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Olimp Sportsbook in Kazakhstan: Open a Successful Betting Project

Article writer: Elliot Clark
The sportsbook industry is a promising business area with record payback rates. Many entrepreneurs are interested in the profitability of the bookmaker and sweepstakes niche.

Betting business in Kazakhstan: general info

Excitement is an essential element of every person's life. That is why more than 60% of people have visited gambling establishments at least once in their lives. Around 40% of the world's inhabitants are regular users of the services provided by casinos and bookmakers. Sports betting is the key to successful investing. It is popular in the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, including the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bett-Market specialists have collected comprehensive information about the nuances of opening gaming halls and developing online gambling projects in the country.

Kazakh Gambling Market: Brief Information

The total volume of the country's entertainment sector reached $34 million in 2017. The amount of income is 8% higher than the previous year.

Here are some quick facts about wagering in Kazakhstan:

  • the Gambling Act (2007) practically does not control the betting sphere;
  • casinos and slot machine halls are under the strictest state control (operators can provide their services exclusively on the territory of certain zones);
  • betting shops are located in every city and village (more than 1022 facilities are operating in the country);
  • only 2% of Kazakhstan’s population takes part in real-money betting.

Sports bidding in the state is an unexplored and vast territory for foreign investors.

Launching a Betting Business from Scratch in Kazakhstan: Key Tips

An individual project is a costly enterprise with no minimum guarantees of success.

An entrepreneur should first take care of finding suitable premises (since 2015, opening betting shops in residential buildings is prohibited), buying equipment, hiring staff and obtaining a permit.

To register a business, an operator needs to prepare the following documents:

  • an application to the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • documents proving the identity of the operator or a notarized power of attorney;
  • a payment certificate on a licence fee;
  • a paper on the availability of the relevant building or its part with the right of ownership (the chosen location must comply with the established norms of the sanitary-epidemiological and fire authorities);
  • a certificate about the availability of equipment and devices for organising betting;
  • detailed information about the rules of the establishment, and a description of the services provided (the document must be submitted in the Kazakh language);
  • an agreement with a banking institution;
  • the availability of an insurance deposit of at least 40,000 MCI.

The independent launch of the project also requires a significant amount of knowledge in the financial, analytical and legislative fields.

How to Open a Betting Office in Kazakhstan: Legislative Aspects

Since 2017, the authorised regulatory body, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has been actively promoting a whole package of innovations and adjustments. They are designed to make a significant change in the current situation of the local wagering market.

The government has proposed a provision to ban betting on all events except for real sports. The innovation concerns:

  • bidding on outcomes generated by special computing devices;
  • bets that are offered as prize draws to promote sales.

In addition, any form of visualisation of gambling processes is banned, apart from the direct broadcast of matches and championships. Despite several legislative innovations, sports betting will never lose its relevance in Kazakhstan.

The optimal solution for starting a successful and lucrative business in the state is cooperation with the Bett-Market company.

Our experts will prepare a project that will be an excellent investment, regardless of the current situation in Kazakhstan. With Bett-Market, you can offer the most attractive and profitable gambling entertainment.

Olimp Sportsbook: The Best Offer for Operators

Olimp bookmaker office: development path

To open the proprietary betting office, it is necessary to explore the features of the firm's development and general information about the brand:

  1. The Olimp trademark provides services in the Republic of Kazakhstan and started its history in 2004. The company is considered one of the largest players in the betting market of the CIS countries.
  2. The brand has an official site translated into many languages of the world, although the vast majority of users are Kazakh-speaking audiences. Offline branches of the company are located in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other regions of the post-Soviet space.
  3. Olimp works with gambling licences from Malta and South Africa. The official brand operator in Kazakhstan is Alpha-Bet LLP with permission No. 389 issued by the local authorised body.
  4. In 2018, the firm was recognised as the main partner of the Olymp-PFL and Olymp-FNL championships. The bookmaker actively collaborates with almost all existing sports federations.
  5. The system users are offered the following sports: 3 types of football competitions (classic, Australian and American), hockey matches, rugby and about 17 types of individual disciplines. Fans of gambling entertainment can bet on the outcomes of tournaments in tennis, cycling, and boxing.
  6. A distinctive feature of the Olimp bookmaker platform is the ability to make minimum deposits. The amount of the bet can be no more than 10 minimal banknotes.
  7. The bookmaker brand offers a very rich event line. The users of the service have access to games in a live format and online competitions. The matches calendar is automatically updated by the resource monitoring system.
  8. The company provides welcome bonuses for each new user. To receive a pleasant cash gift, there is no need to replenish an account. A player only needs to go through the registration and identification procedure.

The strengths of the betting services from Olimp are the following:

  • a multilingual resource (more than 10 language versions);
  • a wide range of wagers with the ability to bid at any time of the day;
  • an easy-to-use interface with individual settings;
  • a multicurrency service (the site offers the most popular payment systems);
  • multi-stage security that guarantees the protection of participants' data;
  • constant promotions and bonuses to attract the audience;
  • mobile service availability.

Olimp Bookmaker Project in Kazakhstan: Franchise Advantages

Olimp sportsbook software: franchise pros

In addition to significant cost savings at the initial stage of business development, the Olimp betting solution has the following benefits:

Saving time on launching the project

The collaboration program allows operators to minimise financial investments and open a bookmaker office in the shortest possible time.

For a fixed price, an entrepreneur receives a comprehensive project that is completely ready

Franchise work under a famous brand

An operator does not need to spend money and time on promoting the establishment.

Your betting agency will provide services under the name of an existing company with a reliable and positive reputation

High business profitability

With minimal investment, the payback period of the project is from 2 to 6 months

Possibility of using finished products

In contrast to starting from scratch, the Olimp betting franchise provides the opportunity to use ready-made software with a well-thought-out design and a full set of marketing tools

Qualified support service

Any issues related to business activities and user assistance are resolved as quickly as possible.

The company offers an individual approach to each client and guarantees mutually beneficial conditions for all franchisees interested in receiving a stable source of income

The Main Things about Starting the Olimp Sportsbook in Kazakhstan

By contacting Bett-Market, you will receive:

  • a comprehensive set of solutions and services for the launch and productive development of betting projects of any format;
  • detailed consultation from the specialists about creating beneficial offerings for every client;
  • a branded wagering assortment that includes the best bookmaker software, solutions for conducting live broadcasts, up-to-date partner programs and much more.
We offer a turnkey sportsbook solution, which includes a project design elaboration, software integration, full legal assistance, operational technical support and customisation options.

You can also order the development of a business strategy, and a large-scale advertising campaign to promote your establishment. It is possible to obtain a licence in foreign jurisdictions with our assistance.

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