1. What Income From Online Casinos and Offline Locations do the Largest Players in the Market Get?

2. How to Calculate the Average Profit From Online Casinos and Poker Rooms?

3. How to Increase the Profitability of an Online Casino Business Model with the Help of the Relevant Content?

4. How to Increase Profit Margins of Online Casinos: the Main Ways to Promote a Gambling Website

5. Marketing Tools for the Development of a Gambling Project

6. Payment Systems as an Effective Way to Increase an Online Casino’s Profit Margin

7. How to Increase Profitability of Online Casinos with Bett-Market?

Gambling projects are one of the most popular and sought-after sources of permanent income. The amount of online casino profit margins can reach thousands and even millions of dollars. According to experts, by 2020, the total turnover of money in the gambling market will reach sixty billion dollars.

Profit margins of the casino industry

The reasons for the profitability and popularity of online casinos:

  • The rapid development of innovative technologies.
  • A significant increase of the loyalty of users in relation to virtual sites (an interesting fact – the female audience in 2018 was increased by 32%).
  • Restrictions and bans on the activities of land-based gambling establishments.
  • Comprehensive technical support and guarantee of the safety of players’ personal data.
  • A wide range of payment systems.

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What Income From Online Casinos and Offline Locations do the Largest Players in the Market Get?

Bett-Market has prepared a list of the most profitable gambling markets in the world.

Las Vegas Sands

It is considered to be an undeniable leader among all known gambling locations. According to the report of the company, in the first quarter of 2018, its revenues increased by 16.7% and reached 3.58 billion dollars.

The Nevada state

In USA, the Nevada state, the total casino’s profit margin has reached 980 million dollars (in 2017). The total net profit of gambling establishments was 110.3 million dollars, which is 111.3% more than in the previous year.


The income of online casinos and land-based gambling clubs in Asia is growing rapidly. A vivid example is the data presented by the operator Wynn (a US company that provides services in the territory of Macao). During the first half of 2018, the brand has managed to increase its revenues by 300%. The total amount of profit margins is 187.04 million dollars.

The total growth of income in gambling houses of Macao was 18% (approximately 2.6 million dollars).

Russian Federation

According to experts, at the end of 2017, the Russian casino industry has shown results that were almost twice as high as previous ones. The total income from land-based locations was more than 485 million rubles.

How to Calculate the Average Profit From Online Casinos and Poker Rooms?

Gambling establishments on the Internet receive profit from losses of gamblers. The casino’s profit margin can be charged in two main ways:

  1. Payouts in a casino are much lower than the established coefficient.
  2. Payouts are exactly the same as the winning coefficient but the probability of a successful game is reduced.

The main income of the gambling establishment is a taken profit. Even with the highest RTP percentage (95–97%), the company gets its own interest in any case. A simple calculation – the gambling club worked during 30 days, and the total amount of revenues reached 10 million dollars. The net profit is not less than 300 thousand dollars.

Poker rooms pay off in another way. It is possible to receive income from poker clubs in the following ways:

  • The collection of rake from each bank (commission may vary from 3 to 5% depending on the financial policy of the gambling establishment).
  • Monthly recurring fees. A bitter pill usually becomes more sweet thanks to a certain amount of free tokens that are provided for the loyalty.
  • Paid registration for tournaments with a limited number of tables.

According to statistics, one gambler plays from 40 to 70 games per hour. In this case, the amount of rake can be about 1 or 3 dollars. A simple calculation – casinos receive about 1 thousand banks every hour.

On average, the poker room begins to generate income within three months after its launch. The initial capital is about 13 thousand dollars.

How to Increase the Profitability of an Online Casino Business Model with the Help of the Relevant Content?

Content of online casino websites

A wide range of high-quality gaming solutions is the main answer to the question: “How much money does an online casino make each month?” The more opportunities for spending money are provided to gamblers, the higher is the profit of a gambling establishment.

Many modern developers have decided to keep up with new trends in the casino industry, and this strategy has become quite successful.

Among popular trends of the gambling market that allow operators to increase the profit of online casinos significantly, we can name the following:

  • Live casino. An ability to play with a live dealer is now available on every big portal.
  • VR casino. The use of a virtual reality technology allowed developers to create an atmospheric gameplay. Gamblers literally forget about time and the real world, and that is why casinos benefit not only in regards to profit but also because the constant growth of traffic.
  • Telegram casino. The idea to use bots and applications for smartphones is a great way to make money and increase the targeted audience. According to statistics, the mobile gambling market becomes more and more successful. In 2018, mobile casino versions took about 40% of the total turnover of the income of online casino industry.

Bett-Market is ready to provide detailed information on new products in the gambling market and offers relevant products on the most beneficial terms.

How to Increase Profit Margins of Online Casinos: the Main Ways to Promote a Gambling Website

Specialists from Bett-Market have made a list of the most popular and effective methods of the promotion of online gambling establishments:

  • Affiliate programs.
  • Unique content.
  • The purchase of links.
  • Newsletters.
  • Advertising and marketing tools.
  • Cooperation with social networks.
  • Promotions, bonus programs, and jackpots.

Each of the presented methods has a number of advantages and can not only increase traffic indicators but also the level of loyalty of players to the brand.

One of the most popular sections of the advertising is the interaction with social networks (SMM).

The SMM promotion system is an integrated project that includes the following parameters:

  • making out the main goal of the program;
  • formation of the audience;
  • creation of a gambling platform;
  • development of a content strategy;
  • development and implementation of interactive ways to increase activity (bonus programs and promos).

Marketing Tools for the Development of a Gambling Project

A marketing campaign is an important element of the development of a gaming site, and you should never cut corners on it. The effectiveness of advertising directly affects the popularity of the brand, the level of trust of the audience, and the number of visits to the web resource.

The list of basic marketing services that can increase profitability of online casinos includes the following elements:

  • Collection and processing of statistical data and analysis of the needs of the targeted audience.
  • The use of special promotional tools to reach the maximum number of gamblers.
  • Statistics of the efficiency of a campaign.
  • Control of the launch of advertising content and interaction with potential consumers.
  • Automation of analytical systems and tools that are used for keeping of accounts.

Payment Systems as an Effective Way to Increase an Online Casino’s Profit Margin

Payment systems are one of the most important elements of interaction between users and a gambling platform. The more opportunities for depositing and withdrawing funds are there on the resource, the wider is the audience of the gambling establishment.

In addition to standard systems (for example, bank payments via Visa/MasterCard and such e-wallets as WebMoney, Qiwi, and Yandex.Money), such option as the bitcoin payment is very popular today. By paying with cryptocurrency people can avoid commission fees. Also, it guarantees complete confidentiality for each participant of the process.

You find out more information on the most popular payment services and make use of such service as the integration of software for financial transactions by contacting Bett-Market.

How to Increase Profitability of Online Casinos with Bett-Market?

Successful casino business with Bett-Market

The first thing is that experts of this company offer the development of a step-by-step business strategy that will help you to launch a successful and profitable project. A detailed plan of actions will allow you not only to analyse what kind of income can be expected after the opening of a casino but also to prevent undesirable scenarios.

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  • data protection tools;
  • the software for live broadcasts;
  • affiliate programs;
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  • a perfective design maintenance.


If you have any questions on how to purchase the software or how to increase the profitability of your online casino, you can contact us in any way that is convenient for you:

  • by e-mail: manager@bett-market.com;
  • by Skype: bett.market;
  • via the feedback form.