1. A Word About the Laws

2. How to Open a Bookmaker's Office From Scratch in Russia?

The feeling of human excitement has made betting a profitable business. It was not born yesterday: the history of this activity is rich and eventful. Even in the time of Ancient Rome, spectators used to put stakes on a particular gladiator. Over time, this field has changed, and now you do not even need to leave the house to check your luck.

Internet bookmakers in Russia

The Internet has allowed developing a new kind of betting: online bookmaking. Even the rates themselves have transformed. While in the past people have mainly been betting on sports, now it also concerns unusual events. The Bett-Market company will tell how to open a bookmaker's office on the Internet in Russia. Bett-Market will also provide help on this issue if there is such a need.

A Word About the Laws

The main thing you need to know about bookmaking in Russia is that it is legal. There are laws regulating the activities of such organisations, but it can be done without stress. This applies to both offline and online modes. Legality is the essential advantage of betting shops compared to other gambling establishments that are banned in the Russian Federation.

The primary document that governs bookmaking in the country is Federal Law No. 244-FZ of December 29, 2006. It states that bookmaking can be conducted outside the gambling zones and that the license is mandatory to operate such business. Also, there are requirements for the organisers, including financial ones.

How to Open a Bookmaker's Office From Scratch in Russia?

You can do it yourself. To achieve it, perform the following actions:

  1. Register a legal entity, for which you will have to visit the Federal Tax Service and provide the necessary documents. This is the usual point for everyone who opens their business.
  2. Next, a license — this is the most vital point. To obtain it in Russia, it is necessary to have more than one billion rubles, which includes the value of assets, authorised capital and bank guarantee. The amount is impressive, is it not?
    There is another option: to register a license for countries that issue them for a less amount of money while being valid all over the world. You can get help with licensing from the companies that specialise in this. For example, you can consult the Bett-Market.
  3. Purchase sportsbook software. It is all clear: you need good software to run any Internet project. For offices, the software must also be protected, so that all data and transactions remain secure. We advise addressing only the trusted sports betting software providers.
  4. Create a website. That is an instrument, with which your customers will interact. Speed, convenient and intuitive interface, modern design and a reliable server are the obligatory conditions.
  5. Connect payment systems for transactions. It is better to choose well-known, time-tested products for sale.
  6. Hire a team that will carry out analytical work. Organising the reception of bets on the Internet the right way is a challenging task. This requires real professionals who would calculate the coefficients and determine the optimal rates.

We have discussed the stages of opening a bookmaker office in Russia independently.  As you can see, the process is rather complicated and may take a lot of time.

How to open a bookmaker's office from scratch in Russia

There are other options:

  • buy a ready-made bookmaker's office, for example, a well-known brand franchise: William Hill, Bet365, 1xBet, etc;
  • order the development of a turnkey institution and software, if you still want a unique iGaming establishment.


It is very convenient to order a project. You do not have to go through all the circles of hell yourself; just choose a suitable option, pay for it and get a ready-made online office in a short time. Such service is in the range of Bett-Market.

The company will not only help you to launch a booking enterprise but will also provide technical support, statistics and various settings. And most importantly, the company’s experience and reputation. Ask the Bett-Market specialist for a free consultation and open your own booking office right now.