1. Winline: Description

2. Winline Franchise: How to Open a Betting Shop?

3. A Few Words About the Advantages of a Bookie Franchise

A franchise is a great way to start an enterprise of your own. This practice exists in the bookmaking business too: many companies offer a connection to their system, help in organising an enterprise, software for sale and other helpful opportunities. One of these franchisors is Winline — perhaps, the most popular and fast-growing betting office in Russia.

Winline bookmaker's franchise

You can buy a Winline betting shop franchise from Bett-Market, a company with vast experience in the business and a considerable range of systems, software and related services.


Winline: Description

Winline is a company offering purchase of a bookie franchise. Winline appeared on the market in 2009. For such a short period, the company mastered both online gambling establishments and land-based offices. Winline is a part of the UbGaming, a group of enterprises that provides services for the bookmaker business. Now Winline focuses its attention and most activities on the Internet.

Advantages of Winline:

  • It is an SRO and is connected to the Interactive Bets Transfer Registration Centre, which indicates the legality of the Winline’sentire activity.
  • Winline has influential partners: the Russian National Association of Bookmakers, UCS and others.
  • If a person wants to bet on sports, Winline is the ideal sportsbook system: it includes all the games and covers 90 countries.
  • A large number of additional features, including the bets: «Life», «Bonus Club», «VIP Club», and the risk management.
  • A great site, convenient, fast and reliable. There is a mobile version of the resource and live broadcasts.
  • A Winline franchise bookie will always be provided with professional technical support from the franchisor.
  • The company's slogan is «Manage the game», which fully corresponds to its work. A partner will be able to control all the processes in the betting shop without any problems thanks to a convenient admin panel, that is, to manage the game of his institution.

Winline Franchise: How to Open a Betting Shop?

The sale of such software is the area of business of Bett-Market. The company quickly and professionally connects new offices to existing systems, allowing you to purchase the right software and providing advice.

How does the process of obtaining a Winline franchise go?

  1. You contact Bett-Market and discuss the details of the cooperation.
  2. If you need a land-based booking business, you need to find a building or a room where the office will be located. Remember that the legislation specifies the peculiar requirements for such an object.
  3. Collect the necessary information to obtain a license, after which the licensee sends the documents to the tax service.
  4. Inspectors conduct inspections and issue a permit is everything is in order.

Consider that at each stage you will be assisted by a Bett-Market specialist, so the work will be done promptly and efficiently. It is important to note the possibility of renting the bookmaker software.

Winline bookie franchise

We Would Like to Say a Few Words About the Advantages of a Bookie Franchise as Such:

  • It does not require any modifications; this product is 100% ready for work.
  • Bookmaker business can be conducted absolutely legally; it is enough to get a license. The franchisor provides an opportunity for sub-licensing, meaning that the franchise includes a license.
  • There is no need to invest in the brand and its development; it is already well-known and recognisable.
  • The franchisor assists the new company in conducting activities providing high-quality legal, financial and organisational advice, as well as its own business schemes for use.
  • The cost of the franchise is lower than the independent launch of an enterprise, and the payback is fairly quick.
  • Minimal risks in launching a new project: there is already a finished script to base the work on. Besides, let us not forget about outside help.

Using a franchise scheme to open a betting shop is really convenient. Yes, there are conditions of connection, as in any other area. However, you will receive a functioning profitable project in a short period and with relatively small financial injections. This is easier than buying a script or developing a booking office from scratch, although these options also have their advantages.


With Bett-Market you can choose any of the listed options and launch your betting business without delay.