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Sports Betting Apps for Android: Top 3 Solutions

Article writer: Elliot Clark

In the past, bookmaker offices were considered places of dark mysticism, hidden from the outside world and having a bad reputation. The situation has changed — betting sites are still not the perfect place for a family outing, but they are much more acceptable for the general public now.

The internet gambling industry is showing tremendous growth. Everyone can bet without leaving home. One of the most exciting developments has been the introduction of applications. Almost every decent bookmaker has one or several programs that make it much easier to bid on almost any event.

Mobile sports betting: basic info

The Bett-Market company provides a rundown of the 3 modern mobile solutions for Android. This rating cannot be called the last resort, but it reflects the views of our specialists on modern sports bidding and apps from bookmakers.

We also help launch profitable wagering platforms in the shortest term possible.


It is often featured on TV, radio and the Internet. The branded ads appear in almost every sports match, which helps promote the application.

The Bet365 solution is worth checking, although there have been reports of high stakes being cancelled for players who have landed on the winning lines. However, the average consumer has a lot to enjoy about this app.

The main characteristics of the brand’s offers are:

  1. Bettors can get some juicy bonuses when signing up.
  2. The site includes the famous In-Play option that allows placing a bid or collecting winnings almost instantly.
  3. The same solution has been implemented in the mobile application. Punters can now literally enjoy the entertainment on the go with daily activities.
  4. Sports bettors will appreciate the easy-to-use and nice-looking app. It will take them straight to the heart of the action with live odds and match statistics.
  5. The offer can be installed on Android and other mobile operating systems.

In addition, the company works with a large number of live-streaming events — from football to beach volleyball, giving extra pleasure.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power betting app on Android

This operator is one of the major players in the UK betting app market. If you are looking for Android sportsbook solutions, you will be fascinated by their mobile application.

It is distinguished by several peculiarities:

  1. Markets are easy to find: their location, as well as the user cabinet, is in the very top cell.
  2. Before betting on the branded app, a player needs to register an account.
  3. Paddy Power's bidding range is well known for its versatility, which is reflected in the app as well.
  4. Betting is possible on everything from horse racing to The X Factor TV show with just the click of a button.
  5. The application also has an In-Play option for selecting events.

There are some other exclusive features in this solution, but they require individual installation and testing for a better understanding. To find a reliable bookmaker and choose the best bidding application to trust and wager with pleasure, try different options.


The key features of the bookmaker’s solution for portable devices are:

  1. The branded Android app is well-designed, easy to use, modern and fresh looking.
  2. The option has a high speed of picking up money — players choose bookmakers who pay winnings without delaying or reducing their amount.
  3. When signing up for SkyBet, users can take advantage of the introductory offer.
  4. The presence of a great casino part called Sky Vegas gives a £10+ bonus for the first use.

As the leader in sports betting, the brand has included many nice little sections with industry news, guide forms, and much more. The application is simple, and beautiful and makes users feel like watching Sky Sports News.

Although everything is different from the feature-rich Bet365 solution, the functionality is more than enough to attract fans of medium bids, whether on Android or iOS. Not everyone likes pomposity and huge functionality. Some users prefer minimalism and a basic set of features because it is easier to deal with all the bookmaker abilities.

The Main Things about the Best Betting Apps on Android

Bet365 is leading the rankings, but with just a few updates and tweaks, other operators can claim the top spot. The app market is constantly evolving, and bookmakers never stop in their race for attracting bettors. Therefore, soon, we should expect novelties in the market of gambling applications.

To order the best solutions for bookmakers, please contact Bett-Market. With the help of our aggregator, you can launch a wagering site with a diverse event line, dynamic odds, trustworthy administration modules and professional support service.

From us, you can also order:

  • effective and cross-platform casino software;
  • reliable payment modules;
  • marketing and accounting assistance;
  • equipment for a terrestrial gambling business, and much more.

Contact the company’s manager to learn more about how to open a successful bookmaker platform. Become a leader in the international wagering market with our assistance.

Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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