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How to Ensure Fast and Secure Withdrawal of Funds for Gamblers

Article writer: Elliot Clark

Instant cashing out of prizes is the key to the prosperity of digital casinos and betting shops. Players are unlikely to return to a website if they previously had problems associated with money transfers.

Experts of the Bett-Market studio will explain how to make the payout process as fast, secure, and profitable for operators as possible.

Popular Settlement Methods in Gambling

Casino payment systems: general info

The mechanics of slot machines are designed in such a way that sooner or later, luck smiles at every user. Regardless of the size of the winnings, casino visitors want to receive them immediately. The task of entrepreneurs is to ensure a comfortable and safe withdrawal of funds.

Let us consider the most popular financial systems in the iGaming niche:

Electronic Wallets

This option is extremely in demand due to the global coverage, as well as the ease of registration and reception of rewards.

The majority of eWallet products are regional. For example, when the payment system is operating in Eastern Europe, its services are available to residents of Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, and other regions where entertainment for money is legal. ISuch a solution is rarely offered within only one jurisdiction.

Among the most well-known electronic wallets, we can name:

The maximum time for the remittance of funds is 24 hours. In practice, players receive them within 1 or 1.5 hours, which makes this settlement method one of the fastest.

Bank Cards and Transfers

The transaction processing speed depends on many factors:

  • the workload of the main resource;
  • operating principles of the payment system;
  • the sum of money that needs to be sent.

To make a Visa or MasterCard transfer, it is necessary to wait from 24 to 72 hours. Despite this, bank charges remain one of the most well-liked payment solutions in the gambling field.

Installation of such software is an excellent image step. Players have great confidence in websites connected to these international services. It proves that an online casino is honest, reliable, and pays out prizes without any problems.


In this case, the funds are instantly credited to the user’s virtual wallet. It is possible to make settlements in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Throne, and other tokens.

Most often, universal crypto exchanges are used for withdrawal. An alternative is direct transfers, for example, between BTC wallets.

Transactions in digital assets are characterised by high speed and security. The money is credited to the player’s account within 30 or 40 seconds.

What Determines the Speed of Payouts On iGaming Platforms

Payment of casino winnings: key features

Let us consider the main factors that affect the fast and safe withdrawal of winnings:

  1. Verification. Timely authentication saves casino visitors from various problems in the future, including the payout of prizes. If the person’s identity was previously confirmed, the money will be instantly sent to their e-wallet or bank card. Otherwise, it will be necessary to enter all the requested information first, and operators are going to check it.
  2. Technical support overload. This is usually observed on weekends and holidays when the processing period for applications related to registration, verification, and withdrawal of rewards increases. The task of entrepreneurs is to correctly manage the working hours of staff.
  3. Selected payment service. Digital casinos are not responsible for the work of specific providers of financial services. If there is a failure in the system, the money will be credited to the player’s account after the problems are fixed. In practice, this takes no more than an hour.
  4. The amount of transfer. If gamblers try to withdraw a large sum, then additional inspections will be initiated. Thus, in most European countries, AML scanning is automatically applied to transactions over €2,500. The funds are checked for signs of money laundering, against which leading EU regulators are actively fighting.

KYC Policy As a Guarantee of Casino Integrity

Operators must ensure fair and transparent gameplay, an important component of which is compliance with KYC (Know your Customer) requirements. These are international identity verification rules. They vary depending on the jurisdiction but the general principles are maintained in many regions.

The main tasks of such procedures:

  1. Personal identification. This is checking the user’s name and comparing it with information in the list of self-restricted persons. At the time of withdrawal of money, the data specified in the virtual casino is synchronised with the gambler’s banking profile. If there is no match, the funds will not be credited to the account. In this case, the support staff of the iGaming platform is obliged to initiate an additional authentication process.
  2. Age verification. Each country has a different limit. In most jurisdictions, betting is allowed for people older than 18. In Ukraine, the placement of bids is available for citizens over 21 years and in Georgia, the threshold is set at 25.
  3. Geolocation verification. The gambler's address specified when they opened a bank account must match the information filled in during registration. If operators interact with customers from countries where they do not have a licence, then they may be subject to penalties.

Passing a necessary check at the time of withdrawal of funds is a rather labour-intensive procedure. People do not always like this because they want to cash out their prizes faster. Therefore, entrepreneurs must take a balanced approach: not ask for too much data while remaining within the bounds of the law.

The most common way is to undergo KYC verification during registration on the website. In this case, the information is saved in the player's profile. At the time of money cashout, there is no need to re-enter already provided facts, and the support service does not need to check it.

All this reduces the withdrawal time, and the funds are credited to the client’s account within 20 or 30 minutes.

Synchronisation of personal data with the banking system significantly simplifies and speeds up the collection of prizes. For example, this approach was implemented by the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries in Ukraine. In all licensed online casinos in the country, the player’s identity can be checked through the BankID application.

Customers only need to allow access to their confidential information, and the account will be instantly verified. All key aspects are already stored on the NBU servers, so there is no need to provide them over and over again.

A laconic registration form will help simplify the KYC procedure and not scare users away. Operators should not add too many fields to fill out. It is better to have only the most important graphs and collect the rest of the data (for example, about gaming preferences and habits) during the process of interaction with clients.

It is also worth adding a pop-up hint system. It will make the identification of gamblers simple and enjoyable.

Instant Online Casino Transfers

Online casino transactions: instant payments

Leading financial corporations are continuously working to improve their financial services. The purpose of such innovations is to ensure the fastest and the safest transaction processing, as well as convenient deposition and withdrawal of funds.

By collaborating with top payment providers, the owners of iGaming platforms always receive only the most modern software. Its integration helps to attract new Internet traffic and improve communication with regular customers.

1-Tap from Skrill

The product supports fast and trouble-free transfers in several touches. It is suitable for mobile and sportsbook portals and provides instant transactions after 2 or 3 clicks.

The Skrill gateway is focused on such gadgets as tablets, smartphones, and Apple devices. The solution makes it possible to process transfers faster, operating in special applications.

1-Tap was introduced in 2012. Since then, the developer has constantly improved and modified it by implementing new security protocols and player identification mechanisms, which guarantee instant withdrawal of prizes.

Masterpass from MasterCard

This is a digital wallet that can be created in most apps, including mobile casinos. The function is also available for PCs and laptops.

The product combines bank cards from different payment systems in one place and is compatible with the branded offers of Visa, Maestro, and other companies. Withdrawal of winnings via Masterpass takes a few minutes. Money can be sent to any card integrated into the application, without going through additional identity verification.

Visa Token Service

This innovative development encrypts a player's banking data and converts it into unique digital assets. This approach reduces the risk of financial information theft and also increases the speed of transfers.

All relevant facts about the cardholder are entered only once and then recorded in the Visa Token Service. Thanks to this, gamblers do not need to go through personal identification every time since all data has already been verified and stored in the cloud.

The Main Things about the Withdrawal of Funds in Online Casinos

Fast and secure transfers are the primary reason behind the success and prosperity of iGaming platforms.

Key characteristics of the most effective methods used by modern entrepreneurs:

  • Popular payment systems include Internet acquiring, direct bank transfers, and transactions using electronic wallets. Blockchain operations are also gaining popularity. They are completely anonymous and secure.
  • The speed of payouts depends on many factors. This is the financial instrument chosen by the user, the size of a prize, the technical support workload, and much more.
  • Identity verification is a necessary precondition for the withdrawal of money from a gaming site. Entrepreneurs must identify customers and check their age, as well as geolocation.
  • Top providers add the instant transfer option. This includes one-touch transactions, encryption of banking information into unique tokens, etc.
The Bett-Market studio is your reliable partner in the gambling market. From us, it is possible to order a bookmaker franchise, a turnkey platform, and other profitable solutions.

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