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Virtual Sports: Organising a Web Betting Start-up

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Virtual sports are a technical achievement that every provider is proud to offer. They combine the outcomes of real-time competition and the intelligence and creativity of the operator. All this ultimately increases the desire of customers to bid more, even on a professional basis.

Virtual sports: basic info

The Bett-Market company offers beneficial ways to develop a wagering business. Our team proposes quality software for traditional bookmaker offices, as well as programs for fantasy sports betting. With our help, you can launch a fast-growing and lucrative project.

Basic Information about Virtual Sports

The concept comes from fantasy matches. Their most famous leagues can now be considered the most versatile and basic form of virtual gaming.

Player activity in real-time entertainment helps the provider determine the rules for punters to bet in the future.


Virtual football and other fantasy sports

Virtual sports are not just a more complex and innovative variation of iGaming — this is simulation entertainment. Every operator has proprietary technology for each modulated match.

This has led to the creation of a computer version of games where punters can place bids. Virtual leagues have even been used to replace existing major sports competitions, for example, the simulated team formed during the 2012 American National Hockey strike.

Origins of Fantasy Sports

For a better understanding of their essence, let us start with popular games based on real-time results, depending on the combination of players (fantasy teams). It is collected by every professional punter to participate in the fantasy league offered by the provider.

Further combinations can be diverse, but they must meet the traditional standards of responsible gaming and equal participation in competitions.

Organising Fair Play

In the context of bidding, Betfair defines virtual sports as a list of established coefficients on matches and situations with an RNG (random number generator) to create the results.

All punters can view the same lists and tables with outcomes. After the end of the sporting event, all totals are immediately published, and the betting winnings are paid out.

Attracting Professional Players

Betting on sports: professional players

Experienced bettors are offered unique bidding opportunities. They are different from real-time wagering on regular sports events.


From a technical standpoint, the possibilities are countless and limitless. Virtual events are proprietary under US Patent No. 8360835 B2 as a system that creates computer-based events in digital space. This definition can be interpreted quite broadly.

The patent further explains that a virtual event can be similar to a real one. However, it is created entirely with the help of a computer in the cyber world and is based on statistical criteria.

The Importance of Data

Information has become one of the main components of the fantasy gaming experience. It is also the core object of virtual bidding, which has already become popular among the players of such major bookmaker companies as William Hill, 10bet and Bet365.

The Main Things about Virtual Sports Betting

Experienced punters who enjoy particular matches in reality, can place reasonable bets based on their knowledge of the characteristics and conditions for establishing live statistics. Accordingly, players need to understand not only the rules for placing virtual bets but also the data nuances on which the game was based.

In addition, virtual matches are artificial, while the statistics, on the contrary, are absolutely real.

The Bett-Market company is a prominent aggregator, proposing diverse wagering products. The specialists explain the peculiarities of virtual sports as the most trending area in the iGaming sphere. We also help open a profitable betting business in the short term.

Our firm offers such products for bookmakers:

To successfully enter the wagering industry, contact the Bett-Market manager.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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