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Starting a Bookmaker Office in Kazakhstan: Nuances and Benefits

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The gambling sector has always been an encouraging business direction with a fast payback. While the organisation of gaming projects is under strict control or even a complete ban almost everywhere, betting projects get all the benefits.

Kazakh market is no exception — its bookmaker offices are approved as one of the greatest sources of income for the treasury, as well as an interesting sector for investment.

Betting business in Kazakhstan: basic info

Cooperating with Bett-Market, you get a complete set of tools for opening your project. Our specialists will make your start-up competitive in Kazakhstan and worldwide.

Kazakh Bidding Sector: Industry Overview

The development of local gaming institutions began in the 90s. For several years, the sphere grew almost uncontrollably. Severe legal regulation of the sector came into force in 2007. It stabilised the situation, turning gambling into a permanent source of state revenue.

2007 was a turning point for the sports betting segment. The law prohibited the operation of casinos, so bidding sites became the only gambling entertainment available to a mass audience.

Opening a legal bookie office in Kazakhstan is simple as the government provides the most loyal conditions:

  1. Network of betting shops covers all the country's cities. At the same time, the casino is forbidden to open outside of 2 reservations: Kapshagay and Borovoye.
  2. The local market provides competitive conditions for obtaining a licence for wagering activities. In Kazakhstan, there is a single permit for both offline objects and online services.
  3. There are no taxes on player winnings.

Legal Framework

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the state is the accredited body for the management of the regional gambling industry. In 2014, the local apparatus attempted to evict not only casinos but also existing bookmakers to special areas.

The main goal of the amendment was stricter control and the reorganisation of betting as a source of government income. Although the project was rejected, there was a gradual increase in tax rates for running the business.

Following the new amendments to the taxation system, the current rates are as follows:

  • table — 10,869.61 US dollars (x1,660 monthly settlement);
  • automatic — 392.88 US dollars;
  • offline bookmaker office — 1,964.39 US dollars per cash register;
  • electronic cash system of the betting shop — 19,643.88 US dollars.

The result exceeded the wildest expectations. In 2017, the state treasury was replenished by 1,361,322 US dollars, while in 2018, the industry generated a quantity of 2,722,644 banknotes. In total, the bookmaker segment provided about 10,000 people with jobs.

Licensing Nuances in Kazakhstan

Obtaining permits is a relatively cheap and fast process. A novice entrepreneur must provide a package of papers that contain the following information:

  • an identity card;
  • confirmation of paying a licence commission;
  • a document on the premises and hardware for conducting activities;
  • copies of business deals with security companies;
  • an extensive description of the rules of the organisation;
  • a bank contract;
  • an application.

The documentation must be submitted only in the Kazakh language.

To enter into a contract with a bank, an entrepreneur needs to have at least 244,800 US dollars in capital. The amount is transferred to a separate account with the condition of issuance on demand and is used to pay out winnings.

The annual licence fee is 3,900 US dollars (except for the first year of the project operation).

The permit is valid for 10 years from the issue date.

Operator's Responsibilities

For legal work in the country, businessmen need to buy a local licence and comply with such requirements:

  1. Cash registers and gambling zones of the bookie shop must be equipped with video recording systems with a storage capacity for at least 7 days.
  2. The room should have a place dedicated to the rules of the venue in the Kazakh language.
  3. In the absence of the required amount for payments, the operator is obliged to use the reserve fund.
  4. The operator has to get the necessary hardware and software to perform the following actions: accepting bids, accounting for receipts, data processing, and controlling payouts.
  5. It is important to obtain the equipment to monitor participants and the outcome of events on which money bets are made.
  6. Bids must be accepted only through the relevant cash registers.
  7. Information on the movement of funds is provided to the authorised bodies at least every 6 months.

Ways for Account Replenishment

A unique feature of Kazakh online resources is the almost complete absence of sites in the local language. The country's population regularly visits foreign services.

A similar situation is observed in the field of deposits. Bookmakers accept both the local currency (tenge) and common banknotes, such as the US dollar and euro.

In digital establishments, bettors can use universal bank cards MasterCard and Visa. Skrill or Neteller e-wallets are also very popular.

Key Approaches to Opening a Kazakh Bookie Office

The most well-known options for starting the business are the following:

Independent launch

An energy-intensive and expensive option that demands a huge amount of knowledge. Without experience in this field, an operator has a low chance of success.

Independently implementing a start-up, the operator has to cope with the following aspects:

  • buying a licence;
  • obtaining legal status;
  • developing an online portal;
  • concluding agreements with software and equipment suppliers;
  • providing technical support and marketing promotion
Betting franchise

An up-to-date solution for entrepreneurs with limited initial capital. An agreement with the parent company allows for obtaining a finished product, as well as a famous and advertised brand for personal use. The owner of the bookmaker’s office does not allocate money for business promotion.

The entrepreneur may also save on the purchase of a licence, technical support of the resource, and the legal aspects of the site.

The main disadvantage of this method is the dependence on the franchise company. Any change in internal policy, brand design, marketing campaign features, and licence clauses automatically affects the operator who has concluded the contract

Turnkey project

This is the most practical option to solve many issues simultaneously. For example, such service from Bett-Market guarantees the following advantages:

  • time saved;
  • high quality of software solutions;
  • competent support at every stage of work.

Our specialists select the most favourable and loyal terms of cooperation for each client

The Main Things about the Betting Business in Kazakhstan

Turnkey bookmaker office: key notions

The country’s wagering sector is actively developing, providing wide opportunities for bookmakers. Bett-Market is a large aggregator with which you may launch a profitable project in Kazakhstan and other promising countries.

Start a profitable bookmaker’s business on favourable terms with us. For more details, feel free to contact our managers.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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