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Why Unified Wallets Are the Future of Sports Betting

Article writer: Elliot Clark

More than 5 years ago, entrepreneurs evaluated the experience of users and noticed some problems. An increase in the set of solutions that took place in the niche at the beginning of the 21st century caused nervousness among the owners of gaming sites.

Such an option as the addition of more entertainment from different providers to the platforms was new at the time, and these early steps made some players uncomfortable. Even though users were dealing with the same company, they had to allocate and transfer money between several wallets.

Unified wallets in sports betting

Bett-Market offers a brief review of the field. From us, you can also buy reliable and secure payment systems.

Unified Wallet for the Simplified Transfer of Funds

This made developers offer gamblers a single product or at least facilitate the process of sending money from one wallet to another, which allowed people to place bets on sports events more freely, play poker, and enjoy other games of chance. After that, the quality of service, in the perception of customers, has been improved.

A unified wallet is beneficial for both players and project owners. The only problem is the convenience.

Today, the technical solution for the new product has moved even further, from the company level to the global scale.

Key Benefits

Let us consider the main advantages of using a unified wallet:

  • Gamblers pay special attention to issues related to prices and tech parts, which means that people want to use devices that belong to them (smartphones, tablets, or computers) at the best cost.
  • Because of the severe competition that exists in the sector, enterprises need to cut expenses and increase their potential income.
  • The niche has adapted services to the entire value chain, so the number of betting offers and the use of standard schemes and API integration are increasing.

Thus, firms are free to offer customers and bookmakers a different level of comfort.

Many affiliate platforms offered excellent services for price comparison, demonstrating to players their chances of winning from a professional perspective. However, an even more advanced option can be provided. It would also allow users to get access to the best cost without having to be involved in the hassle and fuss, which is inevitable if they own different accounts.

The model reminds one more of Hungry House. It offers classic and user-friendly software and billing service that must be paid via one wallet for all gadgets.

Imagine that a client wants to bid on the champion of Euro 2025. Company A offers the finest price but the bettor has his funds in the wallets of firms B and C.

Does the gambler withdraw money from accounts B and C in the hope that he will be able to do so in time to make a profitable bid with brand A? Or should the client choose the lower coefficients offered in B and C only because his money is currently stored on their platforms?

This problem can be solved if the player uses a unified wallet because the winnings from B and C are already in a single account, from which company A can take funds. As we have seen, this scheme of action is much more profitable and convenient for end-consumers.

The Main Things about the Advantages of a Single E-Wallet

From the point of view of the bookmaker, the solution is also rather beneficial. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this yet, and many businessmen do not want to believe experts and accept that nobody is interested in stealing their base of clients (the largest, and perhaps, only real asset).

But all we want is a confirmation that the bookmaker’s office accepted a bid from a particular client. The answers are “yes” or “no”. Everything is as simple as it may be.

Since we offer entrepreneurs a direct income from sports bets placed by gamblers through a unified e-wallet, it is important to follow the same rules.

The extra advantages of this option are visible in the way the end-consumer acts. It is a unified technology available for all gadgets (smartphones, tablets, and computers), which provides the ability to transfer funds and place bets smoothly and easily. After all, a satisfied customer pays more.

To learn about the unified e-wallet and buy the solution, you can turn to the Bett-Market studio. Our specialists have vast experience working in the gambling niche.

From us, operators can also order such services as:

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Elliot Clark


Elliot Clark


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