1. The World’s Turnovers and the UK Betting Market Share

2. Who Gambles in the UK?

3. Prospects for Further Development of the UK Betting Market

4. How to go Enter the UK Market with Your Gambling Club?

The British are not only arrogant and sophisticated people but also people with a strong passion for sports betting and gambling. The inhabitants of Foggy Albion are so involved in the betting culture that a desire to surrender to the excitement can be considered as a national characteristic. In the UK, neither politicians, nor the queen, nor internal problems can rob people of their right to bet.

UK online gambling market size

As you know, it is necessary to highlight key points correctly, and any disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. That is exactly what the British government did.

Transparent terms for licensing, adequate taxation, high quality of services — and today the UK sports betting market size is constantly growing, millions of pounds are flowing into the state budget, and the world's best gamblers come to place bets in British bookmaker’s offices.

And the most interesting thing is that even non-residents of the UK can open an online business under a British license. It is you who can become the owner of a profitable gambling establishment on the Internet and earn money on the passion of betters from all over the world. It is possible to find out more about this opportunity during the consultation with specialists from Bett-Market. Fill out an application form, and we will call you back as soon as possible!

The World’s Turnovers and the UK Betting Market Share

The situation in the world

The global online gambling market is growing rapidly. Thus, analysts of RBC provided the facts that in 2003, the gambling industry earned about six and a half billion euro. In 2018, the amount of total revenues has reached forty-five billion euro, and the annual increment was about 10%.

At the same time, different kinds of online entertainment also got their share. Over the same fifteen years, the segment of online gambling clubs has increased from 3% to 12%.

An analysis of trends shows that in the next five years, the numbers ​​will increase by another one and a half times, and the share of online services will reach 15%.

Supremacy of the European market

Despite the fact that we are used to thinking of the United States as of the centre of the global gaming industry, 53% of it was taken by the European market.

Other regions were distributed in the following way:

  • Asia — 26% (including the Middle East);
  • North America — 11%;
  • Oceania — 7%.

It is worth noting that many entrepreneurs from those countries where gambling is strictly prohibited register their companies in the European or Asian regions. That is why statistics are like that.

The British are setting records

As we have already mentioned above, in Britain, sports betting has become the main national entertainment, and therefore, the market is more active, dynamic, and profitable.

Sports betting market in UK

Comparison between France and England is very demonstrative since, in both countries, there is the same number of people — about sixty-seven million. But in France, there are only fifteen operators, and in the UK, there are more than a thousand of them, and the involvement of players is six times higher! Thus, in the British gambling market, even small companies have much higher chances to occupy a niche and earn money.

In total, for the last report period (March 2017 — March 2018), revenues from the organisation and conduct of the gambling business in the UK have reached five billion three million pounds (about six billion euro), and the share of an online sector was 37%. In comparison with the previous year, the profitability has been increased by 4.2%.

The UK online gambling market size

Online casinos and sports betting bring the highest profit to gambling operators.

Fractions of income have distributed as follows:

  1. Online casinos — 54.6% or two billion nine million pounds.
  2. Sports betting — 38.7% or two billion one million pounds.
  3. Bingo — 3.1% or one hundred sixty-four million eight hundred thousand pounds.
  4. Stock exchange rates — 3% or one hundred sixty-one hundred thousand pounds.
  5. Other types of gambling entertainment — 0.6%.

The popularity of bets is determined by two factors. First of all, horse racing and dog racing are very popular in England. Some of the events are traditionally attended even by members of the royal family.

Online betting is also gaining popularity. You no longer need to go anywhere. Just enter your personal account via the application on your smartphone. This simplification of placement of bets stimulates the development of the industry and allows operators to attract gamblers of any age and from any country.

As for the highest income in betting, bets on football take the leading position (one billion pounds). The World Cup that took place last year was one of the reasons for it. According to the bookmakers, on the days when the games were held, the attendance of bookmaker’s offices increased by 50%. Bets on football are followed by bets on horse racing, which brought the organisers about six hundred ten million pounds.

Who Gambles in the UK?

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is considered to be not only one of the most progressive regulators in the world but also the most responsible. It controls the health of English gamblers, takes measures to increase the level of awareness in the games, and constantly performs research.

Thus, over the past year, in Britain, the number of gamblers got much smaller — 57% (compared to 63% a year earlier), which is almost the highest in the world. At the same time, the number of clients of licensed operators has increased by 12.9%, which means that players mostly trust transparent companies.

The growth was noticed also in the registration of new accounts with web operators. The number of new accounts has increased by 14.4%. More and more people today prefer to play online.

As in other continents, the core of the gambling audience consists of men from twenty-five to thirty-four years old.

Prospects for Further Development of the UK Betting Market

UK sports betting market

Every year, the British spend more and more money on gambling and betting. These funds come to the organisers of gambling but how much time does this trend have before it will change?

Since many countries continue to tighten their gambling policy, foreign investment will continue to be the same as now during the next years. The share of online games will also grow. Firstly because of the development of technologies and the cross-platform solution, and secondly, thanks to Internet marketing.

Therefore, in the coming years, experts expect stable growth of the British gambling and betting markets and recommend businessmen to invest in these areas.

How to go Enter the UK Market with Your Gambling Club?

The UK market is big and interesting but there is still room for new companies. Success here can be reached only by licensed operators who understand the needs of an English (and global) audience and are ready to make powerful promotion.

Lawyers of the Bett-Market studio can help you to obtain a license, and the marketing team will develop an effective strategy in such a way that in the first weeks of operation, you will start earning money and being in the pocket.

With us, you can get the ready-made software for the bookmaker’s office or rent it to try your hand at the new market. You can check how much such a project will bring and how long it takes to develop it, and then purchase your own turnkey website.

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