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eSports and Fantasy Tournaments: What Is the Difference

Article writer: Elliot Clark

These 2 phenomena have some similarities: they operate on the Internet. However, the concepts are completely different.

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World of Tanks video game

These are video game competitions that take place between gamblers in the online space. The tournaments are held in virtual reality, and the plots are fascinating storylines, similar to those offered in digital casinos. The main characters are looking for treasures, and warriors fight in fierce battles, destroying enemies and solving logic puzzles.

eSports professionals compete with each other: they can play alone, together, or in teams. Gradually, video solutions became more and more popular, competitions began to be held on the Internet rather often, and teams joined into large groups. Today, the most famous gamblers play Counter-Strike and World of Tanks.

Where Did eSports Come from?

eSports: basic features

The very first was the Doom2 game, which is considered the prototype of this discipline. The plot is based on battles with alien monsters who want to conquer the Earth and humans.

Players have a rather difficult task to save their planet from the hordes of invaders, showing ingenuity, courage, and technical skill. Only the athlete who is well prepared and already has enough experience in such battles can win.

Today, there are a huge number of cyber games with a wide variety of storylines and virtual spaces:

  • “deadly” tank battles;
  • fights with terrorist groups;
  • racing competitions, etc.

For more efficient differentiation, the developers came up with the division of video products into classes, the rank of which depends on the number of playing professionals and fans, as well as the size of prizes received during the year. Thus, Tier 1 and Tier 2 disciplines appeared, and each of them includes certain games.

eSports, like other traditional sectors, host world-class championships. Moreover, the organisers of such competitions are already introducing doping control into mandatory requirements after it became known that one of the teams used drugs. They increased vigilance, balancing the mind and relieving fatigue.

Every year, the cybersports field acquires new features that bring it closer to many other disciplines. Today, there is already a classification of athletes according to hierarchies, a schedule of training and tournaments, and the obligation to pay prize money to the winners. Moreover, users are provided with an opportunity to watch the competitions live.

In 2011, the prize fund was about 1.6 million dollars but in 2015, it was already $18 million, and by the end of this year, it will exceed $20 million.

Fantasy Solutions

Fantasy sport: general info

Unlike eSports, which are not associated with any real competition, fantasy tournaments depend on real athletes who participate in real sports events. In this sphere, customers form a virtual team from the offered prototypes of players. Real professionals will also appear on the field (ring, court), and the victory or defeat of the virtual team will depend on their performance.

Everything in fantasy sports meets the rules and requirements adopted in each discipline:

  • the number of people in a team;
  • penalty points;
  • bonuses, and so on.

Thus, in fantasy football, punters recruit 11 athletes, not always famous ones but those who they like best. During the competition, the real team either wins by scoring points or is defeated. Everything depends on the scored points.

To receive good money, it is important for gamblers to know the nuances of the real sport and its participants, as well as to have Lady Fortune on their side. However, there is a possibility of an unexpected result that no one assumes. In any case, fantasy sport is loved by millions of people all over the world and is gaining popularity at a tremendous speed.

What Is New in the Niche?

Those who choose this entertainment have an opportunity to play football, volleyball, hockey, biathlon, and baseball at different times of the year and in various competitions. Compared to the first fantasy games (released in 1991), which could only be football matches and only during the warm season, modern tournaments of this kind can be arranged at any time.

The organisers did this to speed up the turnover of funds. That was when DFS appeared — a daily fantasy sport. In this case, the bookmaker’s clients have the opportunity not to wait for a specific contest but to place bets every day and win.

Another innovation in this area was the emergence of fantasy eSports when players recruit virtual athletes and then everything goes like in any sport:

  • rules;
  • penalties and bonus points;
  • victories;
  • defeats.

In the fantasy gambling niche, team sports have become the most in-demand — football, basketball, hockey, and the world-famous Europa League, NCAA, and NHL. The popularity of championships always depends on the country in which the clients live and on their preferences.

The most famous companies that are professionally involved in fantasy sports are DraftKings and FanDuel. Their websites constantly held competitions.

In 2015, the US authorities announced that both platforms were engaged in gambling activities, and fantasy entertainment was equated with games for money and therefore was prohibited.

Fantasy sport resembles poker competitions where to play on the site, participants must pay a rake — a commission that is charged for betting services, and the amount contributed to the prize pool. Thus, operators receive a certain percentage from each user and earn on this.

The Main Things about the Differences Between the Niches

Fantasy disciplines and cybersports are very similar but their game principles are different.

Common features:

  • the organisation of entertainment on the Internet;
  • compliance with the rules and requirements;
  • leaderboard and penalty points.

Key differences:

  • principles of the game;
  • the level of training of the players;
  • rates.
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