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Business Plan for a Bookmaker: What to Consider at the Projection Stage

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Bookmakers’ offices are rapidly gaining popularity since this is the only legal type of gambling entertainment in many countries. However, legislative bodies have started introducing restrictive measures to regulate this area of activity.

Betting companies usually hire professional analysts who can competently collect and study statistical information. Thus, a development strategy is built. To predict the correct coefficients, it is necessary to have not only knowledge but also an instinct, which makes such a specialist an incredibly valuable employee.

Betting business plan: general info

Bett-Market experts will tell you more about a betting project planning stage. We can help you draft an in-depth business strategy.

General Information

It is in the analytical department that the foundation of the bookmaker's office is built. After all, not everything is as simple as it seems. The fact is that the coefficients should not only bring profit to the bookmaker and protect him against financial losses but also satisfy users. Otherwise, they will simply find a company that offers a better deal.

Many people mistakenly believe that the betting industry is based only on sports but in reality, modern bookmakers allow customers to bet on events from the world of:

  • music;
  • cinema;
  • politics, etc.

If something interesting is happening in the world and causes an unprecedented resonance in society, why not organise wagering? The work of the whole industry is built on such nuances.

Digital technologies and automation have reached a level where absolutely everything takes place on the Web. The majority of bids are currently made via the Internet. Every day, entrepreneurs are forced to update their product line by adding new odds for all events. What for? The answer is quite simple: anything can happen at any moment.

For example, a key player of the team was injured during training or there was something in his life that could affect his motivation. An experienced bookmaker uses every factor. Considering that a line of a good company contains at least 20,000 events every month, it is possible to estimate the amount of information that needs to be processed daily.

As you can see, it is much easier to open a betting firm than to manage it. But if you are still interested in implementing such a project, then it is time to find out what is a business plan for a sportsbook brand, and what items it consists of.

Registration of the Company

Betting business registration: nuances

Bookmakers are in a difficult position: regulators are attacking all fronts. But their activity is not prohibited. The biggest difficulty that prevents many entrepreneurs from opening a business is a huge start-up capital, which reaches $1 million. Additionally, so-called assets will be required: $15,000 and a bank guarantee.

The permit is issued by the Federal Tax Service. To simplify the procedure, it may be necessary to cooperate with an experienced founder. But there is no need to go on the attack because there are a lot of workarounds.

More important nuances:

  1. Bookmakers can work under the partner licence, which will cost a maximum of $3,534. For entrepreneurs, this amount will seem much more adequate.
  2. To simplify the registration procedure and immediately get everything you need to start working, it is possible to use the franchise of a large sportsbook company. It minimises risks and saves money. However, you need to understand that you will work under a foreign brand and be a branch director.
  3. An alternative option is to obtain a permit in an offshore zone. Thus, you can become the owner of your business.

It is rather risky to enter the market under a new name since the niche is controlled by several successful corporations: Pari-Match, Leon, etc. Their budgets allow expensive advertising on top Youtube channels, which are now watched by almost the entire target audience. The giants of the betting industry dominate the market and are unlikely to allow beginners to carve a tasty piece. However, nothing is impossible.

Offshore zones offer the most favourable conditions for registering sportsbook companies. In the future, operators will be able to expand the range of their services and add, for example, the same slot machines. The business plan of a bookmaker's office should provide several vectors for further development and expansion.

But it is important to be prepared for the fact that local regulatory authorities will interfere in every possible way, blocking access to the domain name. You will have to constantly educate the audience on how to bypass these troubles, create new site mirrors, etc.

Bookmaker’s Office Organisation: Rental of Premises

Bookmaker’s office: rental of premises

Even if a project exists in the online space, you will need to have some premises anyway. This is where your staff will work. It would also be nice to open a land-based betting shop but it can only be done if a licence can be obtained from a local regulator.

Problems with the law can arise in many cases. If you are not registered in the region in which you work but at the same time, you have rented an office for employees, do not be surprised by the visit of the representatives of law enforcement agencies. However, this is a topic for a separate article.

Let us take as a basis that you work legally, that is, you use a franchise or a partner’s certificate. The premises must meet a whole list of requirements. Buildings that are subject to demolition or those that belong to religious organisations or government, bus stations, hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions cannot be used as an office. In other cases, just look at the circumstances.

If you are opening a land-based location, it is important to do it in a place with high attendance. Night clubs, bowling, gambling halls with slot machines (that look like lotteries since ordinary slots are prohibited), a sports bar, and other establishments where the target audience usually spends their leisure time.

Open a Betting Business: Hardware and Software

The cost of launching a sportsbook project is formed not only from the registration process. In any case, each operator will need powerful hardware and software.

The essential elements are:

  • servers and computers;
  • a stable internet connection (it is better to work with several providers at once to avoid failures);
  • copiers, printers, and cash registers for an offline establishment.

It is better to consider the software in more detail. This is the last thing to save on. It is important to use licensed solutions from trusted vendors. For example, good products are offered by Slotegrator and CASEXE. You can find a suitable option on the Bett-Market site since the brand works with several providers.

Not every young businessman can afford to have an analytical department that develops coefficients. Such entrepreneurs have to use the services of other bookmakers and order an event line from them.

The main thing in any activity related to money turnover is safety. It must be of the highest quality. Both gambling and betting projects are constantly prone to virus attacks, hacking, etc. So the server must have advanced security systems, otherwise the unexpected may happen.

Company’s Staff

It is extremely important to hire responsible personnel. To resolve issues and conflicts that arise in the process of work, it is necessary to have technical support specialists. They must be available at any time of the day.

Even if you buy an event line from another company, there should be at least one in-house analyst. Any mistake on the part of the bookmaker and incorrectly calculated odds will quickly lead the business to bankruptcy.

You cannot spare money for the payment of salaries since finances are the best motivation. If employees have enough of it, their productivity will increase significantly, and with it, the level of your income.

Business Plan for the Sportsbook Project: Start-up Costs

Business plan for sportsbooks: start-up costs

The total price of launching an enterprise directly depends on how well the market is formed in a particular region. The higher the level of its promotion, the more companies will work here, and, as a result, there will be a high level of competition. It may become a serious obstacle to the establishment of a brand.

If we are talking about an offline business, then it is worth thinking about opening additional betting shops. As for the online sportsbook platform, it should enter the markets of several regions. After analysing the situation, you can focus on one territory and try to develop the company.

Real recommendations should be given taking into account the current circumstances:

  1. It is also important to be careful with the odds. If you make them high, more bettors will be attracted but it will negatively affect the level of income. Experienced gamblers will fall on your location like hawks and ruin it in no time.
  2. At the stage of opening a sportsbook company, you need to have at least $5,000–15,000. This figure can grow several times if you are going to enter a serious market flooded by well-known brands. The lower the level of competition, the less money will be needed for business promotion.
  3. Remember that it is impossible to make great profits immediately. It can be done only a year after the project’s launch.
  4. This business can be considered a seasonal one since people bet mostly on sports events. But the gradual creation of a customer base will stabilise the financial flow in the future.
  5. To strengthen your position, it is also essential to integrate value-added services. These are online casinos based on the land-based bookmaker’s platform, betting on virtual/fantasy sports, etc.

Business Organisation: Crucial Nuances

The main problems that may arise during the work will most likely be associated with unscrupulous competitors. They are always interested in doing something dishonest. Therefore, it is worth taking measures and protecting the software in advance.

The entire audience can be divided into professionals and amateurs. The latter is the main source of income. They do not have the necessary skills and knowledge for deep analytical research, so all bets are placed randomly.

Professionals are a threat to any entrepreneur. Such gamblers are guided by good statistics, can draw expert conclusions, make big bids, and, worst of all, they can win rather often. Sometimes, they even use illegal schemes. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to hire a qualified specialist who can trace suspicious activity and take timely action.

Take it for granted that 3 out of 5 bets will be placed on the results of football matches. They are followed by tennis, which attracts 20% of players. 10% goes to other sports disciplines, and another 10% combines everything else.

The Main Things about Launching a Sportsbook Project

The niche is becoming more popular every day so it is a beneficial idea to enter it. The Bett-Market studio provides high-quality services for those who want to work in the industry. We have helped many bookmakers establish successful businesses.

From us, you can order the following gambling solutions:

For more information, feel free to contact our managers.

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