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Is It Worth Investing in the eSports Betting Niche?

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Bett-Market specialists compare cyber and traditional sports betting and see why participants in the gambling market should invest in eSports platforms.

From us, you can order a turnkey development of profitable wagering projects.

General Information

League of Legends betting: basic info

Gambling on sports events is a huge industry where the volume of bids is estimated at $3 trillion, and 65% of them are spent on wagering on football matches alone. Even though eSports betting is nowhere near that level, analysts predict that it will exceed $5.48 billion by 2029.

The cyber wagering niche will certainly become a big part of the market as a whole, which will shake the traditional bookmaker’s sphere.

A typical betting business involves 4 categories of bids:

  1. On matches.
  2. On certain events.
  3. On the victory of a virtual team.
  4. On micro-occasions (like a penalty shoot-out in a football game).

In the eSports niche, bids can also be placed on:

  1. Matches.
  2. Events.
  3. Virtual teams.
  4. Roulette.

As for the cyber sports industry, there is no wagering on micro-events. Putting money on the results of the rotation of a roulette wheel is quite a lucrative option but the niche is already saturated.

Range of Bids

Let us take a look at an extensive list of what punters can bet on:

  • who will win the fifth round;
  • who will bleed first;
  • which team will have more shot-stopping, etc.

Operators can expand the range of offered bids, and it will be very profitable since at the moment, no one has done it yet.

Some entertainment sites combine social and eSports gambling. The community element may be based on users playing against other people in the digital world. In games like CSGO, participants enjoy talking about how good they are.

It would be an excellent idea for eSports to create a platform where people would bet on paid elements of the game. One site is already doing this but it uses Bitcoin instead of real funds. It is necessary to use skins as a currency for the placement of bids in order to make such an idea successful. Usually, every participant in these interactive games has several skins, which are provided randomly at the end of each round.

As with roulette resources, gamblers will be charged a small commission for every transaction. This makes the idea accessible to a wider audience, and if you start implementing it now and investing in the promotion of such a business, then most likely, it will be a path to success.

Offline Events and Games

CSGO betting: popular area

The majority of large betting sites do not care about many of the events that take place offline: LoL Worlds, CSGO Majors, or The International in DotA 2. By gambling on who wins the tournament, players can also wager on how many rounds it will last. Surprisingly, people do not take advantage of this when placing bids for real money.

The difficulty in some eSports products can be their number. There is offline and digital entertainment, sometimes with one team playing 3 or 4 matches per night in different tournaments. It is rather complicated to keep track of everything for an online bookmaker, so it might be better to focus either on offline competitions or just on top teams.

Every cybersports game has a Top 10 category. To correctly choose gambling products, it is worth selecting a list that you consider the most suitable and trustworthy.

The Main Things about Investing in eSports

The bookie industry is very wide, and it generates large revenues. Experts believe that cybersports can easily find their place in this vast field. Not all areas have room for this sector but we have identified a few where they can make a splash and fill potential gaps in the market. We have seen some major brands enter it, like William Hill, but the corporation has not made any significant investments yet.

The first betting shop to enter this industry, contribute, and choose the right policy, will benefit by outdoing the small and medium-sized businesses, operating in this area.

To learn more about the betting segment and order high-quality gambling solutions, please contact Bett-Market specialists. We offer such services as the development of sportsbook platforms from scratch, marketing promotion, etc.

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