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Virtual Football: Betting Strategy

Article writer: Elliot Clark

This entertainment gathers a large audience of gamblers who like to place bets that do not require mathematical calculations.

Virtual football: general info

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What Is Virtual Football?

This is an analogue of traditional sports, a kind of simulator that recreates matches based on real competitions. That is, 2 teams play on the screen, and the athletes run around the field and score goals. The game takes place according to the standard rules, all the requirements are met, and visitors to the bookmaker's office can safely make bids.

There are other differences as well. The duration of the virtual match is much shorter than in real football. Therefore, when placing wagers, customers cannot apply any mathematical calculations, and all winnings depend on luck. As in roulette, a random number generator is used here.

Facts about virtual football:

  • Tournaments are held according to all the classic rules.
  • The duration of matches is shorter.
  • Winnings are random.
  • Prizes can be received instantly.
  • Games last without interruption.

Betting on Virtual Football

Virtual football betting: strategy

Such entertainment is based not on the principle of famous sports but rather roulette, slots, or lotteries. In these solutions, rewards also depend on luck. When placing bets, gamblers can take note of the strategies used in the games.

If we operate with mathematical concepts, then each virtual match can have an outcome of 33.33%. However, in this case, the probabilities are much lower since there is also such a thing as the bookmaker's margin (in roulette, it is “zero”).

Thus, wagering on all possible outcomes, players will lose. But this applies to the long-term vision, and winnings are possible only as a result of a single bet placed in a certain game.

It is possible to apply the well-known Martingale strategy by doubling the bids and taking part in the entertainment until the prize is received and the invested amount is won back. Both experts and gamblers say that this is a win-win option but it is fraught with many surprises.

The Main Things about Betting on Virtual Football

This popular offer can be described by the following features:

  • The principle of wagering is the same as in a casino (based on randomness).
  • The placement of bids does not require mathematical strategies.
  • There is a high probability of losing.
  • It is possible to win with a single bet.
  • The Martingale principle can be applied.
You can order this gambling solution, as well as other popular products, at the Bett-Market studio. Our specialists are aware of all trends in the industry and can help you establish a profitable business.

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