considered Cheating

Article writer: Elliot Clark

According to historians, such a phenomenon appeared in ancient Greece. During the famous Olympic Games held there, both judges and athletes were bribed, and the victory was awarded to Emperor Nero.

Today, match-fixing also takes place. It happens when the opponents agree on a certain game outcome in advance. However, can contractual matches always be called fraud? And are their dealers honest when they offer information on the Internet? Find out the answers in this article.

Fixed matches and betting: general info

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The Main Types of Match-Fixing

This phenomenon is not just about online scammers offering gullible users easy and cheap payoffs. There are much more sides, for example:

  1. Winning over a weak opponent. In this case, a stronger participant practically buys a victory to save their energy for a more serious championship. Only a few people most interested in it know about such bribery. Often, it is team management. As for the athletes, they may not even have a clue that the match is fixed.
  2. Zero-sum games. For example, a draw can be beneficial for both parties in the last round of the championship since only in this case the teams do not lose. Athletes do not even have to agree with this because everything happens without saying, and they stop the real competition and calmly finish the match as soon as the score suits them.
  3. Games for the exchange of points. It happens when teams decide between each other before the season’s opening that one of them wins in some home match and then loses at the opponent’s stadium. Such actions can be performed by several squads united by the same goal. They are called “pools”, and exchanged points are selected in advance. This system may be needed for the teams that want to survive in the world sports arena.
  4. Matches in debt. When one squad gives the other points in one round to return them in another. It loses to the opponent on the condition that they fail in some other game. Thus, the team gets to the top of the ratings thanks to the accumulated debts.
  5. Sale of an athlete. The transfer of a football player from one club to another can lead to a situation where the first crew is “rewarded” with some number of points when meeting with the second (for a football player, so to speak).

Thus, the phenomenon can be considered a dishonest procedure, but it is difficult to call it a crime.

Who Is Interested in Match-Fixing

Fixed matches: organisers

Apart from the hosts of events, the process is beneficial for bookmakers who receive huge amounts of money for sports predictions. Sometimes, wagering companies can turn out to be the organisers of fixed matches.

In this case, users place football bids, for example, based on the odds set by the bookmakers, and then, the favourite team suddenly starts losing. As a result, the betting brand earns millions of dollars.

There are several other ways in which the outcomes of matches can be affected, and this is connected with the possibility of wagering during the game itself. The media claim that football, tennis, volleyball, and almost all sports have long been corrupted, and it is done by bookmakers and their match-fixing actions.

That is why gamblers should pay attention to the betting company’s reputation and feedback on it. The market is full of reliable and fair platforms providing high-quality service.

Fraud in the Field of Sports Predictions

There are plenty of fixed matches sold on the Internet, especially on social networks. Dishonest people claim that they know valuable information about the tournaments that take place all over the world, but this is simply impossible.

After all, the owner of such data would no longer be surfing the Internet with such offers. They would live somewhere in the villa on the French Riviera, having quietly sold the particular info once in a lifetime.

It is important to understand that no matter how passionately such sellers promise relevant data, no matter what arguments they give, they cannot be trusted. There are several reasons for it:

  • If a contractual match is held, only a few people know about this. Such information is never disclosed.
  • Even if a person claims that the data came to him from a reliable source, you should ask yourself: how would this “source” know the truth?
  • Even if the information was made public among dealers, it would not cost $10 or even $500 — this is not the money for a whistle-blower of such a high rate.
  • A fixed match cannot be sold by the organiser directly since he knows firsthand how it threatens operations. Such an action would provoke an international scandal (and this is not the worst thing).

How Fraudsters Work on the Internet

Usually, they send information about one fixed match to dozens of people. If it turns out to be reliable, scammers expect the next “tips” will be paid as well. This is an almost win-win strategy: the first 10 offerings are on the victory of the home team, the second group — the victory of the guests, and the third one — on a draw.

In any case, the outcome will turn out to be valid for 10 people to whom the fraudster will sell the data more expensively next time. The rest are deceived, but it does not matter to the scammer anymore, and they are excluded from the list. Instead, several “customers” still stay. They are also divided into groups, and the scheme is used once again. As a result, 3 people remain who already believed the scammer, and they buy a fixed match again, etc.

If the informant is wrong in their predictions, they will quite professionally explain the reason for the accidentally unfulfilled forecast. Surprisingly, some people will believe it. It happens that such fraud can be uncovered. But a delinquent can just come up with another nickname on the Internet and start a new series of match-fixing sales.

There are also more "professional" scammers who, for a certain fee, promise the outcome of the match in a secret password-protected archive file. It creates an intriguing atmosphere. The buyer receives such data that needs to be opened correctly, but they are promised to get a password later (which never happens).

The Main Things about Match-Fixing

By offering “win-win” strategies and football predictions for small amounts of money, fraudsters rely on inexperienced users. That is why it is important to remember that fixed matches trade on the Internet is always a scam.

To learn more about the nuances of the industry, you can turn to the Bett-Market studio. We offer the most high-quality gambling solutions at favourable prices. With our company, you can provide your clients with honest winnings and a safe gaming experience.

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