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Top 9 Factors of the Successful Advertising of a Sportsbook Business

Article writer: Elliot Clark

The popularity of betting shops began to decline 3 years ago: many of the locations were closed, and all indicators began to show a decrease in profits.

It is worth mentioning those factors that bookmakers are unable to influence: currency fluctuations and volatile oil prices. However, even in such conditions, an experienced entrepreneur will make the right decision and gain good profits.

The industry experts concluded that the best solution in such a situation would be the development of each working betting shop and the maximum increase in their income.

How to achieve such indicators? Bett-Market experts describe concrete steps and also offer turnkey projects for accepting bids.

Top 9 Steps to Promote a Sportsbook Business

Betting business promotion: 9 steps

  • Analysis of the competitor's experience

Those operators who work in the CIS countries should get acquainted with the methods used by their foreign colleagues, despite the great difference between their markets and the European ones. To do this, entrepreneurs need to participate in large-scale events: for example, international exhibitions dedicated to the betting business.

On various thematic forums, unique projects that were implemented using advanced technologies are most often presented. Such information will help operators gain important knowledge and lead to excellent results.

The use of innovative tools always optimises efforts. In this case, you get a chance to learn from the mistakes of others, save time, and learn a lot about your competitors, which will make it possible to push them aside later.

  • Conducting an audit of each betting shop

After analysing the work of competitors and their offers, it is worth comparing this data with indicators in your business, and figuring out which of them are strong and what are the weak links. The positive factors will have to be actively developed, and the negative ones will have to be abolished by directing all available resources to these processes.

Besides, it is necessary to monitor each specific betting shop, having studied its profitability at present and during the period of changes. It is also imperative to take into account all the nuances that affect the size of the income of the establishment and then leave the most relevant and profitable products, focusing on the preferences of customers.

  • Optimisation of the management system

Management plays an important role in times of economic crisis. And this is what is happening now, so it is necessary to promptly and reasonably respond to any changes that take place in the market. In this case, the leadership in all aspects of the operation of a betting shop should be as flexible and functional as possible, especially if you have a network of these types of locations.

Such factors as the possibility of remote control in clubs where events take place in real-time will be of great importance. Here, it is essential for operators to quickly and accurately prepare financial reports, as well as to control the work of the terminal, each cashier, and bets that seem unreliable. All nuances must be carefully monitored.

  • Studying the maximum efficiency of usable space

The number and size of bids per unit of territory depend on this indicator, so special attention must be paid to the design of a bookmaker’s office. The entire space on which it is located should be effectively organised. This factor and high technologies, involved appropriately, will give a good result and maximise your profit.

  • How to attract players to the sportsbook location

Usually, players independently decide which site they should go to in order to profitably invest their money. Here all components play a specific role: event lines, odds, speed/honesty of payments, quality of the service, and professionalism of technical specialists.

All of these indicators should be taken into account, and then the popularity of the betting shop, as well as its rating in the market, will increase. Therefore, it is worth focusing on the service and creating such conditions for customers that they would be pleased to spend time in your gambling establishment and visit it over and over again.

  • Competence of staff as a factor in the betting shop’s advertising

Those people who work in bookmaker's offices must recognise what they are doing because it is with them that gamblers will communicate. Moreover, there are some nuances in attracting and retaining new clients. Operators should make sure to advise players during the game and encourage them to place bids.

Regular customers also like to consult with cashiers and administrators. Therefore, in order for them to come back to the sportsbook establishment, it is important for the staff to know their language and interests, as well as to understand absolutely all issues related to bets and tournaments. It is also necessary to monitor which matches and leagues are considered the most popular to announce them to gamblers.

  • Successful business monetisation

It has been proven that ordinary bids are the most famous in the CIS countries (their number reaches 77%), while express wagers are made infrequently — players simply do not trust them. At the same time, multi-bets are the most profitable for bookmakers, so they should be announced and advertised correctly.

Experts believe that it is effective to provide data on the victories of those customers who have already won in this way. Moreover, it is best to indicate the amount of cash prizes and information about these clients: name, number of placed bids, etc. This method will motivate other users to make deposits at the most favourable odds.

  • Marketing of bookmaker projects

Everyone knows that promotion is the engine of trade but in the CIS region, there are not many gambling marketing options. There are only such methods as the use of bright signs and the appearance of the location.

A betting shop should be designed in such a way that it catches the eye and attracts the attention of potential clients. The sign should be big and visible to everyone, even from a long distance. At the same time, it is worth adhering to the rules of the classic design and trying to make it fit into the exterior.

There are very simple and effective means of attracting visitors, such as flyers that can be handed out near the bookmaker’s office. This option will not violate advertising laws and will bear fruit. However, there are several hidden pitfalls here: the leaflet must contain information on the betting shop, event lines, and profitable odds. However, it is not allowed to encourage people to place wagers since this is already considered a violation of the advertising law.

  • Increasing the capacity as a means of promoting the sportsbook project

This is one of the important factors that answer the question of how to attract players to the betting location. Your advertising campaign will only work if you can arrange the ideal conditions to warm up the interest of gamblers. Thus, it is important to make sure that the premises can accept everyone who wants to place bets and serve them at the highest level.

Otherwise, it will be crowded and uncomfortable due to the queues at the cashier's window and the constant hustle. To avoid this, it is worth trying to install terminals in which players can serve themselves (make deposits and receive winnings).

All this is very useful for the monetisation of sports traffic and the business itself. Good luck!

If you have any questions or want to order marketing services and attract traffic to your platform, please contact our specialists.

The Main Things about the Effective Promotion of the Sportsbook Project

The Bett-Market studio provides a wide range of services for the creation and development of land-based bookie shops. We have many years of experience in the industry, so our team offers the best solutions for the implementation of your projects.
  • The effective advertising process consists of many details. This is a thorough analysis of competitors, the study of their strengths and weaknesses, optimisation of the betting shop’s promotion system, staff training, and the search for new advertising platforms for confident business positioning.
  • Choosing in favour of one bookmaker or another, gamblers most often pay attention to the variety of the event line, the selection of odds, the speed of payment of prizes, and the availability of a bonus program.
  • For a successful business monetisation, you should think over the range of bids to the smallest detail. The best option is the promotion of multi-wagers and parlays since they will bring the highest profit.

The product range offered by Bett-Market includes:

We also provide professional technical support at all stages of launching a betting business.

If you have any questions regarding the work of bookmaker offices or the opening of wagering projects in the online format, please contact our managers.

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