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Wallet One Payment Gateway for Bookmakers: Buy the Product on Easy Terms

Article writer: Elliot Clark

It is impossible to imagine the modern betting market without fast and secure settlements since they play such an important role in the development of a successful business.

Wallet One payment system: general info

The Bett-Market studio recommends operators purchase the Wallet One software. Contact our managers and learn more about the benefits of installing the solution.

Brief Information about the Provider

Wallet One is a British brand licensed by the FCA. The product’s owner and controlling shareholder is Silvervale Alliance LLP.

The company was founded in 2007. In the same year, the presentation of a program for receiving money through terminals took place. Over time, the range of services offered by the provider has expanded: new options and settings have appeared in the menu for more comfortable work.

Universal Business Solution

At the moment, the software is actively used in a variety of industries:

  1. Gambling niche. Many entrepreneurs are interested in the integration of the Wallet One system into their betting platforms, lottery sites, virtual casinos, resources with sports simulators or eSports options, and poker rooms.
  2. Forex trading. The program is compatible with many popular Forex platforms. These are eToro, Roboforex, Finam-Forex, and others.
  3. Purchase and sale of binary options. It is extremely popular in countries with an ambiguous attitude of the authorities towards entertainment for money. The aggregator simplifies the acceptance of bets on various events (from politics to shareholder value) and speeds up the calculation of quotes, as well as the payment of prize money.
  4. E-commerce. The service is easily installed on marketplaces and sites that sell household appliances, clothing, car accessories, etc.

Global Coverage

The product for betting platforms operates in 25 European and Asian countries.

The solution is characterised by highly flexible settings and can be easily adapted to the needs and specifics of different markets.

Similar products are also successfully presented in other regions, for example, in Southeast Asia or Scandinavian countries.

How to Open a Virtual Account in Wallet One

The decision to install the system involves the mandatory creation of a business account by the bookmaker.

All counterparties with which the operator plans to interact should have such an account as well. These are players, software vendors, affiliates, hosting providers, and other B2B partners.

Steps that entrepreneurs must take to undergo the procedure include:

Filling out the registration form

Business owners enter their full name, passport details, date of birth, place of residence, phone number, e-mail address, and other information.

After that, they need to confirm their consent to use the service and click on the Registration icon

Initial user verification

The manufacturer’s system determines the actual location of the bookmaker (using the geolocation function) and then asks for confirmation to create an account.

Operators come up with a 10-digit password and enter it in the highlighted line. In the future, the password can be changed in the Security section

Personal identification

To launch the financial service, entrepreneurs should personally visit the company's office (it is usually recommended for large enterprises).

The second option is to send scanned documents. These are notarised copies of the charter, extracts from the tax service and the bank, a passport, a taxpayer ID number, etc. The list of documents depends on the country in which operators plan to work

Obtaining an account

It can be linked to a real bank account. Moreover, business owners can download information about Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards for simplified and faster money transfers

Why It Is Worth Connecting the Wallet One Service

Wallet One payment service: main benefits

Let us consider the main benefits of installing the financial gateway.

Support for Different Settlement Methods

The provider’s product offers many ways to replenish user accounts and withdraw the earned funds:

  1. Internet banking. The program is compatible with proprietary solutions of the largest banks in Europe and Asia. These are Privat24, Alfa Click, mTransfer, Alior Bank, ING Bank, PSB-Retail, BNP Paribas, iPKO Online, and many others.
  2. Bank cards. Instant transactions are available to those bookmakers who are using Visa, MasterCard, and Apple Pay.
  3. Electronic money. It is possible to deposit and withdraw funds via electronic payment services. These are Qiwi, Webmoney, MasterPass, Single Wallet, and other multitasking solutions.
  4. Payment through terminals. Acceptance and payout of cash are available through branded equipment of Qiwi, Comepay, Wallet One, and Eleksnet.

Alternative Transactions

The integration of the system supports:

  • mass payments to cards;
  • invoicing and reception of money by e-mail;
  • transactions using a QR code;
  • mobile and voucher transfers;
  • recurrent (automatic) payments;
  • postal transfers.

The first item is a great choice for a quick accrual of bonuses and gift certificate sending. Such options are often provided on the eve of major holidays (for example, Christmas) or popular sports events (such as the World Cup). The purpose of such activities is to attract as many gamblers to the betting platform as possible.

As for invoicing by e-mail, it will improve communication with already registered users and increase the effectiveness of the marketing promotion of the bookmaker's project on the Web.

Flexible Tariff Plans

The size of the commission varies depending on the chosen settlement method:

  • transfers to bank cards — 2.7–4%;
  • internet banking — 2.5–4.5%;
  • operations through e-wallets — 2.7–4.5%;
  • deposition/withdrawal of money via self-service equipment — 3–5%;
  • transfers using smartphones — 3–5%.

Operations within the service (for example, between two Wallet One wallets) are carried out without any commission fee.

Multi-Currency Environment

The solution supports payments in various monetary units:

  • US dollars;
  • pounds sterling;
  • euros;
  • Kazakh tenge;
  • Chinese yuans;
  • Swiss francs;
  • Norwegian kroner, etc.

Entrepreneurs can also integrate the service with local currencies upon their request.

Convenient Mobile Application

The interface of the solution is as simple and convenient as possible: all the necessary tabs are in a hidden menu on the left side of the screen. It is also possible for operators to activate the pop-up hint system to quickly understand the rules for using the software.

The application is compatible with:

  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • Windows Phone;
  • Blackberry.

The service works perfectly on Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi smartphones.

Simple Installation

The provider has developed ready-made modules for the quick integration of software into an already operating betting platform.

The solutions are adapted to the technologies that were used to create the gaming site. These are:

  • Ruby on Rails;
  • 1C Bitrix;
  • Joomla;
  • PrestaShop;
  • NetCat;
  • WebAsyst;
  • WordPress;
  • UMI.CMS, and many others.

The financial gateway can be linked to the CRM system. This will allow business owners to:

  • facilitate the management of the company's cash flows;
  • simplify control over the expenditure of funds, as well as the accrual and payment of bonuses.

High Security of the Product

Wallet One financial software: high security

One of the reasons to install the Wallet One gateway is its reliability:

  1. Compliance with industry standards. The operation of the proprietary gateway complies with the PCI DSS protocol (international security requirements for the industry of bank cards). The brand is considered a provider of services of the first level according to the generally accepted classification and accepts more than 6 million transactions per year.
  2. SSL encryption. The cryptographic protocol guarantees a secure internet connection between the client and the physically remote service. The company uses SSL algorithms to protect the players’ private information during its storage, processing, and transmission to data centres.
  3. Two-factor identification. The system implies a two-step verification of the person who initiated the transfer. First, the user enters a login, password, and details of a bank card (electronic account). After that, he confirms the operation using a voice call or SMS notification.
  4. E-invoicing. The technology ensures the secure execution of transactions on the Web through the issuance of electronic invoices. A key element of security is the encryption of bank details, as well as fast data migration without intermediaries (issuers, acquirers). The solution is widely used in many banks in the CIS countries.

The Main Things about the Installation of the Provider’s Service

Wallet One is a reliable British financial system with a strong presence in the CIS region.
  • The vendor’s proprietary software combines popular settlement methods into a single holistic solution. The product supports internet acquiring, bank transfers, operations through e-wallets, and the use of self-service terminals.
  • There are also some alternative options available, such as the use of QR codes or e-mail letters.
  • The decision to connect the Wallet One solution is beneficial due to the multi-currency environment, convenient mobile application, and flexible tariff plans. The company has developed ready-made SDK modules that take into account the programming language. The catalogue of offers contains products that were created based on Ruby on Rails, 1C Bitrix, Joomla, NetCat, etc.
  • The financial gateway’s level of security is very high. The manufacturer uses SSL encryption, two-factor customer identification, and e-invoicing technology. The payment module complies with PCI DSS requirements.
The vendor’s software can be ordered from the Bett-Market studio. We provide fast installation and configuration of the program at affordable prices.

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For more information, please contact our managers.

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